Deal with the devil (pt 1)

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If Emma continued pacing in her hotel room like this, they’ll charge her for the dent left in the floor. It can’t be helped though, not a full day from now she’ll be standing in front of thousands, detailing her proposal that’ll hopefully set the stage for further development of her company. It’s no small step, and definitely needs to be one taken with confidence, the only problem is… she doesn’t have any at the moment.

The reason for the pacing is that she’s simply drawing a blank, unable to think of how to showcase her ideas, how to detail this or portray that. In short, she had writer’s block for her speech, and sadly the pacing wasn’t helping.

Whilst thinking to herself, Emma only wished that somehow she could slip through this speech with ease, so much riding on this succeeding that she’d do anything to have it run smoothly. When that thought had run fully through her mind, Emma turned around, suddenly feeling another presence in the room.

She was right with her instincts, as a huge, at least 8ft demon-looking man was standing in her room, nonchalant as if he belonged there. The fact is, I did belong there, it’s my job to satisfy the wishes of greedy mortals, and she was next on my list. After the initial shock, Emma simply stands there, mouth agape before he breaks the silence.

“Alright, I guess I’ll do the talking. You want something and I can help you, luckily, you have something I want as well.”

She’s still struggling to process this, but is surprisingly accepting of the fact there’s now a demon in her room, and is more interested in this little agreement. She looks up at me quizzically.

“What could I have that you want?”

With a sadistic smile, I step closer and look down at her, rubbing a finger across her chin as I crane her head up to look at me.

“I want you, Emma. I want to fuck the senses out of your body, and in exchange, your little speech will come as easily as you do in a moment.”

The promise of that caused a shiver to run across her body, but in still absolute terror of her speech failing, this is more of a blessing than anything, and figures the sexual part could be handled rather easily. After working out the details, the two of us finally agree to the terms. The pact having been agreed to, I notice Emma feeling a slight chill run across her body, shivering in front of me.

“That’s the seal taking hold, don’t worry, it’s kind of like a box that’ll open once the terms have been satisfied.”

There’s no mystery as to what I’m alluding to, but she still seems hesitant as to how exactly she was to satisfy me. I try to set her mind at ease, speaking down to her.

“Let’s not make this drag out now. Strip, now, you little slut!”

Her head snaps back and she meets my gaze with arrogance, the tone and names seeming to strike a nerve with her.

“Do not call me that, demon!”

I can’t help but smile to myself, taking in the atmosphere in the room as she dares to speak back to the person who’s in control over the situation. After letting the silence hang in the air for a moment, I lean down to her level, looking her dead in the eye as I respond.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.”

For a moment she seemed pleased with herself, having effectively bent a demon to her will, or so she thought for that single, fleeting moment before I gripped a fistful of her hair in my hand, forcing her to look back at me.

“Strip now for me, MY little slut~”

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The look on her face is absolutely delicious, a thinly-veiled threat that alludes to her position in this exchange. I watch as her breathing quickens and I can sense her heart-rate following suit.

“This isn’t some fantasy deal, Emma. You’ve already signed the contract, I’m only giving you the courtesy to hand over your end of the bargain yourself.”

Her eyes snap open as my words ring in her ear, realizing I’m within my full rights to simply pick her up and rape her until she passes out. My own cock begins to stiffen and throb next to her leg, and she realizes it may be better to let this process go as smoothly as possible. Still gripping her hair, I pull her closer, my lips caressing her ear as I whisper to her.

“Now… let’s not forget about that other clause you signed… Do you understand?”

My words are sprinkled with a sadistic glee as I let my voice elicit shivers from her frightened body. A few moments pass, not for her to contemplate it, but to simply come to terms with it. As I prepare to lift her up and take what I want by force, she parts her cute lips and speaks to me gently.

“Yes… Daddy… I understand.”

So much shame was packed into a single word, I could tell that it took a lot to swallow her pride and choke it out, but thanks to that, she won’t be choking on my cum for the rest of the night instead. I had the full intent to grab her by her ankles and tip her upside down, pistoning her onto my shaft until she would be gargling my cum for weeks!

With the formalities taken care of, I let go of her hair and allow Emma to fall back onto her feet, steadying herself as I watch on expectantly. Not wanting to rouse my anger once again, she hesitantly, but obediently, removes her clothing piece by piece. Her soft, pale skin is slowly revealed to me, her pert breasts sliding free from the tight confines of her shirt, her hips in full view as she slides the fabric down her skin. Finally, in full view, was my prize.

It took a few threats, but Emma had finally stripped herself down, her delicate, petite body on full display for my demonic cock to enjoy, now almost fully hard as I decide which of her holes to violate first…

The answer was handed to me as my cock stiffened to the point it was beginning to run up her leg, the tip smearing precum across her thigh before slapping wetly against her quivering pussy. Emma let out a sheepish yelp at the warm feeling of my tip rubbing against her, a silent threat that she’ll soon be broken by it. Seeing her sudden look of shock, silencing her usual demeanor, I can’t help but grin sadistically, grinding my hips forward to rub my tip between her legs, cupping her chin in my hand so she is forced to look in my eyes as I coat her thighs in my precum.

I need little more encouragement than her idle grinding against my tip, her body giving way to the inevitable as she moans softly to herself.

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