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Once upon time, there was a woman named Goldie. She had long blonde hair that poured down her back like silk. She had a pretty nice life up in her castle. 

But still, it wasn’t enough. Goldie wanted something more. She wanted to see what the world had in store for her. 

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Her family had promised that there was a prince coming in from the next kingdom to take her as his wife, and Goldie was supposed to be thrilled by that. Most women at 19 were already married, after all. 

The thought of marrying this stranger, however, kept her up at night. She didn’t want to marry a man she didn’t know. In fact, she didn’t think she wanted to be married at all. 

That’s why she took off into the woods one afternoon. In her pale pink dress and blonde hair done up in curls, she ran down the stone steps of her tower and took off before anyone could find her.

She ran and she ran, and eventually, she spotted a stone cottage in the middle of a clearing. She hid behind a tree trunk and stared ahead, mouth agape.  

Goldie watched as three men came out of the front door, to the side of the cottage, and began chopping wood. She noticed their strength, the way the sleeves of their shirts were rolled up halfway up their arms, revealing sinewy muscle. 

The more she watched, the more she started to feel a way she hadn’t felt before. 

Suddenly, as she was leaning forward to get an even better look, she snapped a big branch underneath her show, causing the three men to look her direction.

“Who the hell is that?” shouted the tallest one, shielding his eyes to look her direction.

Goldie stood out like a sore thumb in her pink dress.

“Um, hi,” she called, in a nervous, girlish voice. “It’s just me.”

She tentatively walked closer to the cottage. The three lumberjacks put their axes on the ground and looked at her with wide eyes. 

“You’re not the one who lives in the castle are you?” asked one of men, the shortest one, narrowing his eyes at her. “Blondie, is it?”

“Goldie. And yes, that’s me. The princess, I guess.”

The guys snickered and laughed. 

“That’s fucking rich,” said the tall one, shaking his head in disbelief. “What did they do, kick you out for missing a tennis lesson?”

Goldie rolled her eyes. “You don’t know anything about me. I ran away.”

“Why would someone run away from a life like that?”

Goldie blushed now, crossing her arms indignantly over her chest. “Maybe because a woman has needs!”

“Needs, huh?” the third man said, eyeing her up and down.

“Why don’t you come inside for tea?” asked the shortest guy, who was only slightly taller than Goldie. He extended his hand.

Goldie looked behind her. Maybe she should just go back, she wondered. 

But when she looked into the man’s face, he seemed friendly enough. 

That was how she found herself in the cabin, sipping tea at a small wooden table with all three of these men. They couldn’t take their eyes off of the teen, and Goldie found herself feeling the same about them. 

“So these needs of yours,” said the tallest, eyeing Goldie’s cleavage now, without any semblance of conspicuousness. “I’m guessing you don’t get much action up there in that castle of yours?”

Goldie felt hot all of a sudden. She swallowed. “No. You guess right.”

Her jaw fell open as she watched the shortest guy push back his chair, drop to his knees, and crawl in between Goldie’s legs. He pushed up the bottom of her skirt, slid off Goldie’s lacy pink panties, and looked Goldie in her eyes.

“You can turn back now,” he said sweetly. “Otherwise, we’re about to give you the time of your life, princess.”

Goldie stared at the man’s amber eyes. “I don’t want to go back.”

She cried out when the man’s tongue ran across her pussy. It started from the bottom and snaked up to the top, sliding between her smooth lips and stopping at her clit. Goldie’s entire body tensed up with pleasure as she moaned and shook under this man’s touch. She closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the moment. Was this what she had been missing out on?

The other two guys stood up and got behind Goldie, sliding their hands down the front of her dress so they could take her breasts in their hands. The added sensation of their fingers running across her nipples only made Goldie more frantic. 

“Oh, fuck,” she whimpered, looking down at the man between her legs. “That feels. . . fuck!”

The man moaned against her pussy as Goldie came. She was so loud. It was sexy, watching her come undone like this. Her pussy was sticky and wet now as her thighs trembled on either side of the man’s face. 

“Goddamn, Goldie,” he sighed, standing up now and wiping his lips. “Alright, let’s get you into bed.”

The men helped Goldie up to standing and pulled off her clothes. She shivered, never having been naked in front of a man before, let alone three of them.

The tall lumberjack smiled at her, a mischievous glint to his eyes. “We’ll go from smallest to biggest, how about that?” 

She let the short guy bring her to his bed, which sat right underneath a large window. The other two guys joined her at the top of the bed, while the short one moved her legs apart and got between them. His cock, Goldie saw, was already rock hard. It didn’t seem to be a very large cock, but then again, Goldie realized she didn’t have a frame of reference.

“Are you ready?” he asked, looking at her.

Goldie nodded desperately. “Yes please.”

