Torn clothes (Part 2)

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From the other side of the wall, she can hear his voice shouting out to her.

“I wish I could see your face, bitch!”

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Without any more warning, she feels his warm, wet tip push inside of her, instantly stretching her out painfully as she struggles to accept him. The numerous faces in front of her watch as her face twists in a mix of pain and pleasure, and she notices the woman next to her, the live-in slut getting her throat pounded. Looking up, she meets the gaze of the man fucking her face, staring down at her as his pace increases, and she realizes why. He’s getting off to watching her get fucked out of view!

“You perv! Pay up or look somewhere els- Ah!”

Ruby’s objections were cut off when she felt the man behind her finally bottom out, thrusting every inch into her quivering hole, leaving her breath caught in her throat. Looking to her left, she watches as his cock rapidly pounds into her poor throat, looking at the slobber dripping onto the ground, she watches as he suddenly pushes into her gullet, looking up and staring at him once again. She could hear it, his load being pumped down her throat as he used her to get himself off, the perverse pleasure she took from this was only amplified by the man's rough thrusts starting.

It was as if he was trying to shove her through the wall with each thrust, painfully fucking her, pounding her hole with what felt like every drop of frustration he had built up during their game, and deep down, she felt like she deserved it…

That’s when she spied them, the familiar faces from the crowd who had watched her downfall began pouring into the room, pointing her out as they adjusted their pants to reveal their cocks, stiff and ready to use her. All at once, they began surrounding her, jerking off to the sight of Ruby rocking back and forth in her wall, knowing what was happening behind her, the first man took his step in front of her, smearing his cock across Ruby’s lips as she feels the clink of coins hit the bottom of the bucket beside her.

It was as if a hidden switch was flipped in her brain, the notion that she was getting paid for this, another step toward her freedom, she readily parted her lips and let him slip into her mouth, feeling the taste of his cock spread across her tongue as he began thrusting his hips forward.

Each thrust made the next easier, her body settling into the rhythm of being used like this, but the man behind her was making sure to break her in properly, painfully stretching her with each thrust, feeling her arousal building quickly, she tried to deny it from herself, but it’s impossible to hold back. As she look up at the numerous eyes staring down at her, she feel her eyes roll up, losing control as her body begins spasming in her prison, cumming as the man who beat her down also tensed up, gripping to her tighter as his cock began pulsing his load into her once-tight hole.

“Fuck, look at her face!”

They watched every moment of it eagerly, the smug demeanor she held only minutes ago had been shattered so easily, even Ruby felt it, and sighed around the stranger’s cock when she felt the man’s shaft pull back from her ass, leaving her feeling empty, yet relieved. That is until it’s quickly replaced, the next person seeing how roughly he treated her and deciding to follow suit, opting to skip straight to the frantic pounding, her twitching body still struggling to recover, she can’t stop herself from moaning lewdly around his cock.

It was then that she felt the first of many loads explode in her mouth, filling it to the point that she had to gulp his cum down to avoid it spurting from her nose, leaving her feeling full. His friends were only too happy to take his place, grabbing a fistful of her hair and lifting her face up, making her feel ever-more like a cheap whore they had bought. The clink of coins is the only thing she can focus on as their motions blend together, her body and mind succumbing to the pleasure.

At the end of the day, her body is aching, her mind is exhausted, and any pride she held onto had long since slipped away. As cum trickled out of her over-fucked holes, she could hear a set of footsteps come to her hole again. Ruby’s tired head cranes up to see the familiar, the owner’s smug face sending a chill down her spine, smiling down at her and what she had become, sending a perverted shiver of arousal across her body as she took pleasure in it. Ruby had become used to the disgusted gaze people cast down at her, it felt as if she could cum just from that alone, and she instinctively parted her lips, ready for him.

“I’m not here for that, slut.”

His words cut deep, not as an insult, but because she knew it was the truth, it was what she had become…

“I’m here to collect your tips and subtract them from your debt.”

Ruby’s eyes lit up, a glint of hope that reminded her that she wouldn’t stay here until she broke, it wouldn’t take long to pay everything back, especially after how much she made! He kneels down with a separate bucket, tipping the coins into it before standing up again, shaking his head.

“Damn, you didn’t get a single tip… You must not be very good at this, hm?”

His nonchalant tone betrayed his words, blatantly lying, she objected as he began to walk away.

“Don’t lie, you can see how much I’ve made right there!”

He turns around, walking back toward her slowly before peering down at her bucket.

“Looks empty to me…”

Ruby’s body went cold, her face growing pale when he turned around again, silently walking to the girl next to her, doing the same to her bucket, only not having to speak with her. An overwhelming sense of dread spreads across her chest when the realization hits. She never wanted to stay here… he kept her here… she was just like her…

Ruby’s restraints began feeling exactly like that, restraints. She struggled desperately to break free, but there wasn’t even an inch to budge! The store grew quiet, the man having likely retired to bed, they were left there together.

Though as she continued struggling, there was no progress whatsoever, even emphasized by the mocking giggles of the girl in the wall next to her, who seemed to have enjoyed the sound of her struggles.

