Rough fuck

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She was currently at home with her fiancé and things were getting escalated.

She was wearing a matching bra and panty set but that didn't matter in the moment and he slowly peeled the clothing away letting it join her dress in a fabric puddle as they laid together on the bed. He slowly pulled his own clothing off, joining her. They laid there together for quite some time, kissing softly, his fingers softly sliding along her skin as a hand grasped his bicep firmly. Her breasts were cupped firmly, his fingers finding her nipple and rolling it with a slight tug.

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Her toes wiggled as the pleasured sensation ran through her, all the way down and she arched her chest into his hands for more. Sliding on the bed, he was soon hovering over her, looking down into the beautiful brown eyes he had grown addicted to looking at. She was never one for eye contact, it always made her anxious but this was different. This was a defining moment between them and she smiled at him, blowing him a soft happy kiss. He leaned on his knees, cupping her face in his palms and he pulled her up for a deep kiss. The kiss moved to her cheeks, her neck, collarbones and down. 

Her breasts were covered in surgery scars years passed, and he knew how sensitive about their appearance she was, and the shift of her body made him see that she was still nervous about them. He lavished them with kisses, licks and sucks causing her to moan and arch. "You're beautiful, Mine. You know that? Absolutely, without a doubt, stunning." His words made her smile, the heels of her hands pressing against her eyes as she giggled like a little girl. His mouth descended on her body, kissing over her stretch mark covered belly, a place he hoped to place a child and he murmured his hopes for their future against it. She knew he was going to do that.

He was going to fuck her ass as he always wanted to.

Her heart was soaring as he continued to kiss her to her mid calf, his thumb stroking her ankle before he ascended her body once more. His next target - the sweet nectar covered pink that sat between her thighs. He laid down on the bed, hands grasping her thighs gently and pulling them apart exposing her to him. The first inhale was all it took for his own groan of pleasure to release. Soft kisses trailed on the inside of her thigh as he neared her closer and closer till he was peppering her swollen lips with kisses. His tongue slipped from his mouth, sliding between her folds as he circled the small entrance to her cunt. It was already dripping with sweet cream and she smiled at her.

She tasted sweet, almost like a mixture of cunt and apples and he gently rubbed a finger in his tongue's place at her entrance letting it sink into her slowly. Curling it upwards almost immediately he enjoyed the sound of the sharp intake of her breath. A purring moan left her mouth as her hips arched slightly, his tongue rising to circle her clit. She was needy for him, he could taste that much and soon he was trailing his tongue in circles along it. Every pass of his tongue on her clit made her thighs twitch in his hands and soon he was grinding his tongue against her. Her little mewls of pleasure coupled with his now thrusting finger into her ass and grinding tongue was a perfectly composed symphony to him.

He rubbed against her inner walls, another finger joining his first as he continued to lap at her clenching hole. She was growing tighter around him; her breaths were turning into pants as he pulled his fingers back till they were just an inch inside of her. It was that one spot she could never resist. The one place that was sure to make her explode. Curving his fingers, pressing upwards he lashed her clit with his tongue rapidly. Her body was squirming furiously, hips rolling against his mouth until she suddenly stopped. Her walls clamped down on his fingers tightly and she cried out, thighs clamped around his head and hand and she practically sobbed with the release.

Thick white creamy girl cum was clinging to his fingers as he pulled them out of her, his tongue moving to swirl around inside, lapping her cum away. His fingers, sticky and white, stroked her already over sensitive clit until he was finished, sliding his tongue once more through her folds and popping his fingers into his mouth for extra clean up.

Her arm laid over her eyes as she took deep heavy breaths, thighs now wide open as she had lost the battle to pleasure. He slid up onto his knees, the heavy thickness of his cock in his hands tapped lightly against her. The velvet texture of his cockhead rubbed against her asshole, causing that electrifying sensation of pleasure to jolt through her once again. She was slick and wet, perfect for him to take and he slowly ground against her.

His hips moved back and forth, coating his length before he took it in his hand and prodded against the entrance. The thick bulbous head of his cock looked monstrous against the tiny little entrance she had and he gently rubbed her thigh with his free hand. "You ready Kitten? I promise to go slow." The way he talked to her, was as if he was taking her virginity - 

With a slowly gaining pressure, his hips moved forward, and it only took slight pressuring prods to open her up enough for his cock's head to pop into her. It was heaven. The heated core of her body was already clinging to his head as he pushed into her deeper, sinking slowly. The first few inches weren't that bad, her breath was held tightly in her chest as her fingers grasped the comforter under her body watching him carefully. The way the candlelight flickered on her alabaster skin was gorgeous. It made the paleness she was gifted with stand out that much more against his darker complexion. He reminded her of a light milk chocolate, the delicious kind that you couldn't get enough of and she licked her lips at the thought of tasting his cock.

Suddenly he became thicker, her arsehole had to stretch wider and she whimpered. His hand came down to press against her belly to steal her, and he began to rock his hips, sliding in and out to relax her. "Shh, it's ok baby. I won't go in more until I have your soft walls nice and stretched for me." With every word his hips moved back and forth, creating a lovely pace that wasn't too slow or too fast but just enough. His groans were low, gravelled and the perfect sound to her ears, addicting like the chorus of a catchy song.

She wanted to make him groan, moan, whisper her name, cry out in pleasure and become addicted to her body and she was intent on doing that. His hands reached up, taking hers into his grasp and their fingers linked. 

He grinned down at her, leaning over to place a gentle assortment of kisses to her lips. Their noses rubbed as his hips pushed forward, stretching her around the widened middle of his cock. He often teased her that it was like a knot, something to catch on her tightness every time he pulled out or pushed in, causing them to become linked together at the perfect moment, when her walls would clamp down on him. She thought it would be worse, that pain would come, but he had done such a good job of teasing and stretching her with his length already inside of her, plus the amazing fingering that it was intensely pleasurable.

Finally he rested inside of her body, cockhead wedged against her hole. He could feel her ce

Asshole opening, and the head caught on it every now and then pulling a groan from him every time. He continued fucking her ass. 

The thin column of her neck was exposed to him and pushing her hands above her head, he leaned down raining down kisses and soft bites. "I want you to cum for me baby, I'm right there, I'm ready to fill you and I want you to cum with me. Can you do that?"

His voice was gruff, almost cracking with pleasure as he spoke to her. Whispered right against her ear, this of course made her shiver. She hadn't told him just how close she was getting, though the signs were obvious. Her walls were repeatedly clenching around him on their own, over and over again she pulsated around him. It didn't take much longer as he began to thrust just a tiny bit faster into her. They were groaning together, hips rolling like waves crashing against a shore as they took each other higher and higher and then he filled her ass with his cum with his last thrust.

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