Torn clothes (Part 1)

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It had been a long day for Ruby, and before it was up, her curiosity got the better of her. She was on her way home, but spied a strange new building had been taken over as a storefront, but no name was listed on the front.

Hesitantly, she steps inside, looking over the walls as her cheeks suddenly rush with embarrassment. The realization dawns on her the moment she locks eyes with the numerous sex-toys that hang from the wall…

“I would rate 10/10. Took me less than and hour to chat with the first woman and plan a meeting. I think the site overall is intended for older people and mature women seem to be very active. But can also find some younger girls.”

– Edward T.

She had walked into a sex shop, and with her embarrassment becoming unbearable, Ruby immediately turned tail to leave. Although, on her frantic way out, she bumps into one of the displays, knocking it over and tearing the clothes that adorned it in the process.

Freezing in place, Ruby looks over to the store clerk, who hadn’t even managed to give her a greeting before she had made such a mess. Slowly, the man comes closer to Ruby, a scowl on his  face as he speaks.

“That was expensive...”

He paused for a moment, a sly grin growing, Ruby still hoping in her heart that perhaps she could still leave without causing trouble.

“Look, unless you want to pay for the clothes you tore, you can put yourself to work and pay it off. Sounds good?”

Ruby was thrust into the situation so suddenly, but even if she had time to think about it, there’s no way she could rightly refuse. Holding up her sense of responsibility, she agrees.

“That’s good! Come with me, we’ll get you started right away…”

The man doesn’t wait for her response, leading her into a back room, then opening a stall door, gesturing Ruby inside.

“Just sit put, the work’ll come to you soon enough.”

Ruby followed his orders, stepping inside somewhat hesitantly, letting him close it behind her, and then taking a spot on the floor, waiting. A few moments go by, Ruby unsure as to whether it would come at all, but eventually, a sharp squeal escapes her lips, Ruby seeing a pale, thick rod poke through a hole beside her. A few awkward moments hang in the air, Ruby staring at the cock beside her, unsure of what to do. As if to answer her questions, a voice shouts out from the other side.

“Well hurry the fuck up! Stroke me or something!”

While Ruby wasn’t sure as to whether this was appropriate, she was still in debt, and didn’t have the right to refuse. Slowly, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, flinching as it twitched in her hand, but getting used to the feeling. She began slowly stroking it, letting the sounds in the stall slowly devolve into a wet smacking as she quickened her pace.

Feeling his spasming only increase, Ruby lets go instinctively, not sure what to do.

“You little bitch!”

The annoyed voice cries out, giving way to his cum, surging from his cock and dribbling onto the floor in front of her. The cock pulls away instantly, giving way to a loud grumbling from beyond the door. A few moments pass, but it is soon flung open, the owner looking somewhat annoyed down at Ruby.

“This little bitch ruined what was already a shit handjob!”

The owner piped up, waving the man off.

“Alright, alright… you guys will get what you want, okay?”

Unsure what he meant, Ruby is pulled to her feet and marched from the stall, seeing a group of people that were out of view from her as she leaves. Without a care for her own safety, the owner pushes Ruby into the crowd, letting them hungrily tear at her clothes.

“W-wait, what are you doing?”

Ruby’s concerned voice is drowned out by their lecherous taunts, stripping her completely within a matter of moments.

“Come on now, there’s a place better suited for you over here.”

The owner reaches his hand out for Ruby, to which she instinctively grabs, hoping for it to bring her to somewhere else. Something welled within Ruby’s chest as she was walked away… The excitement that she felt at being handled like that, the way she was stripped, it was almost enjoyable

However, as the small crowd jeered at Ruby’s struggles to hide her naked body, a few smacks against her ass and lecherous hands groping her tits quickly eroded away her confidence. She tried her best to hold a proud face as she took her walk of shame, though one particularly hard smack shattered it, eliciting a squeal from her lips that the crowd very much enjoyed.

Even though she knew how much trouble she was in from the start, as he coaxes her to follow him to a different part of the store, Ruby can’t help but feel each step becoming more and more difficult. Descending into the basement, the music slowly died down as they made their way over, lights dimming and the sound quickly replaced with…something else. It was as if her mind was screaming at her body to ignore it. Ruby focuses on how badly her luck has served her today, imagining how such a simple mistake had brought her to this point.

“Here you are.”

His gruff voice snapped her out of her thoughts, her body trembling from the residual arousal of what had already taken place. Casting her glance over to where he was motioning, she realized now what he meant by a ‘wall’. He had apparently designated his basement as a sort of brothel…

In front of her were a row of holes, most of which were covered by a tarp on the inside, but a few were already in use… The wet smacking sounds caused Ruby’s body to quiver each time they hit her ears, picturing herself there in their place. She listened closer and could hear the muffled squeals from the other side, remembering that they were girls just like her, who had just a little spat of bad luck, and have now ended up like this.

Dejected, she looks over at the man, who doesn’t reciprocate, staring coldly at her as if she was a criminal. Ruby had fucked up in his eyes, and she could tell he wasn’t going to let her out of this.

“Alright, stick your head through here and it’ll hold you still…”

His words were so mechanical, like he was finalizing a trade deal for his stock, and in her unfocused state, he manhandled her much like it as well, moving her around roughly so that she was standing in front of the hole. Now closer to them, she can hear the squeals much more defined, and she realizes that one of the girls is enjoying her place here, and after looking over, she can spy a plaque with her name on it, and even a little drawing of her face, sticky with cum…

“Her? She was like you a few months ago, but she begged me to let her stay here.”

The emphasis on his words sent a shiver down Ruby’s spine, actually suggesting that someone could enjoy being held like this, it had to be a lie, but with each smack of the thoughtless stranger into her petite backside, her moans seem ever more genuine.

Not left with any more time to think, she felt a rough hand push against her back, forcing her to bend over and face her new role head-on, seeing onto the other side and noticing a lot of foot traffic between the squealing girls already in place. Arousal once again shook across her body, she couldn’t deny a slight glistening between her legs as she was forced to listen to the other girls service their customers, whimpering and moaning with each thrust. It left her with conflicting thoughts, both how she wanted to try her chances, push away the man behind her and make a break for anywhere else, but also that it may be best to succumb to her evening here…

Given no time to think, she felt the man’s rough hand spread a fiery pain across her cheek, smacking her ass with enough force that it caused her to lurch forwards, sending her through the hole and out the other side. In an instant, her body was clamped into place, her exposed rear on full display as she instinctively tried to wriggle out, effectively putting on a show for whoever may be behind her. 

Ruby’s worries were quickly answered, a familiar smack cracking across her ass again, only this time it was followed by a warm, wet sensation spreading across her ass. His grip was unmistakable, the man she had been groped by only minutes before was holding onto her cheeks, gripping them so tightly that the intense pain caused her to squeal, attracting the attention of onlookers who began to stare.

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