Anal drama queen

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‘Spice things up’

‘Do something new in bed’

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‘Surprise him’

‘Make him come wanting for more’

“But how?" she pondered in her head. After her husband lost all interest in her, she had been reading articles and other materials about how to salvage her marriage. She had read all morning, but she was still where she had started. Given that they were high school sweethearts, how could she spice things up or do anything that they hadn’t done before?

She felt discouraged, wondering, "What can I do now? He's been fucking me for the past ten years; how can I make it feel like something new and intriguing again?”. Thoughts like, "Buy myself a new vagina that he'd like to fuck again for the next decade?" caused her to giggle, despite her frustration.

It dawned on her at that moment. Despite only having one vagina, she did have two holes. She also wanted to try the second hole this time in an effort to save her failing marriage. But she had to conduct her thorough research first, which she was doing at the moment.

She had plenty of time to get ready as her husband had been gone for three days.

She was ready for her husband's return on the scheduled day. Just the day before, she had gotten a full body wax, cleaned herself, and even applied body lotion, the aroma of which used to drive him crazy when they were younger. After that, she eagerly awaited for him to get home.

When the main door finally opened, she hurriedly ran for cover. All of the house's lights had been purposefully turned off by her, creating a seductive atmosphere.

“Laura?”, he called out as he entered, “Why are all the lights off?”

This was her cue to begin, so she leapt on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck as if he were giving her a piggyback ride. He flung his arms back to grasp her as the beautiful jasmine aroma washed over him, and that's when he realized she wasn't wearing anything. He stroked his hand slowly around her thigh towards her hips, her skin so soft under his hand. He gripped her hips and pushed them; they were plumper than when he first touched them.

"Oh, I see you're not in a rush to take my virginity, which is why we're still here and not in the bedroom," she said in his ear.

"Your virginity?" he inquired, seeming delighted.

"You know I still have a hole you haven't explored yet," she finished her sentence by biting his ear. And she wrapped her legs even more around him.

Her remarks were enough to elicit an erection, and a very powerful one at that. He still loved her as much as he had when they were young, but he, like her, felt that their sexual life had become a little too monotonous for them now, and he was concerned about it. He used to believe that his cock could no longer satisfy his wife since she had grown accustomed to it.

He hurried to their bedroom, shut the door behind him, turned away from the bed, and slowly let her go. She dropped down on her knees and threw her ass up as his body slowly slid off of his back and onto the bed. Her back arched, and she lowered her head. Harry's dick leaped with delight at the sight of her squatting like this with her legs slightly apart. He immediately shifted out of his clothing before joining her on the bed. making circles with the tip of his stiff cock while delicately pressing it on her asshole. The tables had turned already and it was now his turn to tease.Her clit, which was wet, indicated that she was thoroughly enjoying herself when he slid his arm across her and grabbed hold of it. He massaged it as he carefully slid his cock inside her from the back.

They both groaned at the same time. For the two of them, this was a brand-new experience, and they both found it to be fascinating. Even while pushing from behind her, he continued to play with her pussy.The way he played with her pussy was great, and although he continued to make circles with his middle finger, which is nothing new, there was something different about it today. Perhaps it was the fact that a large, warm cock had been pounding in her ass the entire time. She could feel a wave coming up her legs toward her vagina, her body tensing, and her legs shaking. It appears that he could feel all of this in her as well because he has since increased the pressure with which he was stroking her vagina and the speed of his thrusts. Both of them were aware that she was about to attain her climax.

Her legs shook like a dry leaf in the wind as she came, and her body stiffened with pleasure. She let out a loud, high-pitched moan. She couldn't tell if her heart or her ass was throbbing more intensely; perhaps it was her ass this time because Harry was enjoying the sensation around his cock She attempted to grab his hand to get it out of her crotch but found it impossible to move. She was about to have her second orgasm when he finally burst, she felt his warm sperm flooding her asshole and heard his grunts.

They came together this time as a result of his rubbing hand slowing down, which for some reason made her even more seductive. Their screams and groans blended into a lovely melody. Their bodies were pulsing against one another, hardening before becoming incredibly floppy. After that, they were panting and out of breath. She whimpered in reaction as Harry gave her a firm smack on the hips and slid his powerful cock out of her ass.

She had never been the ticklish kind, but right now she was enjoying how even the streaming cum was stimulating her. The cum was leaking from her ass and she could feel it drip down her thighs. She was on top of him as he collapsed, his back against the bed, because he had turned her around and hugged her. He held her in a tight embrace and right now he was just as attractive as she had always remembered him to be, if not more so. In contrast to her shy personality, his strong arms felt so overpowering. 

“Did you enjoy it?”, he asked.

“Oh we’ll have to do it a couple of times more to know that”, she had replied with a mischievous look on her face that made her look even prettier. She could feel a slight throb below her, from her husband’s flaccid cock. She found it amusing to witness how his body responded to her remarks today. She wiggled a little to rub against his cock and he let out a cry, like always he was too sensitive down there after the orgasm.

“You’ve become too naughty while I was away”, he said as he shifted her from above him to his side.

“And you love it, don’t you?”, she said, reaching for his cock but her hand was caught midway by him.

“Oh we’ll have to do it a couple of times more to know that”, he mimicked her.

There was silence between them for some while when she finally spoke up again, “You’re not going to leave me now are you?”

The question was strange for Harry because he had never thought once about leaving her.

They discovered that night how much they both loved one another in addition to discovering this new spark in their sexual lives.

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