Anal surprise party

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Jessica and Ryan knew that they were in big trouble. From Ryan stealing money from the firm to Jessica getting raped by Robert and Tyler, their life just got back to worse. They were worried that they might get fired from the firm. But, to their surprise, Tyler decided not to fire them. Instead, he called them back to the firm and that didn’t sit well with the couple. They knew that something was wrong because Tyler is not the type of person who would do that. Tyler had never been merciful to anyone in his life. He had been the spoilt brat of his rich dad. 

Rectal destruction by anal sex

Ryan and Jessica were dreading returning to the firm. They knew that more punishment would await them. They also know that they cannot afford to lose their job. Their car, house and every other luxury they have now have been bought in debt and therefore, they had to pay off that loan in some way or the other. The only way they could pay off those loans was if they worked 10 years at this law firm and that now seemed like a nightmare for them. When William was there, the firm was the best place to work for them. But, after his demise, the firm had become a place with no soul.

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Ryan thought that by stealing money, he would pay off the loans and Tyler wouldn’t get a clue about it. But, Tyler was smarter than Ryan thought and caught him. Ryan explained this to Jessica and she understood because she also had the same feeling towards the firm even since Tyler joined as their boss. “We have to think how we will approach from now on the firm.” Ryan nodded. 

The Beginning of Terror

Both Ryan and Jessica went to the firm the next day and met Tyler. He welcomed them warmly. He embraced Ryan and while embracing Jessica pinched her breasts hard. Jessica felt the pain but didn’t say anything because she knew that from now on, these sorts of things will happen in the firm with them. Tyler said, “You will be thinking about why I did rehire you again.” Jessica and Ryan looked at each other and nodded. Tyler continued, “I have been losing many clients for months now and your husband knows that very well.” He said while pointing his fingers at Ryan. “Well, I cannot afford to lose any more of my clients. That is why I need your help and you cannot say know because you know that I can get you into a lot of trouble if you do that.”

Jessica and Ryan said nothing. They just nodded and Tyler ordered Ryan to go and shut the windows and the door of this office room. After that, Tyler went closer to Jessica and squeezed her breasts hard. Ryan was losing control but somehow Jessica signalled him not to do anything foolish. So, Ryan stayed there watching Tyler playing with his wife’s tits. “These are gorgeous. So, I will now tell you how you are going to help me keep my clients.” Jessica said, “How?” Ryan continued to explain;

“Almost 14 of our elite clients are looking to shift to our rival firms for their legal work. We have to stop them. We know that our firm is not good since my father died. Many top lawyers have left the firm and I am left with you useless pieces of crap. Now, there is one thing good about you Jessica and that is you have a sexy body that I can use to keep my clients. What you have to do is seduce my clients by going to the meetings with me and then take them to your apartment and fuck them; make them happy. And you, Mr Knobhead (Ryan), you will have the duty of filming the entire incident so that I can blackmail these pricks. By hook or by crook, I will not lose any more of my clients.”

Jessica was devastated and she broke down. Tyler said, “Don’t worry darling, I have seen how good you are in bed last night. You can be the perfect whore that I was looking for. So, make sure you do this right and if you can keep all my 14 clients who want to move away, then I will give you enough money to pay off your debts and also, shift to a new town where you can easily restart your life. Jessica and Ryan were thinking about what to say. Suddenly Tyler intervened and said, “What you are thinking about? Do you think you have any other option? I will call Robert and he will do the needful. Understand?” Ryan and Jessica nodded and Tyler ordered them to fuck off and get ready for the meeting with Simon Mathews, the owner of Mathews and Sons. 

The First Meeting

Tyler took Jessica for the first meeting with Simon Mathews. He was one of the wealthiest men in the town. So, it was important for Tyler to have him as his client. He took Jessica with him to the meeting and let Jessica do all the talking. He pretended that he had a phone call and so, he went outside allowing Jessica to seduce Simon. To her surprise, Jessica never knew that she can seduce a man in such a way. She pretended that she accidentally touched the junk of Simon and got a feel of his manhood. She smiled in a way that indicated that Jessica wanted Simon. And, in no time, Simon had an erection. He was in his late 40s and to get a girl like Jessica to fuck even without paying anything was a jackpot for him. 

Simon called Tyler to reschedule the meeting because he had to rush to his office because of some emergency. Tyler knew what had happened. Jessica took Simon to her house where they didn’t waste any time getting to business. As soon as the door was shut, Simon started taking Jessica’s clothes off. Jessica also went down to take Simon’s dick out and suck it. He was sucking really deep and Simon was having the pleasure of his lifetime. He started to skull fuck Jessica and she was reciprocating each of his strokes. Simon took off her panties and now she was lying in the bed spreading her legs allowing Simon to lick her cunt. Simon was licking her cunt like a thirsty dog/

After that, Simon inserted his manhood inside the pussy of Jessica and started fucking her madly. Simon looked like he was starving for sex for so many days. He was finished after a few minutes. He collapsed on Jessica. She got up and helped Simon dress up. After Simon went away, Ryan came out of the closet with a video camera which had the entire sex tape. They both smiled at each other; the first one was done and 13 more to follow and after that, their freedom. 

A Big Mistake

The meeting between Simon and Tyler was rescheduled for the very next day and once again Tyler came with Jessica alongside him. This time Tyler was negotiating with Simon about staying with his company and Simon wasn’t ready at all. Then, Tyler had to bring out his main weapon; that sex tape. He threatened Simon to expose him. Simon looked like a helpless man as he kept uttering, “I made the biggest mistake of my life.” Ultimately he had to submit and stay with Tyler’s firm. Jessica felt bad for Simon as she used him to get Tyler what he wanted. But, she knew that this was just the beginning. There would be more to come. 

After Simon, Tyler used Jessica to trick Charles, Alex, Raj, and Brendan. Jessica felt like a whore. Ryan was also feeling helpless because he had to watch his wife getting fucked by random men and he had to record that. It was an unbearable situation for the couple. So, Ryan decided to look at the past of Tyler to figure out something that would help him to get back at this monster. Things were getting tougher than they would ever think. 

One day while working at the firm, Ryan saw Sharon, the psychologist at the office. She went straight to Ryan’s office and after a while, she came out and went out of the office. Ryan asked one of his colleagues, “Does our boss have any psychological problems?” The colleague replied, “Why?” Ryan said, “Then why would a psychologist come out of his cabin?” The colleague replied with a smirk on his face, “Oh! That woman is the stepmom of our boss. She was married to William. Sometimes she comes to check on her stepson.”

Ryan was a bit surprised and decided to go deep into this matter because he knew that something was going on which wasn’t visible from the surface level. He could get something that could help him and Jessica out of this mess. He didn’t tell anything to Jessica. He wanted concrete proof before that.

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