Deal with the devil (Pt. 2)

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Without warning, I grasp at her waist with my hands, lifting her into the air as I toss her a sly smile, letting her know just how in control I am. For a moment I keep her there in the air, rubbing gently against my tip, until my own inpatients get the better of me, and I begin pressing her petite body down against my cock.

The small squeal that slips past her lips was so sweet that I couldn’t help but be urged on by it, wanting to hear more of her in that mindset, I practically shove her down until my tip is forcibly pushed inside of her. The gorgeous look on her face as she realized how fucked she was made me want to ram every inch inside of her in that moment, but I withheld so I could draw this out, seeing the hesitance inside of her melt away with the pleasure I was allowing her body to feel.

“Please… don’t hurt me…”

It was such a sweet request that I just had to laugh in her face, watching as her innocent look turned to a grimace of fear.

“Don’t worry, whore. Daddy won’t hurt you, but you will hurt yourself.”

Before she had a chance to think about what I said, I let go of her waist, watching as she quickly understood what I meant. Now without my support, Emma began sliding down my cock, her cute squeals replaced with pained screams as her pussy was forcibly stretched as she writhed with me inside of her.

“Don’t squirm too much, or you’ll break~”

My taunts weren’t just that, she really would break if she didn’t sit still, but despite my warnings she continued trying to claw at some futile idea of breaking free, instead only sliding further down. Surprisingly, I could sense her own pleasure building in her body, and could tell that in some perverted corner of her head, she was actually getting off to this.

This fact was emphasized as I felt her pussy begin tightening around the third of my cock she had slid down already, and I watched on in awe of what happened next. The poor bitch, squirming and beginning to tear up even more, had been pushed so far to the edge that she was about to cum whilst trying to wriggle free!

As I couldn’t hold in my laugh, she tried to screw her eyes shut as her own orgasm wracked her body, sending her into a spasming fit as she was forced to cum on a demon’s cock. The delicious part of this whole scenario is how she slid even further down my shaft, her spasms urging her on even more, until she was almost fully impaled on my cock, still cumming her tiny brains out.

Cheating, incest & kinky things. Do I need to say more? Anything you can imagine just a click away!

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! I’m gonna cum again!!~”

She had fallen into an endless pit of pleasure, one that I was oh so ready to abuse her in once she sunk to my level. Now almost fully impaled on my dick, I take the opportunity to grab at her waist again, holding her in front of me as I begin thrusting into her quivering body. I hadn’t had this chance before, using a woman as a literal fleshlight as I pounded into her, but this one was perfect for it. Secretly eager and able to accept my large cock, the entire room was filled with the wet smacking of my hips against her skin, clapping together whilst I furiously fucked what little senses she had left out of her.

It’s almost funny to hear the once stuck-up prissy girl now broken down as a desperate cockwhore, squealing as I pound into her, helpless against my overwhelming assault of pleasure on her fragile body.

Feeling my own pleasure reach its pique, I tighten my grip on Emma’s waist, pistoning my twitching cock inside of her well-fucked hole even harder, frantically pounding into her once-tight cunt as she madly babbles through her pained orgasms. Looking down, her eyes that were once stained with tears of pain, now lost in a haze of pleasure, glazed over as she couldn't help but squeeze her pussy around my shaft, begging me to cum inside of her.

Lost in my own pleasure for a moment, I do just that, bottoming out in the little bitch hard enough to pump a few ropes into her, my cock surging my cum into her waiting cunt.

“Argh! Take my fucking load my little cockslut whore!!

I practically spit those words down to her, holding her tight in my grip like a toy as I spasm inside of her, watching her body twitch in response to each movement.

Not wanting to overfill her, I pull out and let the remaining load cover her, letting the spasming little minx drop to the floor in a wet mess, cum erupting from my tip as I let each rope shoot across her body, covering her more with each throb of my dick. After a few moments of her squealing drowning out my grunts, I look down at my broken slut, eyes crossed in absolute bliss as I squeeze out the last few drops onto her face, before spitting down on her to drill home how desperate and low she had sunk.

“Thank you, Daddy~”

That’s the last thing I hear before completing my contract, snapping my fingers with a grin as I return back to my own realm. Feeling more satisfied than I have in years, she had definitely earned her end of the bargain, but I don’t doubt she’ll be trying to find me again for something a lot more mundane, but for the same price. The last sights I see are of her panting on the ground, a broken whore in a mess of her own sex.

It takes a few moments for Emma to realize she was now alone in the room, no one left to perform for, she lays still and attempts to recover, both her mind and body overwhelmed completely.

Feeling dejected, used and thoroughly abused after her ordeal, Emma could do little but lay on the floor as her breathing returned to normal, the aching pain between her legs a reminder of what had just happened. It wasn’t some sick fantasy, the thick cum coating her body and leaking from her stretched-out pussy were evidence enough of that.

As she lightly shook her head, trying to regain focus of her eyes and snap them from the lustful haze she was so roughly tossed into, her legs regained what little composure she could muster, and she staggered to her feet. No sooner than when she finally straightened herself out, did her body’s pent-up lust threaten to give way, the light sensation of the demon’s cum dripping from her pussy was enough to threaten to send her over the edge. At the same time, the click of the door alerted her, and she swiftly turned around to see who had managed to make their way in. To Emma’s horror, she saw her boyfriend standing in the doorway, clutching a paper bag of groceries, his mouth agape.

In front of him was his girlfriend, covered head-to-toe in several gangbangs worth of cum, as well as her pussy having visibly been stretched. Without knowing what to do, the image of the perfect, kind-hearted girlfriend shattered in an instant, he watches on as the combined humiliation of her situation and the growing intensity of the demon’s cum trickling down her leg sends her over the edge. Whilst locking eyes with her boyfriend, Emma’s eyes roll up in her head, and as much as she’d like to, there’s no hiding her shame.

Without so much as any contact, she violently cums in front of him, falling to her knees as her entire body looks as if electricity is coursing through it. Her involuntary spasms cease after a few moments, and she’s left there, staring at the ceiling, the perfect speech welling in her mind, but pushed back at the thoughts of dealing with the impending back-lash from her boyfriend. As if trying to ignore the situation entirely, Emma screws her eyes shut, staying on the floor, ignoring the fact he’s staring at her, naked and laying in a pool of cum, but can’t ignore the sound of his wet footsteps as he comes closer to confront her.

A sinking feeling wells within her, as the price of the demon’s bargain rings in her mind, but oddly… she doesn’t regret it.

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