Strict lessons after class

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The brazen heat of the omnipresent sun was scorching up the abandoned stretch of asphalt highway as a lone biker made his way through the desert terrain. The only relief he feels from the unrelenting sun is the quick speed and rapid velocity at which he rides his dust-covered Harley Hog down the highway. He is dressed in a studded black leather vest and tight denim blue jeans as the jolts of horsepower emanating from the powerful engine of his speeding motorbike vibrate through his long, thick beard and his desert-tanned muscular physique. Through his dark, dime-store sunglasses, he notices a signpost at the side of the road announcing the small town. He then begins to release the throttle of his dust-covered Harley Hog as he makes his way into town.

There he saw the attractive Asian woman in her early 40's with a beautiful mane of long black hair pinned back in a ponytail. The inquisitive young lady tilts her head to the side and stares intensely at the biker through her horn-rimmed glasses. The biker makes his way to the bar stool next to her. He recognized her. She had taught him in elementary school. But he was sure she didn’t recognize the boy who was all grown up now.

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He sits next to this beautiful vision of a woman. The biker catches the travelling bottle of beer with his firm right hand as he stares immodestly. The exotic beauty then extends her soft porcelain skinned hand to the biker and introduces herself as 'Lizzy '. She then tells him she is a primary school teacher and is here after a nasty break up with her husband.

Suddenly, the jovial and upbeat rockabilly sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat come blaring out of the old jukebox in the corner. Upon hearing the music, Michael asks Lizzy  if she would care to dance with him. Lizzy  graciously complies with his request as Michael raises her off the bar stool and embraces her delicate and firm body with his strong and agile hands. As the two begin to sway together on the dingy floor of the roadhouse, Lizzy  looks intensely into Michael's dark eyes as she impulsively strokes his bare chest through his black studded leather vest. Michael brings Lizzy  closer to him by grabbing hold of her firm round buttocks and pressing her against the constricted bulge coming from his tight denim jeans.

Enticed by this gesture, Lizzy  places a gentle hand on his firm bulge and bats her long beautiful eyelashes at him. As the music begins to subside, Michael places his mouth on Lizzy 's amorous lips and savours her passionate breath and glossy lipstick. Lizzy  then surrenders herself to Michael's kiss as their tongues become intertwined and she melts into his amorous embrace.

The couple eventually make their way to the billiards table where Michael instructs Lizzy  to bend over the edge of the table. With his strong and supple hands, he unzips the skirt of her business suit from behind and watches her kick the skirt to the corner of the room with her sexy stiletto high heels. Michael notices a small hole in Lizzy 's black mesh pantyhose just above her left thigh. He also notices she is not wearing any panties underneath her black mesh pantyhose. Michael then kneels before her and proceeds to rip at her stockings to expose her shapely ass and gorgeous pussy! Lizzy  then spreads her beautiful long legs for him as he submerses his face in between her thighs. She becomes extremely aroused by the feel of his thick beard against the soft skin of her upper thighs as he lovingly licks the entire length of her gorgeous tight pussy. Michael cups and spreads her shapely round ass as he inserts his tongue deep inside her pussy to savour her wonderful taste and wetness.

Just as she begins to moan with delight, Michael raises himself from in between Lizzy 's beautiful thighs and tells her to masturbate for him while he watches her. With her beautiful ass and pussy still bent over the billiards table, Lizzy  complies with Michael's naughty little request and rubs her swollen clitoris with her long and nimble fingers. As she experiences and savours the sensations coming from inside her, Lizzy  overhears Michael unloosening his studded leather belt and unzipping his tight denim jeans. She then tilts her head to the side to watch Michael stroke his big and thick cock while watching her from behind. She squeals and exhales deeply as she thrusts the two forefingers of her right hand deep inside her wet vagina. Unable to control his desire for her any longer, Michael kneels down before Lizzy  again and slides his wet and warm tongue into her tight asshole. Lizzy  loves the sensation of her lover doing this to her as she grabs the back of his head to make sure that he doesn't move from this spot.

As Michael voraciously licks and tongues Lizzy 's shapely ass, this sends Lizzy  over the top and she releases a powerful and thrusting orgasm all over his bearded face! It is truly a powerful climax that she has never ever experienced with another man before.

After the sensations coming from inside her vagina settle, Lizzy  raises herself onto the billiards table and removes the remainder of her clothing in a little strip tease for her lover. She becomes particularly keen when she rips off her torn stockings and kicks off her stiletto high heels at him. Michael too removes his clothing for Lizzy  to expose his firm muscular body and big hard erection. After both lovers fully undress for one another, Lizzy  then faces Michael while getting on all fours and begins to purr like a pussycat in heat. She amorously stares at Michael while licking her full lips and batting her long eyelashes through her horn-rimmed glasses as he slowly moves towards her. Michael then instructs Lizzy  to part her sensual full lips as he begins to insert the tip of his swollen cock deep inside her wet and warm mouth.

As Lizzy  graciously accepts Michael's cock into her mouth, she begins to look up at her lover from the billiards table while placing her gentle hands upon the hips of his manly physique. Lizzy  begins to glide her long and passionate tongue around the head of Michael's cock and tastes the pre-cum oozing from the tip. She savours the taste of her lover as she teasingly kisses his throbbing cock with swollen lips and continues to stare at him with her dark mysterious eyes. A satisfied grin stretches across Michael's bearded face as he thrusts his manhood deeper into Lizzy 's wet mouth. Lizzy  soon relaxes her lower jaw to take as much of Michael's thick cock as she can. Lizzy  then sucks him voraciously as slides her mouth up and down the long venous shaft of Michael's cock. Michael's abdominal muscles begin to tighten as he savours the quick rhythmic motions of Lizzy 's soft and gentle mouth around his cock.

As Lizzy 's mouth begins to fill up with her lover's semen, she then reaches over to Michael's firm buttocks with her nimble hands to insert a long index finger deep into his tight asshole. Michael grunts and moans uneasily as he knows he could burst into Lizzy 's mouth at any moment. He immediately withdraws his cock from Lizzy 's wet mouth and commands her to lie down on her back on top of the billiards table.

With Lizzy  lying comfortably on top on the billiards table, Michael grabs hold of Lizzy 's long shapely legs and pulls her gorgeous sweaty body towards him to position her buttocks at the edge of the table. Michael then lifts Lizzy 's legs and places them over her head as he enters her tight wet pussy with his big hard cock! Michael lovingly looks down at Lizzy 's sexy Brazilian wax as he shoves the entire length of his thick cock deep inside of her wet vagina. Lizzy  then bites down on her lower lip as she feels his hard pelvic thrusts against her buttocks. She loves the feel of Michael's thick cock rubbing against the back wall of her vagina as he thrusts himself deep inside of her with all of his might. The base of his cock rubs up against her swollen clitoris as Lizzy  begins to become overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensations coming from within her.

Lizzy  then squeals with delight as she tightens her vaginal muscles ready to cum all over Michael's big cock! Michael looks back at Lizzy  and is captivated by the ecstatic expression upon her face. He feels his cock begin to tingle and fill with semen as he is ready to expel a heavy load of cum deep inside of her. At once, Michael shoots his load deep inside Lizzy  as she explodes ecstatically all over his wet cock! Exhausted and overwhelmed by the powerful mutual orgasm they have experienced together, Michael hovers his tired and sweaty body over Lizzy 's as the two lovers roll around and kiss on top of the billiards table. 

He just fucked his teacher he always fantasized about and he couldn’t be happier.

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