The Burning Desire: First Chapter

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In recent years, the craze of becoming a millionaire engulfed everyone. Every person, no matter where you are from, is dreaming to become a millionaire. I wasn’t different from this. I wanted to become a millionaire when I was fourteen. However, my parents were barely making ends meet. So, becoming a millionaire was a farfetched one for me. But I wanted to achieve my dream anyhow. I am someone who believes in dreaming while awake. And, becoming a millionaire was my burning desire. And I wanted to do this while I was a teenager because I wanted to enjoy my life. 

I know that when you dream of something and have a deep desire for something, this universe will work for you to bring the circumstances through which you can achieve what you desire deeply. And, it happened to me. I was going out with a boy who was 18 at that time. I loved him but I didn't know that he had different intentions.

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Getting Exposed Is the Strength 

I wanted to lose my virginity to him. So, I told him that and he said that he would do it. So, one day, his parents were out of town and he invited me over. I went to his house and I was ready to give myself up to him. His name was Wayne and he made me a drink. I wasn't of legal age to drink at that time but the situation was so exciting that I took it. After a few drinks, I was feeling a bit dizzy. So, I told him, “Let's do it now!”

He took me to his bedroom and undressed me. He also took his pants off. His dick was in front of me and he told me to take it inside my mouth. I did it. I watched lots of porn before and I knew what I had to do to give him a blowjob. I started sucking his dick and I was taking it as deep as I could. He grabbed my hair and started pressing my head on his cock and I was suffocating. Spit was dripping from my mouth. He took some spit from my mouth and applied it to his dick. 

After that, I lay down on the bed spreading my legs and he started to lick my pussy. It was an amazing feeling. When a man touches your cunt for the first time, a woman knows how good it feels. He was playing with my clit, licking and sucking it. He even inserted his finger inside my pussy. I was having the best time of my life.

I had my first orgasm when he started fucking my pussy with his fingers. Next, he took his dick in his hand and inserted it inside my pussy. It was painful initially because the way he was thrusting his dick inside my vagina was very hard. He kept on pounding me until he ejaculated inside me. He took some of that cum and made me swallow it. I lay down beside him. I embraced him because I wasn't a virgin anymore.

Surprises Can Open Doors

The next day I went to school and found many students in my class calling me a slut and whore. I was angry because nobody likes to get abused by such words. Even my best friend Linda was avoiding me. I went up to her to confront and what she showed me swept the floor off my feet. It was a porn video titled, ‘A Sexy Virgin Teen Gets Fucked and Loses Virginity.’

That bastard Wayne made a porn video while fucking me and uploaded it on the internet. The video had over a million views within a few hours. It went viral. I tried calling Wayne but he never picked up. And within a few hours, my life was finished. Well, I thought so but I didn’t know that it was just the beginning.

All You Need is an Opportunity 

6 months passed and I wasn’t going to school. I was ashamed to face my teachers and friends. I didn't even talk much to my parents. I even thought about committing suicide but never had the courage of doing it. My parents saw the video and they were disappointed with me. I knew I made a mistake.

I moved out of the house the day I became 18. I was living in a small apartment and working in a restaurant as a waitress. One day while serving at a table, a man recognised me. I was living far away, far away from my hometown. But, the internet doesn't see where you live.

That man told me, “I have seen you in a sex tape.” I was worried because I thought he might inform my manager and I might lose my job. He continued, “Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.” I was relieved to hear that. He gave me his card and said, “Keep this card and give me a call, I can assure you can be a star.” I was a bit surprised and didn't take him seriously. He gave me a generous tip and I was happy about that.

I never even thought about calling him. But, one day I was compelled to call him. The restaurant where I was working was about to go out of business and I would lose my job. I was laying down in my bed staring at the ceiling without knowing what was lying in my future. My parents would not give me money.

I remembered that person in the restaurant and searched for his card and found it in my purse. His name was Rick Allan. He was the head of the talent scouts. I decided to call him. 

“I was waiting for your call, what took you so long?” He said. I told him that I was about to lose my job and if there was something he could do for me. He asked me to come to his office and he will discuss everything there. And, I decided to go to his office instantly.

Let's Do It

I met him at his office and he told me everything. He was looking for a fresh face for his upcoming porn video. It would be his first-ever porn video as a director. He told me that Wayne, that bastard who posted that sex tape of mine had earned millions. And as I already exposed myself, why shouldn't I do it again? It would be a scene where I would get fucked by 12 men. It was a gangbang scene with a big production house and I would earn 1.5 million dollars for that.

So, there was my opportunity to become a millionaire. I didn't waste time saying yes because the million dollars were in my head. And I was due to become a professional porn artist. I knew I had nothing to lose. I didn't have friends and my parents were not interested in me. Porn took everything away from me a long time ago and it was retribution time for me. I signed the contract and I was ready to take that big step that would eventually make me a millionaire.

Seize the Opportunity 

I went to the set of the scene the next day and I saw Rick Allen on the set welcoming me with open arms. He introduced me to the performers who would fuck me that day. They were great and they welcomed me greatly. He took me to the green room and got me prepared for the shoot. I knew if I had to make a career in this porn industry, then I would have to nail it from my first scene. I was nervous but I was excited too. 

Once my dressing and makeup were done, I went to the set and found that all those 12 men already had their dicks out. They really wanted to bang me desperately. I went to every one of them and sucked them. I was so horny that I didn't even hear Rick saying, “Action!!!” 

I already started it for myself. I saw that those men were also enjoying me. They were fondling my boobs, playing with my pussy, and fingering me. It was the best experience of my life. I was learning to enjoy it even though we were acting. I was trying to infuse some realism into porn and I was successful because when they were fucking me, I didn't exaggerate my reactions. 

It all came to me as natural and I was having great pleasure. There were double and triple penetrations on every one of my holes. Finally, they ejaculated and I took their loads in my mouth and swallowed them. Once the scene was finished, Rick came up to me and said, “Today, I am giving this porn industry a new star.” I knew that I would become a big star here eventually. But, I didn't know that the rise to the top would be so fast for me.

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