My anal addiction 

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When Travis and I broke up, I got on Tinder straightaway. Isn’t that what they tell you to do – go get a rebound or something? To be honest, I was just completely horny, all the time. Travis had had such a busy work schedule, that we rarely had time to sit down for dinner with each other, let alone have sex. When we did, it barely scratched the itch that I had. It was always standard missionary sex that lasted four minutes tops. I wanted more. 

Plus, he never wanted to try anal! I had done anal with my previous boyfriend and had become addicted, so it was a huge bummer to be in a relationship with someone who adamantly opposed it. It was something I needed in the bedroom, and I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t love it just as much as I did.

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Never again!

My first Tinder date was Scott. I had told him pretty early on how into anal I was, and he nearly spit out his drink. His eyes got wide, and I knew he was on board. We went back to his place that same night (I think it was our third date).

We headed up to his bedroom and began making out on his bed. He made me cum twice, and I gave him head, but I knew we both wanted to get to the best part of the evening. I guess we had anal on the brain.

He took a big helping of the lube and slid it across my asshole, pressing his thumb inside. I was on my hands and knees, and I couldn’t help but arch my back as he did so. The lube was cold and wet, but it felt amazing and helped his finger slide so smoothly into me. He fingered my asshole for a little bit, stretching me out, until I finally I turned around to look at him.

“Fuck my ass?” I asked. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was so ready to go. 

Scott pressed his cock slowly into my ass, as his hands gripped my waist. I tossed my head back as he fucked me, going faster and faster. I’m sure my neighbors could hear me – I was practically screaming. He felt so good and big, his cock really filling me up as much as I could take.

“Fuck, your ass feels amazing,” Scott moaned. 

I touched my clit as he fucked my ass, making myself cum even harder than the orgasms I had had earlier in the night. My whole body shook, and seconds later, Scott was shooting his load too. 

“Holy shit,” he said afterward, collapsing onto the bed with me. He looked over at my face and the smile I was wearing. “You’re incredible.”

I liked Scott, but I wanted to see what else was out there for me. So I got back on Tinder and continued my search. That was when I came across Jim. Jim was tall and lanky, and I just knew he was going to have a huge cock. 

We ended up hooking up on our first date, when I invited him back to my place after the bar. We barely came through the door before we started tearing off each other’s clothes. The sexual energy between us was tense, and we moved fast.

“What do you think about anal?” I said roughly into his ear, as I got into his lap on my couch. I pulled away to look at his face, and his eyes got big. I smiled. It reminded me of when Scott had found out I loved anal. He was so excited.

I took his hand led him into my bedroom. He got on top of me and began to kiss me from top to bottom, stopping when he got to my ass.

“Oh fuck,” I whimpered, his tongue feeling amazing against my asshole. I made myself cum while he ate my ass, and Jim loved it. He moaned as I came, his mouth working harder and harder. His enthusiasm was so hot. 

When he sat up, his cock was already throbbing hard, and we were just getting started! 

With Jim, it was a little rougher, and I loved it. I got onto my back, pulled my legs back, and watched as Jim slowly slid his cock into me. His cock was both thicker and longer than Scott’s was.  

“You can go faster,” I told him, looking into his eyes as he fucked me. 

That was all he needed – he started pounding my ass in deep, long strokes that felt so mind-blowingly amazing that I had to pull the pillow onto my face to cover my sounds.

Jim came inside my ass, and it was the biggest load ever. He seemed to never stop cumming.

“Wow, were you saving that up?” I laughed, as he pulled out from my asshole. I could feel the cum leaking out of me. 

He smiled, and his face was sweaty from how hard he had just fucked me.

I was going to miss Jim’s big loads of cum, but then Carson came into the picture.

Carson was as big of an anal lover as I was. Right off the bat, he was ass fucking me multiple times a week, so I was in heaven. We would have anal before bed, where I’d take a load of his cum, and then in the morning, we’d be right back at it. 

I kept Carson around for a long time. About a month into seeing each other, we went to a sex shop after a date. It was a spontaneous decision, but a fun one nonetheless. We bought a couple of toys for us to try out, and we rushed back to his place.

“Are these too big?”
I looked over to see Carson holding up a string of thick black anal beads. 

I shook my head. “No way. Let’s try it out.” I ran my hands across the beads – the silicone was silky and smooth. I couldn’t wait to see what they felt like.

I got on my stomach as Carson lubed up my asshole. I sighed blissfully and he rubbed the thick gel across my ass and then moved on to do the same with each big anal bead.

“Pop them in, babe,” I said, feeling ready to go. 

Anal beads became my new favorite thing that night – each time one of the beads got buried into my asshole, the sensations were amazing and made stars appear before my eyes. I could barely move without them shifting and sending chills up my spine. 

Even pulling them out felt amazing. I moaned and had to bite down on the edge of my blanket as Carson popped out each anal bead. I was a writhing, wet mess – the anal beads had made my pussy soaked.

“What about this?” said Carson, and he reached out to show me the stainless steel butt plug he was holding. I had used butt plugs before, but none this size.

“Yes please!” I whimpered, giving my ass a little shake.

Carson grinned and pressed the cold tip of the butt plug against my ass before pressing it inside. It went in easily after the anal beads had stretched me out.

“Fuck, I want that pussy while you have the plug in,” Carson said, his voice growling as he took the base of the plug and began moving it slowly back and forth.

“Do it, baby,” I said, excited for the best of both worlds.

Carson’s cock slid into my wet pussy as I lay on my stomach, and it felt so much more tight and intense with the butt plug buried in my ass. I came twice in the span of just a few minutes, which had never happened before. 

“Baby!” I moaned, writhing around underneath him, as my second orgasm left me weak and reeling. “Fuuuuck. . .” I could barely form sentences.

Carson came in my pussy, but we left the butt plug in long after he was finished. We went about the rest of our night with it inside me, and I think it turned Carson on just as much as it did me. When we got ready for bed, he pulled it out from me and replaced it with his cock.

I loved how it felt – my asshole was stretched out and thoroughly-used. Carson pulled my ass cheeks apart as he fucked me, allowing himself to go in my asshole even deeper.

Minutes later, he was cumming for the second time that day, filling my ass with cum before bed.

I know what you’re thinking – I should probably stop bouncing around from guy to guy, but I’m having too much fun. Tinder has been a goldmine for me and my hunt for anal satisfaction. I’m officially an anal addict, and I think I’m turning all the guys I meet into anal addicts, too. . . 

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