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Amy adjusted the straps of her backpack and tried to peek into the glass window of the office door. It was frosted, but she thought she could make out the sight of Roman sitting at the desk. She took a deep breath, readying herself, and knocked.

“Come in!” came Roman’s booming voice, and Amy pushed her way into the tiny room.

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“Amy!” Roman said, looking up from the stack of papers on his desk. “What can I do for you?” He spoke in that warm, down-to-earth way that Amy loved so much. 

Amy blushed. She wasn’t normally the type to be so forthright. She pushed her light brown hair back behind her ears, her blue eyes landing anywhere but Roman’s handsome face. She regretted coming down here at all. She was too awkward for this.

“Are you alright?” said the teaching assistant, standing up. He walked past Amy and closed the office door. His face looked equal parts worried and confused. “Here, sit down.”

Embarrassed, Amy took a seat on a chair in front of Roman’s desk. 

“I’m fine,” she said, smiling weakly. “I just wondered if I could ask you a couple of things about the essay due. If you have time. Sorry. I should have made an appointment.”

Roman raised his eyebrows. “Oh! Yes, yes. Of course. It’s fine.”

He shook it off. Amy was a college freshman. She was here to get class assistance, which was his job, after all. But he couldn’t help it – Amy was beautiful. She was so pretty and sweet, and he had a soft spot for shy girls like her. 

“So. . .” Amy said, pushing her notebook onto Roman’s desk. Her hand moved to the page. “I’m not sure I’m understanding this part correctly.” 

She began to underline a couple of lines on the page but paused when Roman’s hand brushed against hers.

“I’m sorry, it’s just – here, let me show you,” Roman said, smiling as he took the pen from Amy’s hand.

Amy cleared her throat. “Actually,” she began, “I’m not here for essay help.” The words poured out before she could stop them. She had been rehearsing this. 

Roman’s heart began pounding in his chest as his dark eyes shifted up to look into Amy’s. “Oh?” he said. 

Before Amy could manage an answer, the two of them were leaning into each other, their lips connecting. Both of them sighed as they kissed, like they had been waiting to do this for a long, long time. Amy pulled her shirt off over her head.

“Let me lock the door,” Roman said suddenly, pushing back his chair as he stood.

After he was sure the room was secure, he reached for Amy, pulling her up to standing. Their mouths met again, this time more deeply and passionately. 

“I’ve been wanting to do this all semester,” Amy said breathlessly, pulling away. “You’re just so. . . hot.”

Roman laughed, and looked down at Amy, who was now in just her bra and skirt. He wondered if she had worn this specifically for him. Come to think of it, he had never noticed her wearing a skirt in any of their classes before. 

“No, you’re gorgeous,” Roman said, moving his hands around Amy’s back to unhook her bra. Her small, perky breasts fell out of the lacy material, and Roman squeezed them together. He watched Amy’s face as he did so, her eyes looking eager and frantic. Her breath caught in her throat as Roman began to suck on her nipples, pulling them into his warm mouth. She loved the way it felt, his tongue rolling across the sensitive peaks.

“Roman,” she breathed, holding the back of his head. “That feels. . . ahhh. . .”

“Get on my desk.” Roman took Amy by the waist and guided her to it. He quickly pushed the stack of papers off the surface. “Spread your legs.” Roman pulled her panties off of her.

Amy couldn’t believe this was happening. She looked down to watch this hot TA, the one she had been crushing on for weeks and weeks, bury his sexy, bearded face in her pussy. With her skirt bunched up around her waist and her legs spread open, Roman had full access to her. His tongue felt amazing against her smooth, shaved pussy. He started by pressing it into her hole, tasting her, before moving up to land on her clit. 

He went slowly at first, dragging it back and forth gently, but applied more pressure little by little. He loved the noises Amy made as he ate her pussy – her adorable, shuddering sighs, and her soft moans – and he wished they had been doing this all semester.

“Roman!” Amy whimpered, grabbing his sandy brown hair. “That’s gonna make me –”

“Mmhhhm,” Roman moaned encouragingly between her legs. He wanted nothing more than to have Amy cum for him. It was something he had fantasized about many times during the semester. Never did he think it would be anything other than a fantasy.

When Amy came, her thighs pressed down slightly on either side of Roman’s head, and she began shaking uncontrollably. It was just as sexy as Roman had imagined it to be. His tongue continued working her clit the entire time she was cumming.

“Oh my god,” Amy said, finally steadying herself as Roman got up from between her legs. “You’re amazing.”

Her eyes were big as they looked at Roman. Outside, a couple of students were chattering as they walked by the office, making both Amy and Roman jerk their heads toward the door.

“I hope you won’t get in trouble for this,” Amy said, suddenly panicked.

Roman brushed his hand against her cheek. “No one has to find out.”

Amy felt another surge of adrenaline. Hearing Roman talk like that to her was thrilling and turned her on. She dropped to her knees on the office floor and undid Roman’s belt. She kept looking up at Roman with those pretty eyes, her face framed by her hair, and Roman’s breathing got faster. 

“Holy shit, Amy,” Roman groaned, his eyebrows bunching together that first moment that Amy lowered her mouth onto his cock. She went right to work on it, sliding her lips up and down in a steady rhythm. “That feels incredible.”

Amy was glad to hear that. She hadn’t given head to too many guys before, and she was worried it wouldn’t feel good for Roman. But she loved hearing him panting and sighing as she sucked his cock, and when he brushed the hair out of her face, Amy’s pussy throbbed. How was he so perfect?

“Let me fuck you on this desk?” asked Roman, taking Amy’s face in each hand and looking down at her.

Amy all but scrambled up to standing as she took a seat close to the edge of Roman’s desk. She was shaking with anticipation and watched as Roman took his cock in his hand and guided it into Amy’s pussy. They both looked down to see it slide inside, inch by thick inch.

“God, you’re so tight and wet,” hissed Roman, taking a sharp inhale once he was in all the way. With Amy bracing herself on the desk, Roman began to thrust into her, taking his time.

Amy could hardly keep upright. Roman’s cock was unlike any other cock she had had before, and he knew what to do with it. He thrust into her pussy at just the right speed and angle, making Amy dizzy. Her shoulders hunched forward as she shivered, trying her best to keep quiet. She didn’t want anyone to catch them.

“Holy shittttt,” she moaned, reaching up to wrap her arm around Roman’s neck as he leaned over her a little more. His cock slid into her wet pussy even deeper, somehow, and he began to pump his hips faster.

“I’m about to cum, Amy,” panted Roman. “Do you want it in your pussy?”

Amy nodded rapidly. “Yes. Cum for me, Roman.”

Hearing those words from Amy’s mouth sent Roman over the edge. With Amy’s hand holding onto him, he pushed his cock into her one last time before filling her up with his cum. They moaned together, both of them shaking, as he came.

When he pulled away, Amy was the first one to speak, which surprised even herself.

“You fuck me so good.”

Roman was still catching his breath and picking up Amy’s panties off the floor, but he paused when he heard her say that. “Goddamn. I love hearing that from you. You’re amazing, Amy.”

He stepped forward and kissed her one last time, before realizing what time it was. He had class in ten minutes. Amy noticed him looking at his watch and got busy redressing.

“I’ll let you get to it,” she said, smiling as she tossed her backpack on. 

Just as her hand reached for the doorknob, Roman called out from behind her – “Amy? Let me know if you want another study session again.”

Amy turned to look at him. “Okay. I’m sure I will.” She smiled at him mischievously and left the office.

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