The Storm God’s Bride – Part II

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“The rains dried up in my grief, I began to think I'd never see you again.” The large young man took up Irma's smaller hands in his own. “But you've returned, and my heart is whole again.” 

“Then let mercy reign in the mortal world,” Irma tittered softly. 

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The Storm God's unexpectedly bubbly nature warmed the cockles of her heart. Though she knew not what it was, she felt something for him. He felt as familiar to her as any face back in her village. 

“Oh, Rael’khan!” Irma swooned, falling into his arms. 

“Dharma!” Rael called in welcomed relief. “You're so beautiful, my love. I can't stand being apart any longer.” 

Irma felt her former identity melt away under the heat of his passionate kiss. A feeling of nostalgia overtook her as she lay in his arms. She had been here before. She had felt his touch and relished in his kiss. His face lingered in her dreams. The idea of being the incarnation of a lost goddess was scarily palpable. Her mortality besieged her to mourn her life as a human, but her soul demanded her focus on the here and now. Was she truly home now? A deeper part of her said ‘yes.’ 

She was hypnotized by the strange God who felt so familiar. Surrendering to the Passion in his embrace, Irma allowed him to lead her to a bed covered in fine sheets and plump pillows. His stormy eyes remained on her, watching her with profound affection as he laid the young woman down gingerly. 

“Let us become one again.” Rael’khan beckoned. 

His long robust fingers plucked at Irma’s elaborate gown. Pulling the heavy garment free with ease. The young woman covered her naked body with her hands, modestly averting her eyes in her abashment. She sensed the handsome God's gaze, roaming her. 

“So radiant. My love, you have nothing to be embarrassed of.” Rael reached down and gently pulled her hands away. Allowing him to feast his eyes on the supple hills of her pert breasts and the blushing mound between her smooth thighs. Rael’s gaze simmered as he observed her body. It was just as he remember. Every fine curve and sway of her silhouette burned into his memory. “It's our first time all over again, isn't it? My Dharma—,” He whispered. 

His fingers brushed over her bare tummy, tickling her and earning A pleasured shiver from the young woman. Rael’s words summoned memories, not her own. She became lost in thought at his caress, reliving days of blissful matrimony in her head. Irma blushed all over, growing warm at his continued caressing. In hazy infatuation, Irma relaxed, charmed further by the youthful Lord’s sculpted body. Hard and artistically defined, as if chiseled from rich marble. 

The hungry look on his face inspired giddy arousal in Irma. She had never wanted someone so badly. Taking his large hands in hers, she guided his encompassing grasp onto her breasts and smiled shyly as his eyes lit up. Her permission was a floodgate to his adoration. The young God descended eagerly, kissing her body all over, leaving rosy marks along her supple flesh. 

Irma shivered and whimpered as his lips brushed her skin like the fluttering of a butterfly's wing. Her core began to tingle and grow warmer till she was hot all over. Rael’s mouth found the peak of her pale tit and drew it across his tongue. The sensation scintillated Irma, who writhed and cooed. Her hands clung around his shoulders as his tongue licked and flicked her sensitive nipple. He shed his loincloths, tossing aside the heavenly raiment to join the young woman in bed. 

Rael and Irma laid side-by-side in intimate closeness. Her eyes went wide as she peered down at his sex. As a God, he was perfectly endowed and already semi erect at the anticipation of indulging in his wife's beautiful body at long last. His hands groped and massaged her thighs, parting them enough to slip his fingers into her moist furrow. Irma moaned as another erotic memory shook free at his sensual teasing. 

Following her instinct, she reached out, testingly touching and grasping at him, palpating his muscles and torso before gliding down his hips. Curious fingers coiled around the young God's cock, squeezing his girth between her digits lightly. 

“Gently, My love,” Rael groaned as she more confidently stroked him. He grunted and panted as her soft, smooth palms stimulated his shaft. Rewarding her, the God swirled his digits around the swollen pearl of her clit, all the while watching his beloved’s face as it contorted in ecstasy. His own will crumbled as Irma continued in earnest effort to please him, meeting the pace of his own teasing. 

The two lay panting and hissing amidst their foreplay, the years of one another's absence erased in their carnal caresses. A sense of joy mingled in their love making—reunited their walls came down as they were filled with intimate urgency. The world beyond that room dissipated in the heat of their longing. 

“Oh Khan!” Irma sighed as she climbed atop the young God, straddling his pelvis and staring down at him in silent admiration. His hard cock perched between her soft thighs. Throbbing jealously for the young woman's attention. Chewing her lip timidly, she allowed her endless sexual curiosity to take her. Experimenting, she rubbed her thighs along his shaft earning a series of excited jolts from his healthy cock. 

“You make me impatient, my young queen,” Rael’khan growled, kneading at her waist, coaxing her to sit forward. 

Indulging the lustful God, Irma scooted forward, squatting just over the pinnacle of his length, gathering the courage to sink on to him. 

“Come my love,” Rael pulled softly, tugging her into place. 

Irma groaned as his crown sank between the fleshy petals of her womanly flower. The ache mingled with an unknown pleasure she had never experienced before. Called by the bittersweet sensation, she surrendered completely, sitting flush with his hilt. Irma cried out, throwing her head back in agonized ecstasy, her body ringing with torturous pleasure. 

The woman froze as her honey depths adjusted to the girth of his intruding member. Feverishly, Rael bucked up into her, bouncing the young woman on his heavenly cock. Her consciousness transcended her body as her core was filled with carnal delight. His sex stroked the ribbed walls of her furrow. The friction between their moist flesh, amazing and bewitching. 

Left weak by Rael’s rhythm, Irma fell forward, resting atop his wide chest, rocking with the sway of his hips. The penetration grew more profound as Rael’s crown breached the seal of her inner womb. Intoxicated by her utter fullness, Irma sang out and rode as if her life depended on it. Her wild bucking enamored the already rapturously aroused God. 

Summoning his lustful fury, he sprang up, sitting her in his lap as he took total control, driving her down solidly onto his shaft over and over. Irma’s pussy became a sloppy mess, churned up by Rael’s wrathful strokes. Electricity seemed to flow through her body with every collision of their hips, his cock like a lightning rod sending pleasurable bolts of electricity through her being. 

The former mortal trembled, collapsing into her godly lover. As he easily hoisted her up and down on his slick erection. Irma sang out as her body reached its limit, the coil of her pleasure spun tight. Then cracked, unleashing a powerful orgasm that put stars in the young woman's eyes, her being overwhelmed by waves of euphoria. 

She went weak again, falling against her godly lover. His pace quickened in the wake of her arrival, prolonging her orgasm and manifesting his own. Rael embraced Irma close, embeding himself into her womb. His cock throbbed forcefully, then erupted, spilling into her until she was bottomed out and left oozing his essence. The two collapsed into their bed, embracing as they fell asleep. 

With their marriage once again consummated, the mortal world welcomed mercy as the sky cracked open and rains fell, nourishing the barren land with gentle rainfall. Irma’s village was saved, and an altar for Darmagi was erected alongside the once angered God, Rael’khan. Fields flourished and peace was restored. A year later, Irma mysteriously returned to her village with her new husband and child, and was welcomed back as a living miracle.

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