Blackmail sexstories about my BFF cheating

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I have always wanted to be with Eddie, ever since I met him in kindergarten, I imagined myself with him. He has this attractive personality, not to mention he's the football team captain, is like he pulls gravity towards him, and I can feel it dragging me near him. Whenever he's around my eyes searching for him, I always try to make up excuses to talk to him, make conversation. He is the high school hot guy that every girl has wet dreams about.

Unfortunately, I met Eddie when he was in a relationship, I had no chances at dating or making him like me, but I did move my strings, I knew that bitch he was dating cheated on him, so I spied on that hoe and sent him the pictures from an anonymous profile. A week later, my beloved Eddie was single again.

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I tried to work myself up on his ladder, tried to make him see I could be so much more than just his friend, and the fight was not easy when every girl at school was behind him. I invited him everywhere, the movies, the club, coffees, anything, just to give him a glimpse of how cool it would be to be with me, but then, one day, I asked him if he wanted to go to the bowling with me, he refused because he was going on a date. What?! I was so pissed; how did that happen? When did he meet this new little bitch? And most importantly, who was this bitch?

I had to stand the process of them dating, fucking, and him telling me how great she was not just in bed but in everything, I hated it, whenever he talked about Chloe I wanted to puke. One day I waited for Eddie in a coffee shop, I thought we were going to be alone for this, but he showed up with that little hoe. You can imagine how hard it was to pull out a fake smile and pretend to be nice while I watched how he grabbed her hands and kissed her.

Chloe is short, is a petite cutie, and that made me get so mad, she has a really great body, long blond curly hair, big blue eyes, and big tits, toned ass, and legs, just the perfect bimbo except she actually is smart. Anyway, as time went by, I got to know this girl much better, and then one night, I was eating pizza with Eddie when he suddenly went to the bathroom and his phone buzzed, I looked at it, and I was shocked to see Eddie was cheating on Chloe. Now there was another girl in the picture and I got so mad I made screenshots of his conversation with this new bitch and sent them to me. 

Although I loved Eddie, I felt so mad at him that I confronted him that night. After he returned to the bathroom, I asked him to take me home. Then, when he parked in the front of my house I told him to come in with me, because I had something important to tell him. 

Once inside, I showed him the pictures, and he admitted he was cheating on Chloe. "You're not just cheating on her, you're cheating on yourself, why are you then with someone you don't love? I guess I'll make things easier for you and send Chloe all of this shit."

"Please don't," he said right away, and I knew I had him where I wanted. 

"Why not? It's clear you don't love her, so why keep lying to her?" I said with a smirk. 

"Tammy, I truly love her, she is amazing, but I have this side of me that's wild and... she doesn't understand it."

Then he proceeded to tell me how much he liked sex, how much he loved doing things Chloe was not willing to and that was driving him inside. "Please don't tell her, I'll do anything, just keep this between us."

"No," I replied and that's when I knew he was all mine. "I'm sick of this, of seeing you with other girls, so if you don't want me to tell Chloe, you'll do as I say."

"Okay... what do you want?" he asked me and I smirked. 

"I want you to end that fling with this bitch you're cheating with," I began saying, he was all ears, and he nodded, then I continued, "And I want you to start cheating with me."

He looked confused, "What?"

"You heard me, I'm not joking Eddie, if you want Chloe to be your girlfriend, you're going to fuck me, I'll do all those things Chloe doesn't do, I'll let you fuck me in the ass, finish inside, I'll even swallow your cum, but if you want to keep her, you've got to do me."

He thought about it for a while, then he took his phone and showed me the break-up message he sent the other girl. "I'm doing you a favor, and I think it is best that it is me the one you cheat with than some random stranger who could cross you any time."

"Well... you're not exactly the most loyal," he said, and then he approached me. I started kissing Eddie, and it felt amazing, I couldn't believe he kissed me so passionately as I touched his growing cock. He could be mad at me, but he couldn't deny this chemistry. 

I craved for him, I got on my knees and pulled out his cock, and as I looked up at him, I started sucking his lengthy cock. I was surprised at his size and even doubted it would fit my mouth, but it did, and he tasted so good, it was better than I imagined, his cock was big, with a round mushroom head, I loved it, it was making me so wet. I reached beneath my skirt and started circling my clit, but then I thought it would be better to use him, so I made him lay on the floor, I sat on his face and 69'd him, I made him lick my cunt, telling him things like this would be the pussy that would please him just the way he likes, that it was tight enough to make him cum quick, that nobody else, not even Chloe could ever please him the way I could. 

This entire thing felt so good, to be able to tell him I'm better than Chloe in so many ways was exciting, not to mention how worked up I had Eddie with my mouth and hands. Then I led him to the bed, I climbed on top of him, and as I held onto his strong chest, he positioned his cock against my dripping entrance, allowing me to impale myself on him. He didn't seem mad anymore, he actually looked very invested at the moment, and I loved the sound he made as I lowered myself on his cock. 

His face when he felt my cunt hugging his shaft was beyond words, he felt so big inside me, I began feeling my walls twitching and clenching on him, it felt so tight I had to control myself while I rose again to not cum. Then I saw Eddie staring at the ceiling, I gripped his head and made him watch me, I gripped his wrist and forced held him down while I rode him slowly and deep. 

I felt like a queen the second he gripped my hips and started fucking me, I couldn't believe it was happening, that I finally found something to make him mine, I felt like I ruled the night, making him do what I wanted, and taking Eddie felt so good.

"Fuck, you're tight," he said in a sexy grunt that almost made me lose control. He placed his mouth around my perky tits and sucked them into his mouth. I felt his tongue flicking around my nipples and I really had to keep focus. Suddenly he held me down, and I felt his cock spurting his entire load inside me, I couldn't hold it any longer, it felt so good feeling Eddie filling me up with his precious seed that I burst in pleasure, I had the greatest orgasm I ever had. His cock twitched inside me and I never felt anything like that before, it just made my orgasm even greater. 

When he pulled out, it seemed like my cunt wanted more because it clenched on him, and I loved hearing him groan when he felt it. "I hope you liked this, because we'll do this for a long time," I said smirking. 

"It was good," he said, and despite him trying to hide it, I knew he liked it way more than he showed. If I manage to keep this going, I can manipulate him and finally make him break up with Chloe. I don't care about her at all, I only want Eddie, and if I have to threaten him for his own sake, I will, but I swear I'll do my best to remove her from the equation. 

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