Gay incest story: Brotherly love

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He found it annoying, being the youngest of the brothers, but recently things had been changing…

Their taunts became more sexual, their groping more intense and Moses couldn’t deny the desire he felt with each touch. The feeling of being helpless when they pinned him down, he almost wished it would go a bit further, but he was always left unsatisfied, stroking his cock to the thought of it, until now.

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Sam had finally said what he had been wanting to hear this entire time, a few gentle gropes and he was lost in his fantasy again, hoping to be taken by him as they headed downstairs.

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“Listen, you don’t have to worry! Technically I’m in charge, so if we get into trouble, I’ll talk us out of it.”

Being frank with himself, Moses didn’t need a particularly convincing reason to latch onto, he was mostly not wanting to seem too eager. He had been eyeing Sam up since they started teasing him like this, his toned body catching his eye in the hallways many times, he just wanted to feel himself pressed beneath his body, a craving that he couldn’t help but sate.

Sam on the other hand was hesitant at first, not wanting to get involved with his brother like this, but he couldn’t deny his attraction to Moses. His petite build lined up with his submissive nature, Sam wanted nothing more than to look into his piercing blue eyes and watch them roll up into his head.

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Now finally alone, the two brothers pause for a moment, almost as if sizing one another up, but finally cave to their desires. Moses feels his own instincts suppressed by Sam’s firm guidance, as if using him as an object, only making the rush in Moses’ chest even more intense. Before he knew it, he was splayed out on the kitchen counter, his clothes pulled down to reveal his toned body, but was now fully exposed for Sam to sate his lust on him.

“You’d better get ready to squeal for me~”

His teasing tone made Moses shiver, and in a single swift motion, Sam thrusted himself forward, pushing his thick, veiny dick inside of Moses’ quivering hole. It felt as if he was trying to make him split in half, and with the sheer size of him, it seemed a probable outcome. Though soon enough, Sam settled into a gentle rhythm, letting Moses adjust to his size, subtle moans escaping Moses’ lips within a few seconds, giving Sam the go-ahead to finally let loose.

Moses’ eyes widened in shock, feeling his tight hole painfully stretched with each thrust, Sam began ruthlessly pounding into his body, listening to the lewd, wet smacking sounds between them as his pleasures only grew. Despite his initial resistance, Moses felt himself drift off into a haze, his eyes glazing over as his body caves completely, tensing up from the forced stimulation, Sam stares down and watches his cock rocket his load across his chest, a single drop landing across his cheek.

“You’ve still got me to finish off!”

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Sam practically spat his words down at Moses, wanting to have him take his load, he picked up his pace to an almost animalistic speed. The kitchen was filled with the rhythmic smacking of Sam against the poor assistant’s hips, grunting loudly as his own orgasm began creeping up on him, before finally crashing over his body with an incredible intensity.

He bottomed out inside of him, letting him feel his cock stretch his ass out with each throb, surging his load deep between his cheeks, watching his face twist in pleasure at being filled by his sticky load.

Basking in the afterglow, admiring his work, Sam stares down at Moses’ quivering body, leaking his cum from his over-fucked hole as the subtle sound of the kitchen door startles him. Quickly glancing over, he spies a familiar face, his voice giving it away in an instant, his eldest brother, Tyler. He was standing there, staring back with an unusually calm look on his face. Caught with his dick quite literally in his hand, Sam is left speechless, Tyler chuckling to himself as he breaks the silence.

“I can see he’s doing a good job ‘assisting’ you. Isn’t that right?”

He emphasizes his second point by leaning down slightly, meeting Moses’ exhausted gaze, a haze still clouding his mind, but well aware that they had been caught. Though somehow, this doesn’t deter him, Sam looking down to see Moses’ cock already stiffening again, despite having leaked only moments ago. Almost having forgotten he was there for a moment, Tyler clears his throat and starts walking closer as he speaks.

“It’s funny though, I was looking for you myself so that you could help me with something…”

Sam was left there to panic over their current situation, still left recoiling after their session together, he was worried for the future of his household life. That is, until Tyler made his point clear. Without a word, he adjusts his pants, letting his thick, pale cock slap against Moses’ face, smearing his cheek with precum.

“Well, do you think this is something you can help me with?”

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Moses couldn’t speak, but readily parted his lips and let Tyler sink his dick into his mouth, feeling it throb against his tongue with each shallow thrust. It was clear that he wasn’t lying, he was pent-up and felt like he was ready to blow any moment. Still shaking away his panic, Sam just watches at the odd sight before him, realizing they’re off the hook however, he soon joins the mood, stroking his cock back to full mast. Urged on by the wet sounds of Moses’ throat struggling to adjust to Tyler’s shaft, Sam thrusts his hips forward again, letting his dick sink into Moses’ quivering hole once again.

“Looks like he may need a shower after this…”

Moses was too lost to hear Tyler’s quip, but Sam couldn’t help but smile. Now fully relaxed, they were both able to pick up their pace, throwing away the shallow thrusts and moving to pounding their poor brother from both ends, stuffing his holes full of cock to the point that his mind was surely in tatters.

Now pounding poor Moses at full pace, the two older brothers gave into their lust, the loud smacking of their hips against his body echoed in the room, his own moans muffled around Tyler’s cock, but still audible. The wet churning of his holes grew ever louder, both men seeming to reach their limit together, Tyler pressing against the man’s throat to squeeze it around his cock.

“Fuck! Take my fucking load you dumb cunt!”

His curt words didn’t cut Moses’ pride, lost in his pleasures, he couldn’t even register what they were saying. Tyler’s cock tensed up, painfully stretching his gullet with each pulse of his cum down his throat. Urged on by the sight of him reaching his orgasm, Sam feels himself crash over the edge as well, his tip squeezed by Moses’ tight hole, he feels his balls empty completely, an absolute torrent of cum forcing its way inside of him.


Both men listen to Moses’ muffled screams, his own orgasm apparent as they watch his half-hard cock spasm and pathetically squirt his load against his own chest, mixing with the rest of his cum. Finally calming down, both men pull out, looking down at their work after having made their brother resemble a fleshlight, rather than a sibling.

“Well fuck, I don’t think he’s getting up for a little while. Fancy getting a drink?”

It was an offer he couldn’t rightly pass up, readjusting his pants, they both take a moment to clean up, Sam snatching a box of doughnuts before letting the door close behind him. Left there to recover, Moses simply breathes gently, catching his senses back by the moment. Each second that went by only emphasized how intensely he had been used, the aches of his body becoming apparent. Though exhausted, there was only one thought in his head, and that was crawling off of this counter and taking care of his brothers in the other room…

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