The Burning Desire: Final Chapter

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When Rick’s porn video came out, it received a huge response and it was an overnight success. Well, technically it was my first porn video but in reality, it was my second shoot and both of my works were received wonderfully by the audience. So, it gave me much-needed confidence. I knew I could be a big star here and earn lots of money. Yes, Trixie Carter (the name Rick gave me in the video) was here to stay. Rick also became the successful director of porn that he always wanted. He was a married man with two kids. But, I have never seen a man with weirder sexual fetishes. 

He wanted me to fuck a horse. He told me that video could make millions. I wasn’t comfortable with that idea and I told him and in return, he kicked me out of his video. I had no work and I had no connection in the industry. I was back to square one and I was worried because I didn't want to be a one-hit-wonder. I was laying down on the bed staring at the ceiling and asking my subconscious mind to help me in finding a path. Later on, that night, while watching porn, I saw an advertisement for a sex cam site. 

Tired of sending a ton of messages and no reply? Swingers, threesomes, group sex and kinky stuff all awaiting to be discovered. Registration is free and fast. Awarded for security and discrete contacts.

So, I started researching webcam sex models and the things related to them. I saw this as a huge opportunity. I had a room. I just needed to decorate it and set up some lights and I will be good to go. I already had the camera and laptop. I created my studio for webcam sex and signed up for a new journey. From a successful porn star to a newbie in webcam sex, I was enjoying how my life was shifting from one boat to another.

Nothing is Impossible 

In this age of social media, nothing is impossible for anyone. You just need to have the talent for it. Luckily for me, I was born to be a star in this adult industry. Well, that's what I felt after the first month of streaming my webcam sex show. I received 100k followers and I became one of the top models on the platform. My exposure as a porn star helped me a lot to gain more followers. And the things I was doing on camera, most of the cam girls wouldn't even think about doing it. I was doing giveaways and those giveaways were an opportunity for my followers to come to my show and fuck me. I was fucking three different men every week. 

After my first couple of months doing sex cam shows, I got an email from the biggest porn production company in the world. The popularity of my cam show made them take notice of me. They wanted to take over my show and in return, they will pay me a huge amount of money, around 20 million dollars. If I sold the show, I would have to host it on their website only. I accepted the offer. Many girls wouldn't do that. But, I had different plans.

More Exposure 

I saw the traffic on the website of the production house and compared it to the site on which I was working at that moment. The traffic was 1000 times more on the production house’s website. So, I realised that I would get more exposure and that was why I didn't think twice to accept the offer. I didn't regret it because I knew something big was about to happen.

I built a community of fans on the site of the big production company and they were my avid followers. Each of my streams was getting millions of views. And I continued fucking random fans which drove more men to my show. I even fucked people from different countries. A large number of men came to this country from a different country because of the invitation I sent them to come and fuck me.

The Influence of an Influencer 

After six months, something unexpected happened. I was already a social media influencer by then. But I had no clue of the extent of influence a social media influencer had on his or her followers. A huge porn movie got released from the production house and I was streaming my shows on their platform. Because of my show, they had many new users come to the site. And that was why they decided to create the grandest porn movie of all time which starred some of the biggest names in the porn industry. But, they didn't realize that my followers would come to see me perform only. No matter who you were in the industry, I influenced the users.

Well, the company told me to promote the video on social media and on my stream and I did that. But most of my audience who watched the video commented, “Trixie would have done a lot better.” Many even demanded that they should cast me in their next video. The production company understood the influence I had on people and so, they gave what people wanted to see after the flop shit show with that video starring the big names. I was cast in a porn video by that big production company. Well, this was my big break and I knew it. And, no way was I going to squander it.

It's Showtime 

Once the announcement was made official, most of my followers told me that they were excited about it. I was happy that now I could do something big. I was cast alongside 5 other people who had massive social media followings. The video was titled ‘Social Media Sextravaganza’.

Since the announcement, every day, people started asking when the video would come out. So, I informed them about the shooting and the tentative release date. And I also informed them that the day when I would shoot the porn, I wouldn't go live because I would be tired. They understood what I was talking about.

On the day of shooting, I arrived at a beautiful beach resort in LA and saw five hunks by the pool. I would die to fuck men like these. Their bodies were like Greek gods. The director of that film was also a famous adult movie director, Adam Grey. I went inside the house where I got prepared for the showdown with those five hunks.

I came to the set when I was ready. Adam interviewed me initially as it would be the initial part of the video. I had to act like a dirty slut while answering his questions. When I answered the last question, he signalled to one of my co-stars and he came forward grabbed me by my neck and slapped my face and said, “Let's fuck you piece of shit whore.” And others jumped in as well and the action began.

I remember that the first scene I shot was also a gangbang but that one wasn't as rough as this one. They were pulling my tits as if they were plucking fruits from the trees. I sucked their dicks properly and when they started to DP me, they were pulling my hair slapping my tits and face. They also made me suck a dick and stroke two dicks with both hands. After that, one man picked me up and threw me on the couch and started to fuck me with his fingers. He fucked so hard that I squirted. He took the liquid and spilt it all over my face. I licked his hand as well.

After that, they stretched my anus by using beads. I was now ready to take two dicks in my ass.  Well, they fucked my ass so hard that I was screaming at the top of my voice and the harder I screamed, the harder they slapped my face. When all of them fucked me in the ass, they dumped me on the floor and started kicking me. It was humiliation porn at its best. I was a bit turned on by that.

They made me swallow their loads and I did it with pleasure. One of the men saw me get turned on so he returned and fucked me with his fingers and made me squirt again and after that, kicked me and went away. I have never been dominated like this before in my life. Finally, there was an outro interview with the director and everything I said there was from the bottom of my heart.

Dedication and Hard Work Will Result in Success

When the video came out, it was an instant hit and I became the most searched personality on the internet for an entire month. The production company gave me a big contract. And, finally, I arrived in the industry. I was now a star. And nobody could take me down except me. This was the story of a teen becoming a porn star millionaire.

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