“I’ve been here for ages! We’re going to be friends~”

The mere thought sent a shiver down her spine, and she resorted to at least trying to get some rest before whatever the morning had to offer comes for her. she felt her eyes flutter shut, the weight of her situation washing away for a moment, but sadly, only for a moment. The sound of footsteps filled the room as their customers made their way down over to them.

“Wakey wakey now. Let’s hope you have a better day than you did yesterday!”

It was a dreadful snap back to lucidity, inches from finally getting some rest, instead Ruby heard a flood of footsteps making their way toward her, the familiar sound of being surrounded by strangers, each with their cocks out filling her vision. Before she can even fully wake up, her mouth is forced back open by someone’s hard tip, instantly pounding away at her poor throat, still sore from the previous morning.

Arousal takes hold as she hears another stampede of footsteps, making their way down the halls behind her, her ass suddenly feeling much more exposed as she can practically feel them staring at her. Her involuntary wriggles of pleasure seem to have enticed them, as she soon felt a firm grip hold her waist in place before her ass was forced into, making her scream around the stranger’s cock in her mouth.

“Fuck, she’s tight!”

The appreciative groans from behind her only dig the shame deeper, the beginning of a new day setting in as he begins pounding into her tight hole, stretching her out as she can feel her pride melting away. Despite her slight fear, Ruby quickly falls into a rhythm, a faint smile spreading across her face as her moans become more enthusiastic. She coaxed out each load to try and shorten the line in front of her, but it only grew, right up until the final call was put out, and each person behind the last began dispersing.

When the final stranger came inside of her mouth, she was left feeling empty, watching the familiar sight of the owner kneeling down to collect her tips playing out, the man not even bothering to acknowledge her at this point, simply stealing her money. Though, as hope had left Ruby’s mind, the man speaks down to her.

“You’ve paid your debt many times over by now… I’ve decided that you can leave if you’d like.”

Looking up, Ruby is partly in disbelief, not sure whether to trust the man’s words, but she couldn’t stop her hope from returning. Despite the arousal she felt during her time there, she didn’t want to end up like the other girls, and after only a moment's pause, Ruby eagerly nodded her head.

“I was half expecting you to say now… Oh well, come on now!”

The man grunts as he hefts the restraints free, letting Ruby slump forward, eventually slipping free, falling onto the floor in front of where she used to be held. Looking over at her hole, she can’t help but imagine how helpless she must have looked, but was whisked away by the man before she could loom on it for too long.

“Here, you’ll be wanting something to wear home, I’m sure.”

He practically shoved an outfit into Ruby’s arms, with an obvious point, being that she didn’t want to walk home naked. Realizing the awkwardness of getting dressed in front of the man, she didn’t have too much time to be concerned about it, slipping the outfit on as quickly as she could. It’s only as it finally flows down her body that Ruby recognizes it, he had given her the outfit she had been paying off in the first place! Chuckling at her realization, the man speaks condescendingly to her.

“Oh, you saw that? Take a look at the tear you made on your way out.”

Just like that, Ruby was promptly pushed out of the door, left on the street in a skimpy outfit that barely even covered her crotch…

Though the man’s words were still swimming in her head, and while she took her first steps back home, Ruby looked down at her outfit, ignoring the stares from each passerby as she examined herself. She found the tear along her chest, but after tracing her finger across it, Ruby feels something prickly, her eyes widening in shock. The outfit had a velcro slit that could be peeled away, looking as if it was torn!

Ruby felt sick to her stomach that she was tricked so easily, but more-so about how she looked back at each moment fondly, even catching herself smiling over a few of the sensations she recalled.

Ruby lets herself fall through those fond thoughts for a while, but finds herself taken away from them rudely, the stares she kept receiving were beginning to make her feel self-conscious. She felt over the tear to make sure she had patted it down, then touched her face to make sure nothing had rubbed off onto her skin…

The cold, sticky liquid that smeared across her fingers made her heart sink, freezing in place as a nearby couple pointed towards her, laughing to each other. In her rush of happiness of getting her freedom back, Ruby had neglected to clean herself off…

Utter humiliation was the only thing she felt, quickening her pace home, seeing a sea of faces rush past her, the stifled laughter and taunting words that stung across her skin only emphasizing it. After turning another corner, she could see it, her home was only a few moments away, but having stopped her jogging, Ruby felt a sudden wave rush over her. Arousal hit her like a wall, the mocking laughter still in her mind, she couldn’t escape the feeling.

Why do I feel like this?!

She tried to question herself, but there was only one answer, coming to her as another person passed by her, staring at her face. It’s then that she understood how much she was getting off on this, how she enjoyed their stares. After all, she hadn’t even tried to clean off the cum from her face…

With still only a short distance until she was finally alone, Ruby started walking again, only there was no rush in her pace, slowly taking her time, inching closer. Each person passing her, every snicker and taunt, the words that assaulted her mind, she was addicted to them.

Despite wanting to drag it out longer, Ruby finally makes it home, stepping to the threshold and making her way inside. A rush of relief comes over her, sinking down to the floor in a heap, simply going over what had happened in her head. Minutes go by, until finally, she heads further into her home, a hot shower at the top of her list…

Feeling the steamy waters run down her body, Ruby tried to ignore the constant craving she felt to succumb to her thoughts. Slowly, she did just that, sinking to the floor of the shower, letting her fingers glide between her legs, teasing out her pleasures as the evening faded into night.

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