The man pressed his way slowly inside Goldie’s pussy, which was now completely soaked. He threw his head back and let out a loud “Fuuuuck” as he went. He had never felt a pussy that tight before. She wrapped around his cock like she was made for him. 

“That feels so good,” Goldie moaned, her eyebrows bunching together with pleasure.

Near her head, the other two were kissing her neck and working their way down to her nipples. Their lips tugged on her sensitive peaks.

The tallest guy laughed. “Well, you just wait. . .”

Shortie didn’t last long. He pumped into Goldie’s pussy a few more times before his cock started twitching inside of her, flooding her with cum. Goldie loved the warm gush, and the way the man looked and sounded as he came. 

When he pulled out of her, she felt a warm stream of cum trickle out of her pussy. 

“What a beautiful sight,” one of the guys mumbled, pushing Goldie’s legs apart to better see it.

“Alright, try my bed now,” said the medium-height guy. 

She giddily followed him to another bed in the cabin. This time, he told her to lay on her stomach. She did as he asked and watched in awe as he brought his cock out of his underwear and held it up against the teen’s face.

“I’ve never done this before, either,” she said shyly. 

“That’s ok,” he said softly. “Just do your best.”

Goldie tentatively lowered her face down onto his cock. It was bigger than the other guy’s was, at least by an inch or more! She struggled to take him all into her mouth, but she quickly found a rhythm. She started slobbering and gagging slightly as the throbbing cock slid in and out of her. The man was helping her along by pumping his hips forward and back.

“I want you,” he said roughly, moving away from Goldie’s face and getting on top of her. 

Goldie’s fingers clutched at the blankets on his bed as the man entered her pussy from behind. She let out a long, loud shout as he slid inside, stars flickering before her eyes. The difference in size was much more noticeable now that his cock was inside her. 

The other two guys stood on and watched happily as their buddy fucked Goldie. Her ass looked amazing from this angle, and he couldn’t stop rubbing his hands across her milky white ass cheeks, squeezing them hard. 

“Fuck, you have the most perfect pussy,” he growled, and this made Goldie happy.

After a few minutes, medium-height man fucked her harder and faster, slamming his cock into Goldie so roughly that she buried her face in the blankets. She had never known pleasure like this before, and pretty soon, she was cumming for the second time. An orgasm crashed through her, making her scream. 

Her sounds were exactly what the man wanted to hear. Within seconds of Goldie cumming, he added a second load of cum to her already-soaked pussy. When he pulled out, Goldie felt like she couldn’t possibly get any wetter or take any more cum. 

But then she saw the tallest guy standing by his bed, completely naked. She couldn’t help but gasp at the size of his cock. It looked unreal and so thick! 

He laughed when he saw her face. “I know what you’re thinking, babe. But that’s why we had you get nice and warmed up first. Now come over here and let me stretch you out.”

Goldie had to admit her pussy was throbbing as she walked over to the final bed, where the man had her lay on her back as he kneeled between her legs.

“Let’s try this,” he said, moving her legs so they were up over his shoulders. “There.”

Goldie gasped and moaned as he started to push his cock into her. It was impossibly big, and she looked down to watch it enter her. She couldn’t believe she was actually taking it, that his cock could fit inside her like that. 

“All of her juices and our cum probably helped,” said the medium guy, standing by to watch his friend fill up Goldie’s pussy for the last time.

This position was much more intense, Goldie realized. She felt like she was having a million mini-orgasms as the guy started to fuck her, slowly and deeply. 

The man looked down to watch the way her pussy stretched out around his thick shaft, coating him with sticky wetness and globs of white cum.

“I bet no one ever thought the princess would take three cocks in a day!” the guy said, grinning from ear to ear. 

Goldie realized how bad this was, but she didn’t care. She loved the way this cock felt, repeatedly pounding into her pussy, making her moan like she never had before.

“What do you think? Should I add more cum to that pussy?” the man grunted, his cock slamming into her quick, fast thrusts now.

Goldie looked at him with big eyes. “Mhm!” She could barely speak.

With his jaw slack and his eyes closed, the tall man added the third load of cum to Goldie’s pussy that day. When he pulled out, he did so slowly.

“Alright, Goldie,” said the short guy, bending down to brush some hair out of her face. “Let’s see what that pussy looks like now.”

Two guys held Goldie’s legs up and back, while the other ran his finger across her pussy. Goldie contracted her muscles down there, allowing the cum to spill out of her. It trickled down her asshole and onto the bed. 

Finally, the guys let Goldie relax. One of them brought her a glass of water. 

“So your needs,” said the tall guy. “Are they met now?”

Goldie smiled sheepishly. “I’d say so.”

“You know,” he said, “you don’t have to go back. You can just stay here with us.”

Goldie looked around at the three of them. She was still quaking from pleasure.  “Okay then. My new life.”

The men exchanged a round of smiles.

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