First time fucked from behind

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My girlfriend, Jane and I have high sex drive and we always try out new things and our fuck nights have always been glorious. We would just try to make each other cum as much as possible, or as many times as possible. And one day she really got me wound up one night. It had been a while since we saw each other and other than her sending me nudes of herself, or wearing some sexy lingerie. She sent me a video of her playing with herself with some toys. First it was just a close up of her vibrator dildo going in and out of her sweet wet pussy. You could see her lips gripping the toy that was coated in her cum. I told her every time that she teases me that I would pound her twice as hard when we fucked the next time. “Well I will really be in for it the next time then. Check this out” she sent me.

Up pops another video, this one a little farther back but still able to see everything. Her vibrator into her soaked pussy. She slides it back and forth a little bit. Then stops, the other hand comes into view with a smaller dildo, next thing I know she takes it and slides it right into her tight little asshole. I hear moans coming through. I moan as I watch the video, her fingers moving back and forth between both of the vibrators. Pushing the one deeper into her ass, her pussy gripping the other one and slowly trying to push it out. As she pushed the vibrator back into her pussy, the one in her ass trying to sneak out, she held onto it with her other fingers. I can see her hips gyrating as she started to alternate pushing each dildo into her wet tight holes. “Uh uh uh fuck yeah mmmm ahhhhh” I hear come through again as I see her legs starting to shake. Her breathing becomes laboured.

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I can hear her starting to pant. Then all I hear is ”fuck I'm cuming” I see her push the dildo into her dripping wet pussy holding it in place. The one in her ass popped out with force as her pussy started to bear down and her orgasm let loose. And this is how the idea of me fucking into her ass non stop came into my mind. I was more than excited to meet her. So when the weekend came we finally met up. I couldn’t stop looking at her that night. She looked hot. More than usual.

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I guess cause I actually haven’t seen her in a while. Her cleavage was sticking out of her somewhat tight shirt. Her skin tight leggings that showed her camel toe off, whenever she opened her legs or her shirt lifted up past it. It was so tight around her pussy that it was starting to separate her labia. And when she would bend over enough the fabric would stretch enough that it became see through. Letting me see her beautiful round ass, her black lace thong. All I could think of was sticking my tongue in her ass. We were sitting next to each other on the couch. I wasted no time in kissing her. Our tongues intertwined sliding in and out of each other's mouth.

My hand grabbing her breast, sliding down to her thigh then to her ass. Squeezing it a few times then working my way back to her breast. I pushed her back up against the couch I said to her as I grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up towards me and then slid my tongue all the way down her leg to her wet pussy. I can smell her sweet scent coming through her panties. I lift and push her thong to the side and jam my tongue straight into her wet gash. “Holy fuck Mm Mm Mm ah ah ah fuck. Yeah don’t stop holy shit uh uh uh.” I kept munching away at her swollen pussy. I can already taste her sweet juices flowing out of her into my mouth. I suck and roll my tongue inside and out.

I pick my head up to catch my breath a little, as I take two fingers and rub them up and down on her swollen pussy lips. She grinds her hips a little following my fingers. After I get them all wet I take my fingers and stick them straight into her dripping wet pussy, all the way till I hit her cervix. “FUUCCKK YESSSS AHH AHH AHH” She bellowed and kept moaning away as my fingers slid in and out of her. Her hips gyrate up and down making my fingers go deeper when I penetrate her.

The tips just tapping her cervix every so often, letting out a little louder moan. I put my mouth back to her slit and sucked on her clit. Rolling it around my tongue, sucking it into my mouth, pulling on it lightly. “Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh '' her moans I hear muffled by her thighs squeezing in against my head. When I run out of breath I sit up and slowly pull my fingers out and slide them down to her taint pushing on it and rubbing circles on it. I can see her juices leaking down to her asshole, I circle one more time and slide my fingers into her ass. Going slow at first then I pick up speed when I feel her getting wetter. I can feel her ass grip onto my fingers.``Ohhh shit Ahh Ahh Ahh yes yes fuucckk i’m cumming.” She bucked her hips up and held them up while her thighs shaked. I pulled my fingers out and sat back while she caught her breath. I try to go back again but she pushes me away onto my back. Her feet landed on my crotch. She starts stroking my shaft with her feet. “Holy fuck uhh uhh uhh” I moaned. My balls are tightening up a little. I try to get up and she pushes me back down with her foot. She then slid over the top of me, a reverse cowgirl. She reached back and grabbed my cock and lifted up to her pussy, sliding the tip back and forth over her lips soaking it. Then she held it centre of her and slid it in her. “Mm yeah, uh damn ah ah your pussy feels so good baby” I tell her as she rocks back and forth on my cock.

I then pull out of her and make her lie back. I take my finger and slide it in her ass while I flick her taint with my tongue. I pound away at her ass with my finger, till I can feel her hole loosen up more. I pull my finger out and jam my tongue back into her small little gaping asshole. I feel her sphincter flexing trying to close down on my tongue. I pull her ass closer and I suck on her ass with my mouth. Flushing her ass juice in and out of my mouth. She tasted good. ”Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh yes baby Uh Fuck, Mmm Mmm Mmm.” She let out as I could feel her grab my cock and shove it in her mouth. As she moaned with my cock in her mouth I can feel the vibrations move down into my balls. As I kept sucking and licking on her ass, her hips dug down into my chest. She released my cock “Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh yesss yesss fuck your making Cum!!” She screamed out. As I feel her pussy drop a pool of wetness on my chest. I roll her to her back and grab her by her ankles.

She tries to put them to my chest but I hold fast and push her legs open. I push into her wet pussy. “Mmmm yeah give me that cock baby” I push deeper till our pelvic bones touch “Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh yesss Mmmm” I start slamming her with long deep thrusts. I don’t have long before I cum, I can feel my balls tightening up, the tip of my cock starting to leak some more precum. As I thrust I can see our cum mixing together on my shaft. “Uh yeah baby I’m gonna cum.” I call out to her. “Yeah keep going baby keep going Ah fuck uh.” I keep pumping away, slamming my cock into her. I feel her hips shift and her pussy bear down and squeeze my cock. I couldn’t hold back anymore, so I pulled out. “Uh uh” I blurt out as I spray my cum all over her chest and stomach. I put the last drops on her landing strip and smacked my cock off her mound. “Mmmmm” she moans out as she rubs some of my cum up to her breast and smears it all over. Then licks her fingers off she says “Mmmm that was good” As I knelt over her catching my breath seeing my cum glisten off her body in the moonlight coming through the window. “Told you I would make you cream yourself.” I said to her cocky like. As I bent down and slid my tongue into her. Her ass and pussy juice are still on my lips. She licks my lips with her tongue and the edges of my face. “Mmmmm yeah you did. That felt great, mmm I guess my ass tastes good doesn’t it.” She told me. “Oh It does and so does your pussy” as I kiss her a few more times. We laid together stroking each other's bodies. The scent of our cum lingering between our moist skin. It was a good fuck.

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