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A Late Night Call: Chapter 1

Camilla and Antonio were enjoying a great time with their secretive relationship. They didn’t want anybody else to find out about what they were doing. Camilla trusted Antonio more than anyone else in the world. They fucked in various places. They even went on trips together and didn’t come out of the room for days as they would be fucking like maniacs. Well, their clandestine relationship was just a month old and they had fucked uncountable times within such a short time. Antonio and Camilla were addicted to each other’s bodies. And that was why; it was hard to separate them. 

One day, Antonio took Camilla to a friend’s house as there was nobody there to fuck. He had the keys to that house because he had taken several girls there to fuck. But, Antonio didn’t know one new thing about that room that his friend did intentionally to trap Antonio. There were hidden cameras installed everywhere in the room. And, everything that Antonio and Camilla did was recorded in those cameras. After a week of fucking in his friend’s house, Antonio received a WhatsApp message. His friend had sent their sex video clip to him. 

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It was the biggest shock Antonio had for a while. His heart stop beating he felt. He couldn’t believe what just happened. What would he tell Camilla? How would she react? His head was spinning like a top. He fell onto his bed and closed his eyes. He wasn’t feeling great. After that, he received a late-night call from that friend. “What the fuck is this, man?” Antonio said after receiving the call. “It’s nothing  compared to that I’m going to do if you don’t do things as I day.” His friend Xavier told. Antonio reluctantly said, “What do I have to do?” to which Xavier replied, “You don’t need to do anything. But, that slut you fuck daily will have to do me a favour.”

Cumming in her throat

“Shut the fuck up. She is not a cheap whore who will fuck with anyone.”

“Well, then I have to show this clip to her husband, Julian Alvares.”

“How do you know that?”

“I have found everything about that whore and her husband.”

“What does she have to do for you?”

“She has to fuck 7 men at one in a location that I will take her to.”

“Impossible, she will never do it.”

“She has to man; otherwise, I’m going to show this to her husband.”

“Why are you doing this, man? We were best friends.”

Cum pie in her throat

After that, Xavier explained his actions. “Look, I had taken a loan for my business. But, it didn’t work. I am in huge debt. They are the people from the mafia. That was why I was running away for a while. When I returned, I saw that clip of yours and I found a way to get rid of that debt that I had. I sent that clip to those people and they said that they would waive off my debt if they get to fuck her once. And, I promised them to bring her for them so that they could fuck her as long as they want.”

Antonio got enraged and said, “You should have contacted me before sending them that clip.” And, before Antonio could continue his rant, Xavier interrupted and said, “And, to inform you, those guys work for Mr Alavres.” It was the end of the conversation because Antonio hung up the call and went straight to Camilla to explain everything. 

The first reaction of Camilla was to slap Antonio. She knew that she was in a mess. It wasn’t much for Antonio because he didn’t have anything to lose. But, Camilla couldn’t afford to lose anything. That was why she reluctantly agreed to fuck all those men. It was the most humiliating thing for Camilla to do. But, she had to because otherwise, her entire life would be ruined. She just can’t live with that lavish lifestyle. She knew it.

So, Antonio contacted his friend Xavier to inform him that Camilla had agreed to do it. Xavier said, “I knew that this bitch is smart and she would do it.” Antonio asked about when they should come to meet Xavier. She said that they didn’t have to meet him. They can go to the port and they will find those men waiting for her. They should go there after 8 PM.

As agreed, Antonio and Camilla went to the port. They saw 7 men sitting around a table with each of them having a beer bottle in front of them. Camilla got out of the car. But, they signalled Antonio to get out of the car as well. They got into the ship and, started sailing. After 30 minutes, they stopped in the water. One man said, “Tie that bastard up and get this bitch naked. Clothes don’t suit a whore like her.”

So, Antonio was tied to a wooden platform watching those seven men surround Camilla as wild animals do to their prey. One of them grabbed her by her hair and made her kneel. After that, they started slapping her one by one. In no time, her cheeks were red and they had finger marks as well. After that one of the men started fucking her mouth vigorously. He was going deep inside her mouth. They were treating Camilla like a shit whore. Camilla was also gagging and she couldn’t take such a big dick. It was way bigger than what Antonio had. 

That man was penetrating deep inside her throat and they were all laughing and having fuck with each other. However, that man didn’t stop. Antonio that other men will take turns to fuck her throat. But, that man wasn’t giving her to anyone. He was grabbing her hair and banging her throat deep. Camilla was about to throw up and suddenly that man took his dick out to give her some breathing space to Camilla. Within a few seconds and after a few more slaps, he was back fucking her throat again. And, in no time, that man ejaculated inside Camilla’s throat. It was a surprise throatpie for her that Antonio didn’t even expect. Next, that man, made Camilla clean his dick with her throat and he also made Camilla swallow the load. 

After that, another man started fucking her mouth. But, this time, another man started to work on her pussy as well. Now, two men were playing with Camilla’s body. Within no time, the man who was playing with her pussy, started fucking it. They were not using condoms. Also, a third man joined them and started to fuck her ass. Camilla’s ass was very tight because she never let Antonio fuck it. Camilla was in pain when the dick went inside. But, suddenly the pain died and she started enjoying her ass getting fucked. But, the man who was fucking her ass had a different idea. He went to fetch a beer bottle and shoved it into Camilla’s ass. He stretched it completely and after that started to fist it. This time, Camilla couldn’t bear the pain and started to scream. 

They were hitting her in the ass and face and also fucking her mercilessly at the same time. It was a complete annihilation of Camilla's sexy body. They used it in every possible way. But, none of them ejaculated inside her ass or pussy. They all ejaculated in a wine glass and gave it to Camilla to drink. She had to do that even though she was reluctant. But, no energy was left in her body. It was well past midnight. Camilla was left almost senseless in the boat. They were almost reaching the port when they decided to fuck Camilla again. And, this time, they drenched her almost senseless body with their cum. They untied Antonio who went to pick up Camilla as she just couldn’t move anymore. After that, he cleaned her up and made her sit in the car. 

He drove her to a nice hotel where he made her bath. Antonio also gave the medicines that would improve the aches in her body. Camilla didn’t say a word during those times. When he made Camilla lie in the bed, she dozed off straight away. In the morning, she woke up and found that Antonio had brought breakfast for her. But, she didn’t eat it. Instead, she got ready to return to her house. 

Antonio drove her to the house and when she got out of the car, she asked for the keys to the car from Antonio. He sensed that something wrong was about to happen. In the evening, when he came to pick up Camilla, he found another driver waiting for her. When Camilla came, he asked, “What’s the matter?” and she replied, “It’s over. Go and find another job. I don’t want to see your face again. If I see you anywhere near my house again, I will call the police.” It was the worst thing that could have happened to Antonio. His life seemed to be over now. At that time, he felt that he was in love with Camilla. 

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