Dad’s best friends daughter gets fucked

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When I first met Sebastian, it was at one of my dad’s famous cookouts. I was home from college for the summer and all I had heard was “Sebastian this” and “Sebastian that.” Apparently, my dad had met a new friend at one of his bowling nights, and the two had hit it off. It was a regular bromance!

What I didn’t expect was Sebastian to be so damn hot. He had to be about fifty years old, with salt and pepper hair. He had a beard that was well trimmed and these gray eyes that were striking – I couldn’t look away. I had never found a man his age so attractive before. I was just nineteen, after all. What nineteen-year-old found guys like him hot?

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Apparently, I did.

I struck up a conversation with him at that first cookout, but he didn’t pick up on my flirting. Maybe someone his age just didn’t get the lingo. I figured I had to be more straightforward.

So when my dad held another party a few weeks later, I made sure that Sebastian was coming. Then I put on my favorite sun dress. It was a pretty flower print with spaghetti straps and hit me mid-thigh. I spun around in the mirror, happy with my look.

“June!” Sebastian said, his eyebrows shooting up as he saw me. “I like that dress.”

I looked around. We were the only ones in the kitchen. Everyone else was gathered in the backyard, where my dad had the grill going. I could them all laughing and carrying on. My heart began to race. It was the perfect opportunity. 

“Thank you,” I said cautiously, my eyes batting up at Sebastian’s. “I like your beard.” I giggled. “Can I touch it?”

Sebastian let out an embarrassed little laugh, but he was smiling. “Sure.”

I ran my hands through his wiry hair and let them fall down to the collar of his short-sleeve dress shirt. “Sebastian. . .” I said, undoing one button.

“June, we shouldn’t. You’re Scott’s daughter. You’re nineteen, for christ’s sake. We shouldn’t.”

I sighed. “No, I guess we shouldn’t.”

I turned away and began to walk back upstairs, looking over my shoulder as I went. I saw it happen in a flash – Sebastian’s face changed, his eyes lighting up. He made sure no one else was in the kitchen with him and headed over to join me on the stairs.

“But fuck the rules,” he said, and his voice was low and rough. I had never wanted him more.

I locked my bedroom door behind us and pulled Sebastian onto the bed with me. The springs squeaked underneath us, and he laughed.
“You need a new mattress.”

I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed his lips. “Well, let’s give this bed one last sendoff then.”

I started to unbutton Sebastian’s shirt and was surprised at how fit he was. I tossed the shirt onto the floor, and he reached up to help lift my sundress over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, just a thin pink thong, and Sebastian’s eyes got two sizes bigger when he saw me.

“June, wow,” he said softly, running his hands across my breasts. “You have a perfect body.” His palms slid down the curves of my hips, squeezing me. 

I smiled at him, blushing. “Thank you.”

He was a little more eager after that. He got on top of me and began to suck on my nipples, his beard hair tickling my skin. I couldn’t stop trembling. Here I was, having my tits played with by my dad’s best friend. 

“I love your tits,” Sebastian moaned, as he began to kiss his way down my taut stomach, finally reaching my thong. He tore it off of my legs in one quick motion and roughly pulled my legs apart, making me gasp. I loved this energy, and all it did was turn me on more.

Sebastian ate my pussy like no one had before. I had only had one boyfriend give me oral, and it was nothing like this. Sebastian was experienced and excited. He knew just what to do, and I think he loved the fact that it was a teenager’s pussy he was eating.

When I came, I had to take my pink frilly pillow and cover my face to keep from being too loud. It was animalistic, the way this orgasm hit me, like a tidal wave that wouldn’t let me stay still. Sebastian growled in between my legs as I came, which made me feel sexier than ever.

“Goddamn,” he said, raising his face from my pussy. “You taste amazing.”

I smiled at him, and Sebastian kept his gray eyes locked on mine as he began to undo his pants. He stood by the edge of the bed, where his cock was hard and throbbing already, waiting for my mouth.

His hands played with my blonde hair as I sucked him. He was clearly enjoying himself – he kept moaning and gasping every time I took his cock in all the way to the base. It was hard to fit him down my throat, but I managed. Besides, I think Sebastian liked the wet, gagging sounds I was making. 

“Fuck yes,” he groaned, thrusting his hips slowly back and forth, fucking my face to match the rhythm of my mouth. “That feels amazing, baby.”
When Sebastian finally pulled me off his cock, I realized how wet my pussy really was. I was so ready for him to just bend me in half and take me. 

As though reading my mind, Sebastian grabbed me and spun me around so that I was on my stomach on the bed. He gently pulled my thighs apart and got behind me.

“Do you want me to fuck you, June?” he said, leaning into my ear. 

My voice came out as a whimper. “Yes, please!”
In one deep stroke, Sebastian was pressing his thick cock into me, and my pussy was so soaking wet that it accommodated his size right away. The sudden sensation of being filled up like that, combined with Sebastian’s deep pumps, made me crazy. I bunched up one of the blankets on the bed and bit my teeth down onto it, screaming. I had never been fucked like this before.

“God, you are so tight,” Sebastian groaned on top of me. 

“You’re so big!” I gasped back, my fingers twisting the blankets. “Fuck!”

Suddenly, we heard a door downstairs close, and the two of us jolted back to reality. Sebastian didn’t stop, though. In fact, he actually started fucking me faster.

“Fuck, I want to cum in you,” he was saying quietly, his breath ragged.

“Do it,” I said, lifting my head off the bed. “Cum in my pussy, baby.”

A few more deep, hard thrusts of his cock, and I was taking Sebastian’s cum. I could hear him panting as he came, and he couldn’t see it, but I had a huge, dumb smile on my face. I had been fantasizing about this very moment. 

When Sebastian pulled out, I rolled over and beamed up at him. We both had shocked expressions on our faces, like we couldn’t believe we had just done that.

“I’ll head down first,” he said, buttoning his shirt. “Then you?”

I nodded, looking at the vanity mirror to fix my hair. “Yup.”

After that, it was on. We hooked up every chance we got. I went over to his house a couple times a week (he had a pretty nice bachelor pad), and we would fuck all over the place – the couch, his bed, the back porch. I’d make up some excuse about where I was and would have sleepovers at Sebastian’s place. In the mornings, I’d rub my ass against his cock, feeling it get hard. I was constantly wet and horny, so Sebastian’s cock was always slipping inside me.

“Good morning,” he said into my ear one rainy Saturday, as he spooned me in bed. He pressed his cock into me, my pussy still sticky and wet from the night before.

I smiled and arched my back so that my ass pushed out even more. Sebastian started fucking me in that lazy morning way, reaching around to rub my nipples. 

“Fuck,” I moaned, closing my eyes. “That’s gonna. . . fuck. . .”

My breath came out in shuddering gasps as I came, and Sebastian held me tightly against him the whole time. Seconds later, his cock was twitching inside me, filling me up with another load that dripped slowly out of me as he pulled out.

We laid together in bed for a little bit, listening to the rain outside, until Sebastian spoke first. “Summer’s almost over,” he said, his voice sad. “I’m going to miss these mornings with you.”

I rolled over to face him, his gray eyes looking into mine like he was trying to memorize my face. 

“I will too. But, you know, my school isn’t that far away. We could have visits.”

Sebastian perked up then. “We could get a hotel room.”

“One with a bathtub big enough for two?” I offered.

He growled and pulled me onto him. “You read my mind.”

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