Teacher sex with student

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It’s another day like any other, everyone was already feeling tired from the usual lectures, and after a quick lunch, the class was finally ready to stretch themselves out for P.E. Ryan was already limbering himself up, stretching forward and reaching down to touch his toes as Samson gathered the rest of the class to detail the lesson. As he straightened himself up again, he notices the class gathered around Samson and starts making his way over, though quickening his pace once he sees him waving an arm to dismiss the class on their laps, not wanting to be late.

Private (sex) lessons with my teacher

By Samson’s smile, he reckons the sentiment of wanting to keep up is appreciated, but soon understands the sinister intent when he suddenly feels a hand clasp his wrist and bindings pulling him to Samson’s chest. In what felt like a few measly seconds, Ryan found himself bound, blinded and gagged at Samson’s mercy, the knowledge of why exactly this was happening was all too clear, and he couldn’t help but let out a faint whimper from the prospect. This has happened before, only once, but Samson saw fit to practically kidnap, force him out of his clothes, and have him ride in his lap whilst unable to see or even hear. Time was lost in that room, but it felt like he spent over an hour in there, bouncing mindlessly into his lap without any knowledge of what’s happening, only allowed to leave when he felt a thick, pulsing sensation filling him, before the bindings were loosened and he was left in an empty store room, leaking from his hole.

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Student having sex with teacher

Held against his chest for a while, Ryan is suddenly given his freedom back as he falls backwards onto, thankfully, something soft underneath him. Though when the bindings fall from his skin and his vision returns, what he sees in front of him sends a perverse shiver down his body.

Standing there, bold as brass, was his teacher, cock in hand and staring him down expectantly.

“Strip your clothes off, I don’t want them getting dirty.”

The matter-of-fact way he implies what’s about to happen somehow makes it even more lewd, and whether out of subservience, or a slight tinge of desire, he obeys and takes a moment to undress. His movements are slightly hesitant, but his teacher continues to stand there and watch every second, stroking himself silently, which fills the room with an air of awkwardness. Screwing his eyes shut, Ryan removes his underwear, fully exposing himself to his teacher, hidden away in some dark gym closet.

“You didn’t report me the last time I dragged you in here..”

He steps closer, using his free hand to play with his wraps.

“Except this time, we’re not going to risk ourselves by letting you scream!”

With that threat, he once again tosses his bindings forward, wrapping his new captive’s mouth shut so quickly that there wasn’t even a moment to even think of resisting. Continuing with his plans, despite the pathetic whimpers, another set of bindings clasps his wrists together. In a futile movement, Ryan struggles and scurries backwards on his knees, clearly to the frustration of his teacher. To once again display the diffeRyance in power between them, Samson roughly grabs each of his ankles, pinning them above his head and securing them to the bindings on his wrists. Now completely restrained, holes exposed with no modesty, and almost no chance to even wriggle around, there was little hope for this to go any other way than his teacher intended.

From the start, this is what he wanted, sending the other students off for long enough that he can take his time abusing one of his own students, and now, with him tied up and completely helpless to his advances, he couldn’t help but sport a sadistic grin. Stepping closer, he watched his little captive’s eyes widen with a hint of fear and uncertainty, vindicating those fears as he leaned over to look him in the eyes, whilst lining up his cock out of view.

Now, you’re going to be a good boy for your teacher, and scream into that gag as I fuck you raw!”

Without even giving a moment to process his words, Samson thrusts forward into his new toy’s ass, smiling wider as the whimpers turn to squeals. Not even half way inside, he pulls back to the tip before giving it force, completely ramming every inch inside of him, savoring his pathetic squeals and whines from the sudden mix of pain and pleasure. It had been too long since the last time he had a captive with such a willing body, already soaking wet between his legs, his thrusts soon quicken in pace without any build up, forcing Ryan to either scream in pain from the overstimulation, or succumb to it, and make it easier on himself.

It appears already that he either planned, or couldn’t help but succumb, as Samson stared down into his eyes, he could clearly see the pleasure already building between them. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the equipment room, a loud clapping that soon was drowned out by the lewd wet sounds of a willing fucktoy being used without care. Underneath his teacher, Ryan was having his mind melted, one thrust at a time, each sensation of having that thick, pulsing cock stretch him even further had him quivering, and if it weRyan’t for the bindings keeping his mouth shut, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from moaning in pure pleasure. He could already sense his teacher was getting close as he brought his face closer, letting out low-moans next to his ear, gasping for breath as his pace increased more and more..

Until finally, in a sudden burst of roughness, he slams inside of his toy a few times more before gripping tightly to his skin. It lasts for several seconds, the hot sensation of being filled by his own teacher’s load, one surge at a time. Each twitch was felt deep inside, and when they stopped.. He continued again, thrusting into his own cum, emphasizing the already lewd, wet sounds between their legs. This continues for a few more minutes, Ryan having his ass stretched violently as Samson couldn’t hold back from pounding into his cunt, gripping to him tightly and letting moans escape near his ear. He could feel him tense up like before, getting closer again, Ryan lets out desperate scream into the gag, his own pleasure having been built up this whole time, the overstimulation had become too much, and as Samson grunted, pumping another thick load into his victim, his own legs began to twitch and his body began to spasm as an intense orgasm washed over him. The intensity was mind-shattering, along with a wave of shame as he squirted helplessly on his captor’s cock, still pulsing cum into his ass.

As Ryan’s orgasm faded, his body continued to twitch involuntarily, eyes rolled up into his head as he was just forced to squirt in front of his teacher, right in the middle of class.

He couldn’t look up for more than a moment, a smug, satisfied grin across Samson’s face made him shiver, both from the shame, but also the pride of having made him feel good with his body. Lost in that though, he suddenly jumped at the sound of his voice.

“Just as good as last time..”

As if talking about using a fleshlight, he continues to speak as he unties his, now used, victim.

“You did well, hopefully you keep up your performance for next time.”

Next time?!

He opened his mouth to protest, but was silenced by unexpectedly having his cock slapped onto his face, dripping cum down his forehead while his balls rested by his lips.

“Give it a kiss, be a good boy now.”

The command was short, but so full of authority that it was purely reactive, puckering his lips, he started planting several kisses on the underside of his teacher’s cock, and even a final few across his balls before it was pulled away.


Already moving to collect his clothes, he assumes that Samson has already turned from him, but suddenly feels his grip on the back of his head, clutching at his hair.

“Now clean yourself up and catch up with the rest.”

With that, he stepped in closer and smeared his cock across Ryan’s face, still coated in both of their messes, now dripping down his own face. A final reminder of what he thinks of him, a toy to be used, and with the next date already set.. Filling him with a perverse pride as he licks himself clean before getting dressed, and on shaky legs, joins the rest of the group.

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