Bored at the Campgrounds

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Abby was 18, and too old for family camping trips. At least, this was what she told her parents as they pulled out of their driveway in the family’s camper van. 

“Abby, can you try to have a good time?” her mom said, sighing. “I know you think you’re too old to do anything with your parents anymore, but you know how much these trips mean to your father and I.”

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Abby leaned back against the bench that looked out one of the van’s windows and groaned under her breath. She pulled out her cellphone, realizing that pretty soon, she wasn’t going to have any cell service at all.

The minute the family got to the campgrounds, Abby’s parents and twin brother began to unload the van and get everything set up. 

Desperate to see if she could get a signal somewhere, Abby said, “hey, I’m going to go exploring. I’ll be back soon!”

“You aren’t going to help us?” asked Tyson, her brother. “What a little brat.”

“Oh, let her go,” said their dad, waving his hands dismissively. “Maybe she’ll come back in a better mood.”

Before they could argue further, Abby hurried off down the dirt path that cut through the woods. The place featured campsites scattered throughout the forest floor, dotted with colorful tents and large camper vans. The smell of campfire was strong, giving the air a burnt, earthy scent.

Abby was paying more attention to her phone than where she was going, and she yelped as she felt something hard and heavy ram into her shoulder.

“Hey!” she shouted, looking up to see a darkhaired man who looked to be about 30, staring at her with wide eyes.

“Fuck, I’m sorry,” he laughed, his cheeks turning red. “I wasn’t looking.”

Abby softened. “No, I’m the idiot who thought I could get cell service in the middle of the woods. I’m Abby.”

“Damian. If it’s cell service you want, I can show you a spot where you might get a signal.” He raised his hand in the opposite direction. “There’s a clearing up there that leads to a big overlook.”

“Let’s go,” said Abby, a smile creeping up her face.

It took them a few minutes to reach the overlook, during which time Abby and Damian made small talk and learned they both were here on camping trips against their wishes. Damian was with his brother and a couple of friends for a bachelor party, although Damian hated the outdoors.

“Yeah, I’m a hotel kind of girl myself,” laughed Abby, as they climbed up onto the big gray rock. Abby had to admit that the view took her breath away. In front of them were green rolling hills and a beautiful cloudless sky.

“The view is nice,” said Damian from behind Abby, “but you’re prettier.”

Taken off guard, Abby turned around just in time for Damian to take a step closer so that he was an inch from her face.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked quietly.

Abby slowly nodded. “Yes.”

All concern for her cell phone was long gone as Damian’s soft, firm lips pressed against her mouth. It was a kiss that sent jolts of electricity through Abby’s body, lighting up all of the sensors in the brain. Damian’s hands found each side of Abby’s face, gently holding her cheeks as they kissed. The warm afternoon sun bathed them in a golden glow that made the whole scene feel so surreal.

“I think I have a blanket in my pack,” said Damian.

Abby bit her lip with excitement and watched as Damian unfurled a small blue camping blanket over top a mossy area where the gray rock met the forest floor. It was soft as they laid down together, their mouths connecting once more.

Damian slid Abby’s tank top up from the bottom. There was a small built-in bra inside it, and Damian lifted it up, too. Abby’s breasts were small and perky, with cute brown nipples that Damian rubbed his tongue across.

“Fuck,” whimpered Abby, her back pulling away from the blanket. “That feels so good.”

“Mmmfff,” Damian mumbled, his mouth full of her nipple and breast.

He pulled at her sensitive peaks for a few more minutes, enjoying the way it made Abby writhe and twitch underneath him. Then he sat upwards and pulled his half-hard cock out of his basketball shorts and moved closer to Abby’s face.

“It’s so big, holy shit!” laughed Abby, her eyes growing two sizes. She had only seen one other cock in her life, but it didn’t even compare to Damian’s.

Damian laughed. “Well, thank you.”

