An Unconventional Relationship

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Cathy and Simon were very close from their childhood as they were siblings. Simon was a couple of years older than Cathy. But, Simon always admired her. Cathy was a very nice and innocent girl. She never had bad thoughts about anyone. No matter how bad you are to her, she will be nice to you.

And that is Cathy for you. But, Simon was a bit different. He was very protective of his sister. He never let his sister out of his sight once during their early days. But, when Cathy went to school, he ensured that their parents sent her to the same school where he used to go. Cathy liked his brother for that.

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She always felt safe when her brother was around. She knew that no boy would look at her in a bad way if she had her brother with her. Both Cathy and Simon belonged to a religious family and for them, sex can only happen once you are married. Therefore, it was Simon’s duty to protect his sister from bad influence. Simon was very careful about her sister’s well-being.

However, when they grew up, something changed for Simon. He started looking a Cathy differently. He wasn’t sure what that feeling was but it was different from the brotherly love that he had for his sister. He was confused and didn’t know what was going on with him. Simon was having different sensations whenever he was with Cathy.

The Realization 

Simon couldn’t tell anyone about his feelings for his sister because he was not sure what it was. But he knew that his feelings for his sister changed a lot from the previous feelings of only brotherly love. One day he saw Cathy coming out in her towels and that have him an erection. Suddenly he realized. 

This was a romantic feeling and he was in love with his sister. This came as a shock for Simon because of his religious beliefs. He knew that it was blasphemous to look at your sister in that manner. You can’t have sex with your sister. You cannot marry your sister. But still, he fell in love with her. 

Simon wanted to suppress his feelings but he was struggling. Whenever he was watching a sex scene, he would imagine him fucking his sister. It was depressing for him. He knew that it will never happen and so he should stop thinking about it. You just cannot love your sister in that way.

One day at night, Simon was reading a motivational book that taught him always to give things a try before giving up. So, he decided that he would tell his sister about his feelings and after that, he will wait and see what Cathy would say to him. He hoped that Cathy wouldn’t tell his parents about his love feelings.

The Confession

Simon went to Cathy and told her about his romantic feelings for her. This was unexpected for Cathy because he never looked at her brother in that manner. Simon knew that and that was why he requested Cathy not to tell their parents about this and just to give it a think. 

Because of her brother’s protective attitude, she never looked at any other man romantically. She knew that her parents will marry her to a suitable man and thus, she doesn’t have the right to choose her partner. The person that used to scare her the most was his brother. 

But, now, her brother was confessing that he was in love with her, his sister. So, she got the courage to choose her partner. She always wanted that liberty. But, she had one problem. She didn’t know any man to choose from. The only man she ever knew in her life was her brother.

Unlike most of her friends who used to go out with multiple boys, she never had that chance. And, she also knew that if she doesn’t accept the proposal from his brother, then she would have to marry someone she didn’t know. And, Cathy never wanted that fate for her. But, was this relationship even possible?

Cathy was giving this relationship a thought. Will everyone accept his brother as her husband? At that very moment, something happened to her. She felt she was about to pee. Cathy rushed to her washroom to find out some sort of white fluid coming out of her vagina. 

This thing never happened to her but she knew what it was. She heard her friends talk about it. She wanted to have sex. She needed to have sex. But the only way she might have sex by now is if she had a boyfriend. Just then, she remembered, her brother could become her boyfriend and fuck her. Things got wetter for her down there.

The Decision

Cathy asked Simon to come to her room. Their parents were not at home and so, Cathy wanted to seize that moment. So, she called Simon and told him that she would tell him about his decision about their relationship once he came to her room. Simon rushed to Cathy’s room because he was desperate to know the answer from Cathy and he was madly in love with her sister.

When Simon reached Cathy’s room, she told him to shut the door. Simon was so desperate that he did whatever Cathy told him. He would do whatever Cathy would tell him to do.  He just wanted to have his sister. Cathy knew by now that her brother is desperate to have her and he was holding reigns of her brother’s desires. That kind of felt empowering for Cathy. Simon was eager to know he reply was.

Cathy started by saying, “I know you love me a lot, brother.” Simon angrily said, “Don’t call me brother, Cathy.” Cathy smiled and said, “But you are my brother. How can I know that your love for me isn’t sisterly? How would I know you love me romantically and would make me feel like a woman? Is there a way you can prove that you are truly in love with me?”

Simon replied, “I have already confessed my feelings. How can I prove to you that I want you as my life partner so badly.” Cathy said, “Well, those were your words. But, your actions never indicated to me that you want me as your partner or want to make me feel like a woman.” Simon desperately said, “What do you want me to do? I will do anything for you now Cathy, anything.”

This was the moment that Cathy knew she had to capitalize. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for her to have sex. And so, she said, “Make me feel like a woman. Fuck me now and make me a woman. I want you to make me your woman. Then I will know that your love for me isn’t brotherly.” Simon got angry and gave her a tight slap across her face and that touch on her skin gave him an erection.

Although Cathy was hurt, she enjoyed that touch from her brother. She wanted more from her. Simon couldn’t control himself and kissed his sister on her lips hard. She was also reciprocating the kiss from Simon. He slowly started taking her clothes off. Simon wasn’t in himself anymore. Also, Cathy started to take Simon’s clothes off. When Cathy took off Simon’s underwear, his large dick popped out.

Cathy was happy to see the humongous size of her brother’s manhood. She first took it in her hands and then started sucking it. Simon was in a different world by now because of the immense pleasure that he was getting from Cathy’s blowjob. He was pressing Cathy’s head on his dick making her choke at times. But Cathy was also relentless with her sucking.

After that, Simon went down on her and started licking her pussy. Simon was using his tongue, lips, and teeth in Cathy’s pussy to give her immense pleasure. Cathy became desperate to get fucked and she urged Simon to enter her pussy. Simon also couldn’t control himself and in one thrust, he was inside his sister. Cathy screamed in both pain and pleasure. But, there was no one in the house to listen to that.

Simon didn’t stop and kept on fucking her. He was fucking her in a missionary position. After that, Cathy changed the position to go on top of her. Simon also fucked her from behind and after that ejaculated inside her pussy. After that, Simon saw blood in Cathy’s bed and became worried. He asked Cathy if she was alright. Cathy smiled and said, “Don’t worry, this blood is a sign that I am no more a girl. I am now a woman.”

Cathy hugged Simon and they slept together. Simon couldn’t believe that Cathy accepted him as her partner. Cathy also couldn’t believe that she fucked her brother to lose her virginity. Both were happy but also worried about one thing: what would be the fate of their relationship? Will everyone accept it? But for this night, they didn’t care about what others would think.

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