Truth or dare game turns into sex

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Do you know how important it is for a teenager in high school when parents leave for whatever reason and the house is all alone for you? That is the biggest chance you get to get big, you can throw a bug party and become popular, you can invite your crush over and maybe try to get into a relationship with them.

But in my case, I didn't want to do anything big, I just wanted to relax with my closest friends: Amy, Dustin, and Omar. I had a crush on Omar for quite a while, he is this sexy Latin guy who can make girls get clumsy around him quite easily. 

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Amy has advised me to do things with him, but I don't want to ruin our relationship, maybe I care too much about him. I didn't plan this gathering to be around it, but I was very nervous knowing he was coming over. Amy and Dustin have been in a relationship since forever, so there was a pressure in the air. 

After they arrived we all settled in the living room, just chatting and chilling until Amy said she wanted to play a little truth or dare game. Dustin, who was lying next to her immediately said yes, so I looked at Omar and he shrugged. 

"Alright, I'll ask first," Amy said, smiling cheekily. "Omar, truth or dare?"


"Is it the truth that you haven't hooked up with anyone ever since you were transferred to our school?"

Omar seemed a little embarrassed, we all looked at him, "it Is true," he finally answered. "Alright, my turn," and then he said my name and I freaked out a little, "Jess, truth or dare?"

I hesitated for a moment, "Truth."

He smirked at me, "Is it truth that you have thrown up on other people?"

"Oh my gosh! Who told you that?" I said right away and everyone laughed. 

"You have to answer!" he told me smiling, and I looked back at him, serious expression, but with eyes locked on him. 

"Okay, yes, it is true." Then I looked at Amy, "You... truth or dare?"

"Truth, I've got nothing to hide."

"Is it true you have slept with a lot of boys?" I asked right away and her jaw dropped. 

"You bitch," she said with a smirk. 

"What? Is it true?" Dustin asked her. 

"Depends on how many you consider to be a lot," she laughed. 

We continued to ask each other silly questions and picking truth or dare, so far nobody had picked dare until questions got very personal. It was Dustin's turn, and he asked Omar, he picked dare. 

"I dare you to make out with Jess," he said and I blushed so hard I could feel the heat on my face. 

"Hey, but that includes me," I said and he ignored me. Omar smirked at Dustin, and then he came closer to me and kissed me, tongue included. I couldn't resist it; I kissed him back and it was so good. 

His tongue felt so nice, the way he held me against his body, I was mind-blown. Then, after our lips separated I looked at Amy and she was all excited. "I guess is mu turn now, truth or dare Amy?"

"Dare!" she said right away.

I looked at Omar, and he was staring at me, "Making them make out is way too easy, right?"

"Definitely," he replied. 

"Alright, Amy, I dare you to suck Dustin's cock, right here, right now," I told her, and they all snapped their eyes open. 

"What? Are you serious?" Dustin said right away. 

"Hell, I am, so, are you going to do it or will you chicken out?"

Amy then pulled out her daring look, I knew she was up for it, "Chicken? Me? Do you even know me? Dustin, get your ass over here, now."

"You can't be serious," he kept repeating, but then Amy gave him a severe look and he complied. 

"Wow, is this really happening?" Omar commented as Dustin positioned himself next to Amy, and she proceeded to lower his fly. Honestly, knowing how Amy is with challenges, I knew she would do it, but I through Dustin would stop her, although, it didn't happen. 

Amy pulled out Dustin's cock and took off her shirt, exposing her tits for him. We all saw her and my jaw dropped when I saw his size and the way he toyed with her tits. His cock got rock hard in front of our eyes, and it was impressive how big it got. 

Amy then lowered her head and began sucking on his head as if it was a popsicle and the sounds he made were so sexy. Just looking at them getting incredibly horny made me get a little hot inside. Omar was frozen in place, watching the whole thing, I don't blame him, I couldn't take my eyes off of them either. 

Suddenly she stooped, "How long should I suck his cock? I could go on forever..."

"Uhm... you can stop now if you want to," I said nervously, she sat up straight and stared at me. 

"Well then, truth or dare, Jess?"

"Dare," I replied without thinking, feeling incredibly horny. 

"Suck on Omar," she said. I blushed like hell, and then he sat next to me. 

I looked at him, and he seemed to be already hard, then I looked at Amy, "I hate you."

I wasn't expecting my first intimate moment with Omar to be like this but, I felt so turned on that I didn't refuse. I took off my shirt, then pulled up my bra and allowed him to suck on my nipples while I stroke his cock over his jeans. "I'm not very experienced at this," I told him. 

"It's okay, I'll help you," he said to me, then he lowered his fly and I positioned myself on the floor, between his legs. 

I opened my mouth and lowered my head to take his head, "Watch for the teeth," he said. His head was particularly round, similar to Dustin's but a little bigger, then his shaft, just knowing how big it looked I doubted it would fit my mouth. I moved my head to the point I felt my mouth full, and I wasn't even halfway on his cock. 

Omar grunted, and then I looked through the corner of my eye and Amy was sucking Dustin again. I looked up at Omar seeking for his approval and he said I was doing fine. I've only seen these things happen in porn, never in real life, and it was happening to me. 

I kept on sucking Omar, focused on pleasing him, on making him feel good when suddenly I felt a pair of hands lifting my skirt and pulling down my panties. I looked behind me and Amy was there, smirking at me. Then she sank her face between my buttock and I felt her tongue moving all around me, it felt incredibly good. Dustin was jerking off next to Omar, encouraging Amy to lick my entrance and my clit. 

I was burning inside. I continued to suck on Omar and then Amy straddled Dustin and impaled herself on him. She started riding him slowly but their moans were so hot they encouraged me to get on the couch, raise my ass and let Omar fuck me from behind. He got the hint and as soon as he positioned himself behind me, he entered me in a single thrust. I moaned out load feeling his cock stretching my walls as it slid inside, it was the most delicious thing I ever felt.

Suddenly Amy leaned towards me and started kissing me while Omar fucked me slowly and deep. I was so turned on I let myself flow with everything, and I loved every second of it. Omar reached between my legs to circle my clit, and I completely lost myself. It felt so good to feel him inside me and his hands pleasing me that I lost control and started trembling beneath him, I never had an orgasm so intense as that one. 

Amy started cheering and then, she pulled Dustin out and started making out with Omar. I looked at Dustin, and he seemed to be ready for me, so I sucked his dick, tasted Amy straight from his cock and then straddled him. Then I looked at Amy for her approval, she nodded, and I knew everything would be fine. Seeing Omar's big cock entering Amy was incredibly sexy. I felt Dustin's hands gripping my hips and moving beneath me as I coated him entirely with my cream. 

I never expected that night to be what it turned out to be, I don't regret it at all. Omar and I started dating after that, that night broke the ice between us, and it certainly brought me closer to my bestie Amy. Now, whenever our parents are away, we always get together, knowing our kind of fun will be different from the one our classmates are used to.

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