The Orcish Masseuse, Pt.1

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Aria watched the front of the new massage parlor from the corner of the Tavern across the street. Normally, an elf like her wouldn't be caught dead in a place like Carlyle Lane, a place for lowbornes, shifty goblin merchants, and a myriad of other species that Noble born elves like her nary mingled with. Still, Even so, she found herself drawn here by rumors. Wanting to verify what she had heard, Aria disguised herself in a warm cloak and waited in the early hours of the morning for the shopkeeper to arrive. Her heart raced when he finally appeared and all the gossips she had heard was verified. 

The owner of the massage parlor spa, Brindle Moore, was an orc, a hulking one at that. She watched as he unlocked the door and ducked through the entrance to get in. Aria froze with indecision. Her status and reputation would be at stake if she went inside. But a more carnal need growled louder. That burly physique, those broad shoulders, that towering stature! Such a brutish appearance, it all made her quiver with want! 

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If anyone found out about her scandalous taste for orcish men, she'd be shunned out of high elven society. She watched others enter and leave, looking relaxed and more than satisfied as she stood there arguing with her. Her jealousy growing with every Jingle of the bells, hung over the spa’s doors. Before she realized it, evening crept in and it was nearly time for the shop to close up. It was now or never. 

Awaiting the last customers departure Aria dashed for the door and darted in, her hands firmly clamped to the hood shadowing her face. Peering around she spotted the orcish shop keep placing bottles of oil onto the shelves against the wall. His broad, impressive back turned to her. He paused in his work and peered over at her with a blank expression, then nodded in silent greeting. 

“Are you still open for business, Sir?” Aria asked timidly. 

The large orc turned and nodded in affirmation as he wiped his massive hands off on his apron. He gestured toward the table in front of her where a towel and robes were laid, awaiting her. As if expecting her to disrobe, the large orc disappeared into a back room where she heard the splashing of water. Assuming he was washing his hands to give her some privacy, Aria quickly changed into the surprisingly clean and fluffy spa robe and towel. 

In fact, upon her inspection of the spa. It was much less seedy than she expected. Dare, she even say professional looking with modern furniture and a sterile coziness. The orcish masseuse returned, drying his giant mitts with a clean towel. Aria spotted his name on his name tag. 

“Dagmar, is it? nice to meet you, I'm Aria Sil—…” Aria nearly bit her tongue. She wouldn't dare leave her family name here. “Aria. Just Aria. How much for ahem—a Full service.” The noble felt her cheeks flush at the insinuation in her own voice. 

Dagmar retained his steely silence and nodded over to the pricing board hung over the front desk. 

“Oh, I have more than enough,” Aria muttered. “Do you offer any extra services?” She asked. 

The orc remained quiet but patted the leather cushioned surface of the massage table between them. “Ok…” without further argument she shed her robe and sat on the table in tense anticipation of his touch. 

The warmth of his large grasp took her by surprise. The texture of his skin was pleasingly coarse, inspiring goosebumps across her delicate skin. She melted as he caressed her narrow shoulders, and back, rubbing all the tenseness in her muscles away. She was surprised the orc had any notable masseuse skill, having assumed this place to be a front for a more illicit service. Instead, Dagmar proved to be an expert quickly working all the knots out of her back till she was so relaxed she had no choice but to lay down from weakness. 

“Well, well, you're actually quite skilled at this.” Her breath hitched as his large palm pressed at her shoulders, then tummy and down along her feet and calves. 

A shiver of excitement went through her as his robust fingers pressed into her soft thighs. His hands hovered close to the mound between her legs. She clung to her towel, sensing how dangerously close to her heated sex he was. Arias body tingled and trembled silently, pleading for him to go just a little further. A pang of sour disappointment fed her growing frustration as Dagmar pulled his hands away. 

“Hey, could you massage my chest? It feels awfully tight lately.” The elf averted her swimming gaze, her cheeks red hot with abashment. 

The orc quirked a bald brow as one of his jade green ears flicked its pointed end, his yellow eyes scanning the petite elf as she blushed uncontrollably. 

At first, Aria felt suffocatingly stupid for asking for such a thing. The proud elf felt herself shrink in utter humiliation then suddenly. 

“Anh!” A yelp of arousal left her throat as his large, powerful hand reached out and grabbed her breast, fondling one before caressing and massaging the other. Aria came undone, mewling in this powerful yet tender grasp. Her pale blue eyes scanned the orc’s stoic expression. His face was like a stone carving. Just the slightest focused frown curled his heavy bottom lip over his filed Tusk. His thick brow shadowed his citrine eyes. She couldn't tell where his gaze rested from where she lay. Was he enjoying this? Was he upset? 

Despite her worry, Dagmar worked diligently, his strong hands stroke at the hefty orbs of her chest, pooling her malleable tits in the wealth of his palms. Her flesh bristled at the depth of his possessive kneading. 

“Ah, so good,” Aria sang as she gave in to the surging pleasure. “More!” she crooned. Her demure and proper facade crumbled. 

It became acutely apparent to the orcish masseuse what the Elven woman really wanted. As Aria’s breath became heavy, Dagmar nimbly yet gingerly guided her onto her tummy. Still swooning in a lustful daze, Aria gave in to his gentle, wordless direction; turning over onto her tummy. Her towel was tugged free and left draped over her buxom rump. She heard the sloshing of oil and smelled the sweet lulling scent of lavender. 

Dagmar’s hands returned, slick with oil. The added lubrication deepened his wide strokes down her bare back. Heat remained in her body, simmering in her loins as his big hands grasped and massage the swell of her hips, shifting the table dangerously. Aria’s heart bounced in her chest, racing and slowing with every shift of his hands on her body. 

Once again, he took ample time kneading her thighs and shapely calves. Even massaging the arches of the soles of her feet. She was nearly asleep from the relaxing relief by the time he finished, only realizing as much when he abruptly stopped and began wiping down his hands. 

“Wait, was that it?” Aria sat up in stark disappointment. The desperation for more clear on her face. “Isn't there more you can do for me?” Emboldened by throbbing lust, she stripped away her towel, revealing her naked body completely. “I'm still so tense right here.” 

The Elven Minx purred coyly as she climbed down and bent over the table, jutting her heart-shaped ass at him invitingly. It was only then that she noticed a huge erection trapped in his trousers. Dagmar undid his belt and dropped his pants so quickly it slightly frightened the horny elf. 

Still, she trembled with want as he came up behind her, dwarfing her with his massive stature. His cock stood on end, furiously green and veinyly throbbing. The immense length and girth of his sex was dizzying. Self-doubt began to trickle in as he rested the hot weight of it over her ass. Aria’s ghostly blue eyes went wide as saucers as she gawked at the bulbous drooling head. Her mind went blank as the towering orc clutched at her hips, spreading her stance and lifting her slightly.

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