First time teen sex

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Stepmom and Her Friend Takes Virginity

The first time sex is special for everyone but, not for me. Mine was super special because I fucked my stepmother and her friend. It was an unforgettable experience when my father who is a successful businessman went to California for a business conference. We have a publishing house which is very popular all over the US. I wouldn’t exaggerate if I say that my father has a multi-billion dollar net worth. And I would be the one who will take over his business at some point. 

My stepmom never loved me. She knew that my father wouldn’t be able to make her pregnant because he was 60 and he struggled to make my mom pregnant as well. But she married him because of his money. My stepmom, Julia was 35 when she married my father and I was 22 at that time. She hated me because I was the one who would take over the business. 

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But, my life wasn’t perfect too. I never had a girlfriend because I was too busy learning about my father’s business. The only type of penetration my dick ever felt was inside my hand when I masturbated while watching porn. Yes, I am Ryan Madison, soon to take over a multi-billion dollar business from my father was a virgin back then. And today is the day when I will ascend the throne. 

But, before I become the king that this kingdom needs, I would like to narrate the story of how I lost my virginity to my stepmom and her friend. It was a threesome and I never even imagined even in my wildest of dreams that I would be having a threesome as my first-time sex and that too with my stepmom and her friend. It was an unforgettable day.

Meeting My Stepmom for the First Time

Let’s begin the account of me and my stepmom from the day when I first saw her at our home. I always found my stepmom hot from the very first day I saw her in the house. She was still one of the girls that my father fucked back then. Yes, he became like that ever since my mom died. He used to fuck random girls that he used to pick up from bars and strip clubs because he had money. 

So, it was around 5 in the morning when I came down to have some water. My room was upstairs. When I went to the kitchen, to fetch a bottle of water, I saw a naked woman drinking water from my bottle and I was shocked and when she turned around and saw me, she ran away by dropping the bottle on the floor. That was my soon to be stepmom I didn’t know back then. 

After a few months, she became my stepmom and started living in our house permanently. Because of the first meeting that we both remembered vividly, we struggled to make eye contact. It was the first time I saw a naked woman in front of my eyes and not on a screen. I was already attracted to her once I saw her naked and wanted to fuck her. But, my stepmom, Julia, wasn’t into me. 

After a year, we were able to have conversations without much awkwardness. Yes, initially our conversations were pretty awkward. And, our relationship went downhill when my father announced that within a couple of years, I will take over his business. My stepmom didn’t want that and she tried to talk my father out of doing this. But, she failed. 

From then on, the friendship that was developing between me and my stepmom was gone. But, when we started to talk a little, I disclosed to her that I was a virgin and the first woman that I saw naked ever in front of my eyes was her. Our friendship was getting to a point where I would have shagged her easily. But, my father ruined everything and she started hating me even more. 

Meeting Susan for the First Time

When I was getting along well with my stepmom, she introduced me to Susan, one of her friends who seemed interested in me. I had a muscular body back then because I was a regular to the gym. That was why when Susan met me and found out that I was a virgin, she said to me, “Come to my place, I will take your virginity.” And she winked and I knew that this bitch was into me.

Susan was a hot woman and I would have dreamt to have someone like her in bed with me. But, she was the best friend of my stepmom. Even though she was showing interest in me, I couldn’t take things forward because that would be inappropriate in my mind. So, I decided to leave things just the way it was because my relationship with my stepmom was ruined and Susan also stopped talking to me after that. It was a tough time for me. 

My Frustration

Do you think I was happy being a virgin even in my early 20s? I was totally frustrated with my life. I wanted to fuck a girl desperately but I was very bad at picking up girls. That’s why I never had any girlfriends.  Also, I was an introvert and going to parties wasn’t my thing. I liked to play video games by sitting at home. I thought that the only way I could ever lose my virginity was by fucking a whore.

However, I believed that my luck has changed when I saw my stepmom. But my father ruined everything. But, from an unforeseen incident, I was finally able to fuck my stepmom Julia and her best friend Susan. I will never forget that night. 

The Intruder

As I was saying, my father went to a business convention in California and I was left in the house with my stepmom and she had her friend Susan over for the night. I was always curious about what these two bitches do inside the bedroom because they used to spend so much time together in the bedroom. I knew that Julia and Susan won’t talk to me but I still went to her room to see what they were up to. 

From the gap in the curtains of Julia’s room, I saw her eating Susan’s pussy. Both women were naked and they were having sex. Susan gestured something to Julia and she went up and opened the door and found me staring at her room from the outside. I was so moved by what I saw; I was frozen at that very moment. Julia came in front of me naked and said, “It’s not something that you haven’t seen. You have seen me naked. We need a real dick there and I want you to join us. Otherwise, I will tell you father and he will take care of the matter.”

When she threatened about telling my father, I came to senses and I had nothing to do but join them and it wasn’t a punishment for me, it was a gift from the heaven. So, I went in and Susan took my already erect dick in her mouth and started sucking it. She said, ‘I wanted this dick for so many days.” Julia said, “You are having it now, bitch, so enjoy.”

Once Susan was done sucking, Julia took over and I was eating the pussy of Susan. It was for the very first time that I have touching naked women and I have two hot naked MILFs to play with. I truly felt like a king. Once Susan was done I started fucking her. For the first time ever, I felt the sensation of my dick getting inside a pussy and it was amazing. After that, I also fucked my stepmom.

I was a bit shocked to see how long I was lasting. I made both the woman cum twice. After a while, I started using them. They thought that they will be using my dick but when they saw how long I could go on, they gave up control and I was fucking those two bitches. They are my whores at that very time and the way I fucked their ass and pussy, they will remember it. 

The Aftermath

Since that day, my relationship with Julia and Susan got better and I fucked both of them multiple times. Susan moved to Australia for her work but Julia, my stepmom remained with me and I kept on fucking her every day twice. I didn’t even spare her during periods. My sex life with my stepmom since my first time sex with her has gotten better than ever. Today, I will take over my father’s business. And, my stepmom is with me, happy to see her stepson ascend the throne of his father’s business empire. As I concluded writing this story, my stepmom swallows my load because this entire time, she was sucking my dick. That's the life of a real-life king, Ryan Madison.

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