Pleasurable anal lesson

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She had always had a thing for her biology teacher, Mr. Iglesias, who was Italian.

"The human semen is made up of up to 70% fructose", he said as she was busy inspecting him from head to toe.

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She asked herself, 'Fructose? Isn't that a kind of sugar?'

She raised her hand at this idea.

Mr. Iglesias paused, "Yes Zoe?"

"If it's 70% fructose why does it taste salty?" she asked.

She hesitated for a moment to consider what she had just said, then attempted to clarify her error, "I-I mean why do people claim it tastes salty?" 

However, it was too late for her to change her blunder at this point as she could hear a few chuckles from all sides.

“Because taste receptors are located on the tongue's tip rather than the back of the throat”, Mr. Iglesias responded to the question with astonishment.

Zoe fell into her chair feeling embarrassed as the class burst out laughing. She was eager for this class to end. The marked assignments were to be returned at the conclusion, and she was thrilled to receive hers back with an A+ on it. After the bell rang, she planned to remain behind to thank Mr. Iglesias and to apologize for today's awkward question. The moment the bell rang, the classroom immediately became empty. She moved over to Mr. Iglesias' desk and paused.

“Yes Zoe?”

“I wanted to thank you Mr. Iglesias. You’re such a good teacher that’s why I always get good grades in your class. And I wanted to apologize for it.”

“You’re welcome and it’s okay Zoe”, he cut her off.

There was silence between the two then he continued, “But now I have a question for you, have you ever had a boy finish in your mouth Zoe?”

“Mr.Iglesias!”, Zoe blushed as an image of her sucking his cock flooded her mind.

“Yeah I liked it. It was fun to feel the warm cum in my mouth”, her words were enough to bring Mr.Iglesias’ dick to life. He stood up and walked around his desk to stand in front of Zoe

“Would you like to have some fun now?”

When Zoe comprehended what was going to happen, she gaped at her teacher while looking up, wide-eyed. As the bulge in his pants grew, she bent her head and fixed her gaze on it. She took the engorged cock out of his pants by unzipping the pants.

“Oh Mr. Iglesias! I was wrong about how large you were. You’re way bigger than I had imagined”

She put the enormous, nearly fully-erected cock in her mouth. She carefully moved her tongue up and down while creating a tight seal with her lips around his shaft. She was also using her tongue to massage the powerful cock throughout this time. She was even more excited when she felt Mr. Iglesias push his cock further than any boy had ever been able to.

 "Time for me to enjoy the taste of you now, little lady," Mr. Iglesias stated as he withdrew his cock from her mouth after a significant amount of sucking. He told Zoe to bend over my desk and take her shorts down.

Zoe followed instructions and pulled her shorts down to her knees while sticking her ass up in the air. She grabbed her ass cheeks with a backwards reach. She revealed her pussy and her asshole for her favorite teacher by sparing her legs a little and splitting her butt cheeks.

“You’re definitely not a shy girl”, Mr. Iglesias smirked.

He sat down in his chair, put his hands on Zoe's thighs' backs, and started softly licking her hot pussy. Her sweet, girlish groans caused his dick to jump in excitement. Now that he had located her clit, he was putting all of his attention on her tiny pink bud. He tightened his hold on her legs as she started to wriggle. He decided to lick her asshole as well after noticing that she was relaxing and squeezing it. He circled her little anal entrance with his tongue.

He abruptly came to a stop, reaching inside his back pocket. Zoe tried to get up too but was stopped by Mr. Iglesias’ hand pushing on her back. He grabbed his wallet and took a condom out of it. He placed it on and started tapping Zoe's moist, dripping clit with his powerful dick. Then he crept carefully inside her wet pussy. The tightness of her pussy gave away that she had very little experience . He repeatedly slipped in and out of her pussy, making her squeal louder and louder each time. When he abruptly withdrew, Zoe was confused, but she later understood that he had just done so to delay his climax. He applied pressure to the base of his shaft to prevent cumming. He was going to re-enter her when Zoe's words abruptly took him off guard,

“Put it up my ass”

As he removed the condom and threw it away, Mr. Iglesias grinned. He pulled some lotion out of the desk drawer and applied it to his hands. He turned around and returned to the desk, where Zoe was waiting. He massaged the lotion into her butthole by squeezing his hand between her hips. He inserted a finger inside after sensing that his touch was making her body stiff. The finger on Zoe's ass was securely clamped by her ass. Mr. Iglesias felt like his dick was getting harder than it had ever been before. 

“I don’t want your finger, I want that huge dick in my ass please?”, Zoe said with a pout.

Mr. Iglesias placed the tip of his dick against her butt hole and pushed gently.

“Oh yes Mr. Iglesias, shove it in my ass! Fuck me in the butt!”, she moaned as she felt his dick force its way up her snug hole.

 About halfway in her ass, he stopped to take it all in. However, Zoe wanted everything at once because she was an impatient young lady. She pushed, which allowed his big dick to enter all the way up her ass. When she did, Mr. Iglesias had to hastily cover her mouth because she let out a loud shriek. She then kept pushing and pulling away until Mr. Iglesias put his hands on her hips and took control. She cried out in pleasure as he began to slide in and out with large, steady strokes. Now  he had reached out and grabbed hold of her tits. They weren't as big or fat as he was used to, but he was more attracted to them than he had anticipated. Now, he was thrusting her deeply and slowly. While attempting to maintain balance with her free arm, Zoe reached in between her legs to vigorously stroke her clit. She was going wild because she could feel his enormous balls pounding into her hips.

When Zoe began to orgasm, Mr. Iglesias felt her buck, and he was unable to control his eruption any longer. Zoe knelt to accept his seed as he swiftly pulled his cock out. She shut her eyes and eagerly opened her mouth. He aimed his dick towards her mouth and yanked at it, the semen shot all over her tongue and some even managed to land on her cheeks and chin. She held the thick fluid in her mouth for a while to enjoy the taste before she swallowed.

“It still didn’t taste sweet Mr. Iglesias”, she joked as she licked the remaining cum from his throbbing dick.

“I’ll take your word for it then. Now clean up quickly and run along, I’ll see you next week okay?”

“Okay”, she said with his tip still in her mouth as she licked the last bit of cum off it.

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