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Giselle sat in her living room on her own with a cup of tea, her head still feeling like it's going to explode when a text came through from her phone. It was the man with whom she cheated on her husband. And now the man controlled her, forcing her to meet him once in a while. And today was one of those days.

She arrived at The tattoo shop and followed a worker to the room in the back where last time she got spit roasted by both him and her Master.

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With her left hand she wanked the rest of his shaft as she bobbed up and down. Giselle started to get lost in sucking his dick. She managed to block out the rest of the world and just focus on this one task.

Jason's hands rested on her head and guided her up and down, he seemed to be enjoying the slow and sensual blowjob.

"Someone check out that butt plug for me." Jason then shouted and Giselle's eyes opened.

"I'll do it." One man quickly agreed.

Giselle stopped sucking for a second but her Master gripped her head and started to force her up and down on his cock a little faster.

In a moment, Giselle felt a pair of hands pull her skirt up her waist and start to grab and squeeze her thick arse cheeks.

"Fuck she has a great arse." The man behind her said.

Then the man behind her grabbed onto the butt plug and pushed it deeper inside of her arse.

"MMMMMM!!" Giselle groaned in shock to having the plug deeper inside of her.

"Oh yeah, she liked that." Jason moaned.

"Mmmmm!" Giselle tried to groan back to say she doesn't but they didn't care.

The man behind her kept pushing and pulling the plug in and out of her arse. She felt like her arsehole was being stretched open when the toy started to come out, only to be pushed back in.

"Glllllggg!!" Giselle suddenly gagged, she was so focused on the toy in her arse she didn't realise when Jason shoved her face down his cock and hit her throat.

"Dirty little slut." Jason moaned.

He held Giselle's hair tight and made her head hurt as he constantly shoved her head deeper and deeper down his cock. Giselle couldn't try to fight, she just felt his cock hit her throat over and over, making her gag and drool out of her mouth.

Giselle screamed around her Master's cock when the plug was fully pulled out of her arsehole.

"Look at that little hole, you're going to fucking destroy her with that cock." The man behind her said as his fingers traced her already stretched arsehole.

Suddenly Giselle felt what must've been two fingers pushed inside of her arsehole. The man behind her wasted no time sliding them in and out of her, fingering her tight, still virgin arse.

"Mmmmm!" Giselle moaned around Jason's thick cock as her arsehole got fingered, finding a weird sense of pleasure from it that was very different to having her pussy fingered.

Her Master gripped her hair hard and pulled her face away from his cock. All Giselle could do was keep her mouth hung open and breathe heavily as spit drooled down her chin.

I must look like such a mess! Giselle thought.

"Time to take your last virginity, whore." Jason said to her with a smile and got her face a light slap.

He stood up and fully took off his trousers.

"Stand up and bend over the arm of the sofa, slut." Jason ordered her and Giselle felt the fingers come out of her arse.

"Y-yes, Master." Giselle replied.

Her master moved behind her and Giselle felt him grabbing and squeezing her arse cheeks. She then felt a cold liquid get poured between her cheeks and over her slightly loosened hole.

"Now," Jason said, "This is probably going to hurt like a motherfucker at first, but you're going to take it aren't you?"

"Yes, Master." Giselle replied, just hoping it was over quickly. Then she felt the head of Jason's huge, black cock press against her arsehole.

She tried to only focus when she felt pressure on her arsehole. His cock was so fucking thick she didn't think it would ever get inside of her. However, Jason clearly didn't care as he kept pushing against her.

When she felt her Master start to push a little deeper inside of her, Giselle thought her arse was on fire. She could feel every single inch of his cock around her arsehole, stretching her out so wide in a hole that had never been touched before.

Slowly Jason moved deeper and deeper inside of her arsehole, he loved seeing her stretched hole wrapped around his cock like a vice.

Giselle tried to breathe heavily through her nose as her mouth was getting slowly fucked but the pain was too much for her and she let out whimpers around his dick.

"Nearly there whore." Jason said from behind and slapped her arse again.

Although it felt like a baseball bat was up her arse. It then hit her that the pain in her arse was going, the feeling of being immensely full was still there, but the burning had gone.

"Look at the whore, she's bouncing back on my cock!" Jason roared out in laughter and Giselle's face went bright red again with humiliation.

Giselle hated it, she felt like a worthless piece of shit at that moment, the black cock as her body moved back and forth, slowly fucking her own arse.

"Fuck that's tight." Jason moaned as he watched her tight arsehole move up and down, taking 2 inches of his cock out and then back in.

"Mmmm." Giselle accidentally moaned, realising that she was getting some kind of sick pleasure from this.

She started to rock a bit faster and got herself into a rhythm, pushing herself fully back on Jason's cock and feeling him in her stomach, then going forward and taking the black cock down her throat.

"Mmmm! Mmmmm, mmmmm!" Giselle moaned over and over as she got faster and faster fucking herself back on her owner's cock.

"How's that arse feeling whore?" Jason asked her.

"It's okaayyy." Giselle moaned, not wanting to show that it is pleasurable, but also not able to hold in her moans.

A man suddenly pushed his click into her mouth who was jerking all the time watching them.  

Before she could react, his hand pressed down on the back of her head and forced her face against the pool of cum and spit below her.

"Lick it all up!" He ordered.

Giselle stuck out her tongue as he rubbed her face back and forth against the sofa, she did her best to lick up as much cum as possible but more of it just got spread around her face.

"FUUUUCK!!" Giselle suddenly moaned loudly when Jason gripped her hips and started to fuck her for the first time since he entered her arsehole.

The feeling was intense, he felt even deeper than before and her arsehole felt like it was stretched beyond belief as his cock hammered in and out of her.

Her face was still being pressed harshly into the spit and cum as she let out muffled moans into the sofa.

"Fuuuckk... my fucking arrseehoolleee!" She moaned over and over.

"The fucking whore loves it!" Someone laughed out loud.

The hand on her head left but Giselle was too weak to move, instead she left her head pressed against the spit and cum as her Master destroyed her arsehole.

She could feel him nearly coming all the way out of her before quickly thrusting balls deep back into her.

"How do you feel slut?" Her Master asked her.

"So... fucking... deep..." Giselle moaned over and over as her body rocked back and forth from Jason's hard thrusting.

She felt her hair get gripped and her head was yanked up, arching her neck.

"Fuuuuck!" She yelped in pain and pleasure.

"I'm going to be fucking this fat arse all the time!" Jason moaned to her.

Giselle could just feel the sticky cum and spit stuck to her face as she let out unrecognisable moans, her entire body felt like it was full of cock and she couldn't help but get wave after wave of pleasure.

As she kept moaning, another black cock appeared in front of her and took her hair into his hands. Her mouth was wide open and covered in spit when his cock pushed past her lips and went straight down her throat.

"Glogg!" Giselle gagged as he pushed to deep too fast.

He went straight into fucking her throat with a passion and Giselle just went along for the ride. The feeling coming from her arsehole getting destroyed was just pure pleasure now as she had fully loosened around her Master's cock.

"FFUUCCKK YEEEES!!" Jason roared from behind. His cock felt like it went even thicker and stretched her arsehole more and then Giselle had a new sensation of feeling her bowels getting filled with cum.

"MMMMM GGMM!!" Giselle let out a heavy moan as more and more of her Master's cum filled up her insides, giving her a new pleasure, she never experienced before.

"Fuck!" Jason grunted and did three hard, last thrusts into her arsehole, making sure to drain every last drop of cum into the whore.

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