Anal destruction by punishment

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Jessica seemed worried as Ryan rushed to the office after receiving a call from their boss Tyler. She knew that something bad might be happening to them. She just didn’t know what that was. Ryan never told anything about his work in the office even though they worked at the same office. They never allowed work to come in between their relationship. But, now, things have changed since Tyler took over from his father, William. 

After an hour had passed since Ryan left home for the office, Jessica decided to give him a call. But, to her dismay, Ryan’s phone was switched off. She started to panic. She wanted to know badly what has happened to Ryan. She sat on the couch and opened a bottle of whisky and started drinking. She had finished almost half of that bottle but still, she felt the unrest in her mind. So, she made a decision. If something wrong was about to happen to Ryan, she had to be beside him. So, she got out of the room, took the car from the garage, and started driving to her and Ryan’s office. 

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The Prestige

“Why did you do this?” Tyler asked Ryan who held his head down. He wasn’t speaking at all. After constant questioning from the cop, Robert, and his boss, Tyler, he said, “I don’t know who that money came to my drawer. I have no idea. I would never steal from your company.” Tyler got angry and slapped Ryan and said, “I can see what you can do Ryan. It is time for you to go behind the bars.” Tyler asked Robert to take Ryan to the police station and start the necessary procedure to punish him. 

Robert put the handcuff on Ryan and suddenly, Jessica appears. She looked worried and now, seeing Ryan being handcuffed behind his back made her worry a reality. She knew that something bad was happening to Ryan and that was why she rushed to check on her husband. Jessica asked, “What happened? What did my husband do?” Tyler replied with a stern voice, “Your husband is a thief. He stole my money and now he will get punished.” Jessica adamantly said, “No, he can’t do anything like that. My husband is a good man. You are making a big mistake.”

Robert interrupted her and said, “We caught your husband red-handed and that is why he is having handcuffs in his hand.” Jessica said, “I don’t believe this. Ryan, did you do this?” She was staring right into Ryan’s eyes and Ryan looked down because he did commit the crime. Tyler said, “Now, you know what your husband did. So, step aside so that we can punish him in a way that any of my other employees will think a thousand times before doing anything like this.”

Jessica was shocked. Words weren’t coming out of her mouth. She was so shocked that she couldn’t even move. Now, somehow Jessica gathered herself because she knew that her husband’s safety is more important to her than anything else. So, she said, “Is there any way that we can settle this without taking things legal?” Tyler looked at Robert and then at Ryan with a disdained looked and said, “You want a settlement?” Jessica said, “I think I’ve explained myself in simple English. Now, just tell me what you want?”

Tyler said, “I want to fuck you.” Robert intervened and said, “Woo, wait a minute, what about me? I want to fuck her too.” Then Tyler said, “Well, we will fuck together.” Ryan was fuming. He said, “Don’t do this Jess, please, let me go to the prison. Please don’t do this.” Jessica was just staring at Ryan and listening to the demands of Tyler and Robert. She didn’t say anything. Tyler and Robert said, “We will let you think about it for the night. For the time being, your husband will be in jail.” They dragged Ryan to the police car and drove away. 

Jessica looked outside the window to watch Tyler and Robert take Ryan to the police station. She was still in disbelieve that Ryan can do something like this. She remembered that a few hours ago, she was having the best time of her life and now, everything just came crashing down. She got out of the office and got into her car and drove back to her house. She had a decision to make. Will she let other men fuck her to get Ryan out of jail or she will keep the sanctity of their relationship? The decision was going to be massive and she had to make it quickly. 

The Decision

Jessica came to the police station and saw that Ryan was beaten up badly last night by Robert. She was straight to Robert’s desk and asked, “Why did you do that?” Robert replied, “To help you make your mind up.” Jessica was fuming. She said, “I have already made my mind up. I will have sex with you and Tyler but my husband should be released and there shouldn’t be a scratch in his body anymore.” Robert said, “Don’t worry; your husband will be just fine. And, he has to be fine because he will watch us decimate you. He will be a cuckold. That will be his punishment and yours will be that we will destroy your ass.”

The Brutal Anal Punishment

Robert informed Tyler of the decision of Jessica so; they decided to meet at night at Tyler’s office. Jessica didn’t leave the office as she told her colleagues that she had some extra work that she needs to complete as Ryan went on an office trip. Around midnight, Tyler and Robert came to the office with Ryan in a wheelchair. Ryan’s hands were tied behind the back and he was also chained to that wheelchair so that he cannot move when they fuck his wife. Ryan had bruises all over his face because of a beating from Robert. 

Robert and Tyler started drinking. They also took drugs and now, they lost their senses. They splashed water on the face of Ryan to wake him up and made Jessica wear a slutty dress. When Ryan opened his eyes, he saw that Jessica was on her knees sucking Tyler’s cock. Robert said, “Look at your wife, you fucking piece of shit. We will make her a whore tonight.” Ryan pleaded, “Don’t do this, Jess.”  Jessica looked at Ryan as tears started flowing from her eyes and said, “I have no other option.”

Robert went up to Jessica and said to Tyler, “Why are you letting this bitch speak? Shut her up with your dick.  If you can’t, let me do it.” Tyler stepped aside and then Robert started to fuck Jessica’s mouth. He was going deep inside his throat and she was gagging badly. But, they were not in any mood to stop. They made her lie on the couch and Tyler started eating her pussy and Robert continued fucking her mouth. He was also slapping her face at every opportunity and abusing her in every possible way. 

After a while, Robert started to lick Jessica’s ass and Tyler went to fuck her throat. They made Jessica look at Ryan as they fucked her throat. Ryan felt the most helpless in his entire life. Now, it was time to fuck her ass. They decided to stretch her ass. Robert made Jessica lie on top of him and Tyler went on top of her. They both entered her ass and started fucking it. Now, Jessica was screaming at the top of her voice. She just couldn’t take that pain. 

Tyler said, “Why are you screaming bitch? I heard that you wanted to get fucked in your ass and this moron couldn’t do that. Now, let us give you a taste of what it’s like to get fucked in the ass.” Ryan was surprised, “How did they know that?” Jessica was shocked too but wasn’t in the situation to think about anything other than the pain she was receiving. After a while, they both came inside her ass. It was the most brutal anal punishment that any woman can get because later that night, they also inserted a baseball bat inside her ass. In the morning, she was unable to walk. So, Tyler and Robert decided to take both of them to their house before anyone else come to the office. 

What’s Next

When Robert and Tyler dropped Jessica and Ryan at their house, Tyler dropped a letter to Jessica and Ryan explaining what will happen next. When Jessica and Ryan got back to their senses, they found that letter where Tyler wrote:

“I will not take any legal action against Ryan and both of you will get your jobs back. But, under one condition; you two will do everything that I command. If you agree to this, then sign this letter and bring it to me in my office. Otherwise, you two will be fired from this law firm immediately.”

Jessica and Ryan looked at each other because they know that tougher times will be in front of them. They held each other’s arms because Ryan knew what Jessica did for him was very difficult for a devoted wife like her to do. He promised Jessica that although tougher times are coming for them, they will stay strong and fight together.

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