First time anal experience Pt. 1

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Ryan got married to Jessica after graduating from law school. They were madly in love with each other during their time in law school. That is why they decided to tie the knots as soon as they got out of law school. They were inseparable as a couple and that is why they also joined the same law firm. They go to the office together come back home together and have sex in the most animalistic form. They devour each other’s bodies. But, for the last year or so, Ryan and Jessica are having problems in their relationship, problems that never happened before.  

Jessica thinks that this might be happening because Ryan is having stressful times at the office with his boss with his new young boss Tyler. His old boss William was an amazing man. But, since he died and his son took over, the law firm is just falling apart. And, that is causing stress to Ryan because he loves to work in that Law Firm because he has worked there for the past three and a half years. Jessica is also emotionally attached to the law firm, especially, because of William. That man sponsored an all-expense paid trip to the Bahamas for Ryan and Jessica when he learnt that they are a newly married couple and joined his law firm. He was a fatherly figure for them. 

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Jessica’s First Time Anal Experience

But, after his demise, Jessica doesn’t feel attached to that law firm anymore. However, she and Ryan have to work there because of the debts they have incurred for their cars and house. For the last two days, Ryan and Jessica didn’t talk to each other. The tension is rising between them and Jessica can feel it.

After three days of not talking to each other, Ryan and Jessica decided to break the ice. And, after a gruelling confrontation and a back and forth between the couple, they decided that it was time to take the help of a relationship counsellor. So, they booked the best counsellor available in New York City, Sharon. They went to the counsellor and asked for her opinion. 

The counsellor listened to both of them and after that asked, “When was the last time you two had sex?” Jessica answered, “It was two weeks from today.” Sharon asked, “What was it like?” Ryan answered, “It was okay.” Sharon nodded and continued, “How long you have been having this ‘Okay’ sex?” Jessica and Ryan answered together, “For about two to three months.”

A Counsellor’s Opinion

Now, Sharon knew the problem and thus, she decided to talk to each one of them individually. First was Jessica. Sharon asked, “What do you think is lacking in your sex life? Do you have a wish that you would want to fulfil?” Jessica with teary eyes said, “For a very long time, I have been asking Ryan to have anal sex. And he is denying that. He says it would hurt me and I want that pain. I want him to be rough to me during sex because I am fed up with this vanilla thing.”

Sharon told Jessica, “All right, now I know your side of the story. Let me talk to Ryan now and understand his point of view.” So, Jessica went outside and Sharon called Ryan into her office. She asked Ryan to explain his part of the story. Ryan answered, “I just want her to be happy. I don’t think slapping her face or ass or fucking her in the ass would make her happy. She would be in agony. I have done it with another girl before and it was painful for her.  I don’t want Jessica to feel the same pain. She is my wife for God’s sake.”

Sharon nodded and said, “Look Ryan, anal sex is not painful for everyone. And, Jessica just wants to experience it once. She wants to know how it will feel. And, as her husband, don’t you think it your responsibility to fulfil her wish?” Ryan nodded. Sharon continued, “So, make plans to have anal sex with her. If you can, make it a surprise for her. And, you will see that Sharon is happy once again.” Ryan promised Sharon that she will do the needful and make her happy again in bed. 

An Outing with Friends

Jessica didn’t know what resolution Ryan got from Sharon. She only knew that Ryan promised Sharon that he will do the needful to make their relationship work. So, she was excited to see what Ryan would do to make her happy. She was expecting anal sex because that was what she wanted from Ryan. 

But, even after a week, there was nothing happening. Things were back to usual. Jessica thought that going to Sharon was a complete waste and they wouldn’t go back to her ever again. They were scheduled for another session after a month. Jessica thought about cancelling it. 

One day, Jessica was out with her friends because she was getting bored and took the day off and Ryan said, “I have lots of work that I need to complete. I don’t have the luxury of taking the day off like you, Jessica.” So, she didn’t ask Ryan again about taking the day off. She simply went with her friends. It was refreshing for Jessica because she was smiling once again. She thought she wouldn’t have smiled if Ryan had come. But, when the time came to go back home, she became sad because she knew that she would be back to her dull life again. She opened the door of her house after coming back. 

A Much Waited Surprise

She found that Ryan was sitting on the couch what a bottle of whisky in his hand. It looked like he was drinking for hours. He was drunk. When he saw Jessica, Ryan went up and asked, “Where were you?” Jessica answered, “I was out with my friends.” Ryan asked, “Did you fuck someone?”

“What are you talking about? You’re not in the condition to talk right now.” Jessica said.

“I know you fucked someone, come close to me and I will prove it.”

“How can you do that?”

“I can and you are asking this question means you did fuck, right?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Then come to me and I will prove my theory.”

Jessica knew that Ryan was drunk but she still went closer to her because she was fuming at the behaviour of Ryan. When she went closer to Ryan, he grabbed her hair and started kissing her. Ryan said, “Just checking the smell of your mouth.” After that, he slapped her ass and went down to lick her pussy. “No, it smells natural,” Ryan said. After that, he tore her clothes apart to make her naked. 

Ryan took Jessica in his arms and walked toward their bedroom. Jessica was shocked to see the well-decorated bedroom with beautiful flowers splattered on the bed and a beautiful fragrance encapsulating the senses. Sexy lights were on and she knew that they were about to have sex. Ryan threw Jessica on the bed and after that, slapped her face and said, “That’s what you wanted, bitch, and now, I will give it to you.” Jessica was happy to know that Ryan will be rough on her. He spread her legs and started to work on her asshole. He tasted her asshole by inserting fingers inside it and then licking his fingers. After that, Ryan started to lick Jessica’s asshole and it was an amazing feeling that was hard for Jessica to explain. Jessica was pressing Ryan’s face in her asshole and Ryan was eating her ass like it was the tastiest thing on earth. 

After that, Ryan took his dick and placed it in front of the asshole of Jessica and within a thrust, his dick was inside Jessica’s ass.  She was feeling the pain but the pleasure was also too much for her. So, she just said, “Give to me hard.” And Ryan did exactly that. She never imagined Ryan fucking her that hard ever. He was like an animal looking to tear her asshole apart with his dick. He fucked her so hard that the entire body of Jessica was shuddering with each thrust of Ryan’s dick. 

Ryan made Jessica get on all fours and fucked her in a doggy position. He unloaded his cum inside Jessica’s asshole and then inserted a spoon inside Jessica to bring his cum out and gave the spoon to Jessica so that she could eat his load. Jessica did that wisely. 

When the two made eye contact, there was a spark in their eyes which was missing for a long time. They were now feeling the same way that they used to feel during their law school days. Ryan was feeling relaxed after so many days of having sex like that with Jessica. Suddenly, his phone rang and it was Tyler. Ryan rushed to his office leaving Jessica surprised. He texted her, “Don’t wait for me. I’ll be back in the morning. It’s urgent from the office.”

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