Backdoor motel fuck

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Mia wasn't really sure if she could wait till Nathan reached the motel he said he booked for them, for tonight. Nathan was her new boyfriend of five weeks and this would be the second time they would be having sex. Mia was a mother of an eight months old baby. The baby's father was her first boyfriend who just broke up with her two months ago, after realising he wasn't ready to settle down. Anyways, she glances back to Nathan, a twenty two year old college student who apparently liked older girls like her. He was talking about some video game when Mia decided she can't wait anymore. She reaches her hands towards his lap placing it there, he notices her hand but doesn't comment on it. Her hands slowly glide up now, sitting right on top of his member.

He lets out a surprised gasp feeling her hand slide up to the top of his thigh, the tips of my fingers brushing his fly and without wasting another second she opens his zipper and takes out his cock. She eyes the big cock, noticing how it already had gotten hard and was leaking pre cum. She hadn't even started yet. A smirk forms on her face as she starts stroking it slowly. Nathan leaves out a groan feeling his cock going hard. He didn't stop her, even when she pressed her nail into the clit of his cock.

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His leg jerks upwards with the sensation. Her hands busy playing with his cock as he struggles to drive. They stop at a light and she retrieves her hand back and slides your hand over my knee, pushing my skirt up a little. Suddenly, the light changes and he reluctantly turns his attention back to the road, but she can see your eyes darting back to my skirt. She decided to have some fun, placing her hand flat on my thigh, she slowly pulled her skirt up with my fingers, inch by inch her skirt went higher and higher up her leg and he could start to see her stockings, then the beginning of my garter belt straps. He let out a sigh as she pulled the side of her skirt all the way up, so he could see her black lace panties.

His cock twitches still hanging out of the zipper and gets painfully hard, he couldn't wait anymore to fuck the girl senseless. So finding a nearby shopping hall's abandoned parking lot he parks the car. Mia looks around, seeing there was no one else but them. Her inner thoughts run wildly as she looks at Nathan's eyes. And without another thought he pulls her towards himself, settling her on his lap. His hands groping her ass under skirt. She moans sliding against his hard cock, her pussy leaking slick. He then attaches his lips to her neck, licking her soft skin.

She throws her head back in pleasure, allowing him more access. He paints her neck with fresh hickies before moving his hand towards her enormous chest, and cupping her tits. She sighs rubbing her clothed pussy on his hard cock as he plays with her chests. She was lactating, so his continuously squeezing her boobs made two wet patches appear on her shirt. He mutters a shit, hurriedly opening the shirt buttons. Her big globes came into view with her perky brown buds. Nathan's mouth waters as he stares at her tits. His hand reaches to pinch her nipple, squeezing it a little, milk drops spurting out. He curses when she jumps aggressively on his dick. He raised her body upwards, helping her to remove her underwear. She holds his dick slowly pushing it inside her.

Nathan groans enjoying the slow torture. She finally sits on his dick fully. Nathan places his hand on her waist moving her up and down. She moans riding him. Her hands placed on his shoulders as she bounced up and down on his lap, the cock hitting deep into her vagina making her head hazy. Nathan's attention diverted back to her tits, seeing milk sliding down her nipples. He catches the drop on his finger, pushing his finger into his mouth tasting her. He loved the sweet taste, so he dived towards her boobs , taking one milky tit into his mouth and sucking on it like an infant.

Mia moans, increasing her speed, slamming her body into his cock aggressively. Nathan reciprocated the action, meeting her by upward thrusts. His body moving up as he pounds into her. Mia moans loudly, her hands moving to clasp around his silky hair as she bounced up and down. Slapping sounds resonating in the car, her inner thighs getting all red due to the constant slapping against his hard thighs. She continues riding him for a few seconds before cumming, she shudders badly as she secretes her juices making his dick moist. He growls loving the slimy feeling as his dicks slides in and out of her. Her velvety walls sucking it in deliciously as she clenches around him.

He lets her ride her orgasm, slowing his pace but not pulling out. She hums at the feeling, he fucks down his head again latching onto his tit. His tongue plays with the hardened bud as milk drops on his tongue. Mia loved the constant sucking on her chest, she was getting horny again. Nathan moves his head away, but her tit grasps in his teeth, she hissed as he stretched it and then leaves it, finally giving it a final lick he moves away. Sliding out of her, he bends her towards the passenger seat, ass raised in air, she gasps feeling his tongue touch her asshole. He pushed her ass back as Nathan started sucking and licking her butthole.

Her pussy throbs as she loves the sensation of his tongue busy rimming her ass. He pulls away seeing her ass glistening with slick and drool, pushing one finger inside he slowly stretches the hole. Mia grips the leather of the car seat as she closes her eyes in ecstasy. He continues the in and out motion with one finger before adding another. She loves the stretch of her asshole as he finger fuck him, he then slowly starts scissoring her. She muffles her scream by biting her lips, Nathan stop his finger fucking noticing her asshole was stretched enough to take his cock now.

He gives his cock a few strokes before positioning himself in front of her, slowly pushing the cock head inside, he tested the waters. Mia's eyes waters feeling it stretch, she whimpers when Nathan goes deeper, he then slowly starts moving inside her ass. The feeling was too overwhelming for her. He starts thrusting harder, as her body jolts with each thrust. Her nipple leaking milk as her body moves forward with each thrust. He pounds into her like some hungry animal, his grunts echoing loud. He continues abusing her hole, sweat dripping from his hair as he grabs her hips, fingers dug deep into the flesh, as he continues pouncing onto her hole. She cries when he goes violently fast, he pushes his dick harder into her before finally releasing his cum into her ass.

Her asshole clenching and unclenching around air when he pulls his dick out, Her hole drips the cum on the seat. And Nathan loved it. He leans down again before collecting the dripping come into his mouth and swallowing it, his tongue pushing itself in and out of her asshole. She moans, spilling her juices all over the seat. He moves his face away noticing how her pussy was leaking white fluid. Turning her towards himself, he pushes his face into her pussy as he licks it clean too. Mia squeezes her tits, her milk flying out and dirtying Nathan's clothes and even falls on his face as he continues sucking her labia. His tongue sliding up and down her clit. Before pushing it into, her velvety folds and savours the taste.

He retrieves back once done with his job, "you ready for round two baby?" He asks Mia who was still trembling and catching her breath. She just chuckles, he was definitely going to fuck her ass again, it was a pleasure of some other kind and he loved it. 

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