Abby began to suck it as best she could, gagging as it slid down her throat. She quickly learned to breathe through her nose, as spit pooled at the edges of her mouth, dribbling down her chin. 

While she gave him head, Damian reached one hand down Abby’s shorts and started rubbing her clit through her panties. The other hand played with her nipples, gently pulling on them. The combination of sensations happening everywhere on her body made Abby feel weak and dizzy. 

“Yes, cum for me,” said Damian, noticing the way Abby was moaning against his cock.

Abby’s eyes looked up to Damian’s dark, tense expression, and she had never been more turned on. Her orgasm crashed over her like a hard ocean wave, and she had no choice but to slide her head back off Damian’s cock so she could let out a primal scream. It was a scream that seemed to echo off the rock and into the valley below them. Abby swore she saw a group of birds take off into the air, startled by the sudden noise.

“That was fucking hot,” said Damian, looking down at Abby in disbelief. He certainly hadn’t expected to run into someone like her out here in the middle of nowhere.

Abby didn’t have time to say anything before Damian was positioning himself in between her legs. He had his massive cock in his hand and was starting to drag the thick head of it across her soaked pussy. He looked down to watch her pink petal lips slide along his cock, so wet and sticky. 

“Fuck,” he sighed as he slowly started to sink his cock into her. He watched every inch disappear into Abby’s pussy. “You’re so tight.”

Abby felt like she was being split apart by Damian’s cock, but she loved every second of it. He thrusted into her slowly at first, allowing Abby to get adjusted to his size. Once she was nicely stretched out, though, Damian leaned forward a little bit, which gave him more leverage. From this angle, he could really get deep into her pussy, thrusting all the way down to the base.

“Holy shit,” Abby whimpered, as a cool breeze swept across them. Her pussy was so sensitive from having just cum. “You feel so good!”

Damian only smiled at her, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He repositioned himself so he was kneeling, with Abby’s legs over top of his shoulders. 

“Fuck!” cried Abby, as the angle changed, and Damian’s cock hit her in just the right spot. “You’re going to make me cum again!”

Damian loved hearing that. “Yes, Abby, cum on my cock.”

Abby looked right into his eyes, that smoldering gaze of his, and after a few more pumps of his cock, her pussy was contracting against his shaft. She came for the second time, twitching and shaking underneath his grasp. 

“Fuuuuuck yes,” growled Damian. “Are you ready for this cum?”

Abby’s head lolled to the side, and she looked up at him in a daze. She had never had orgasms so intense before. “Yes please,” she said, letting out a breath she had been holding. “Cum for me!”
Damian looked down to watch her pussy swallow his cock, thinking that it was the prettiest pussy he had ever seen. It was so smooth and soft, and Damian wondered if she had shaved it with someone in mind. Either way, he was glad it was him.

“Fuck,” Damian moaned, “here it comes!”

He slammed against Abby one last time, his skin slapping against hers, as his cock filled her pretty pussy with cum. It squirted deep inside her, and Abby couldn’t help but smile up at him as it happened.

“You’re amazing,” Damian said breathlessly, falling over top of her to give her a quick kiss. His cock was still inside her, but as it began to soften, he started to slide out.

“You are.” Abby sat up when Damian was off of her. She took a long inhale. The air was so cool and crisp out here. “How long are you guys here for?”

“Four whole days.”

“Us too!” Abby looked at Damian expectantly. “Maybe I’ll. . . see you again?”

The two of them quickly got themselves together, and Damian helped Abby up to standing. He grinned. “Oh, I hope so.”

He walked Abby back in the direction of her family, who lit up when they saw her. 

“Well, there’s our darling daughter,” said Abby’s dad, looking her up and down. “Did you have a nice walk? You certainly seem to be in a better mood. You’re smiling!”

Abby blushed. “Um, yeah. The walk was actually amazing.”

She sat down at the picnic table and helped herself to a grilled burger with extra cheese. 

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