The Orcish Masseuse Pt.2

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Aria’s heart raced as she felt the orcs huge mits gripped her waist, hoisting her easily till she was pelvic height with him. The intense heat of his verdant length threatened to sear her skin as the orc laid his sex along the small of her back. Aria shivered in a mix of fearful arousal. He was so big and daunting, and yet her petite body ached for him. 

The elven woman chewed her lip pensively and clutched at the massage table. She felt the Titan of a male shift rocking his immense girth along her crack, slicking the underside of his shaft with her moistening loins. The noble elf hummed, quivering and melting and anticipation. She was simultaneously stunned that Dagmar was servicing her like this, but she was also frustrated and growing impatient in her surging lust. Aria wiggled against the bulbous crown of Dagmar’s cock. Encouraging him to penetrate her. 

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Obliging, Dagmar pushed his fat tip in between the fluffy lips of her blushing mound. The petite elf mewl and yelped at his prodding. Stoically, Dagmar took his time careful not to harm his new client. His citrine eyes watched the rim of her entrance stretched thin around the barrel of his girthy cock. While Aria crooned out in the mix of pleasure and pain. The orc remained silent in stony concentration. It took all his willpower not to slam into the elf's tight snatch. 

Aria could barely breathe as he entered her, but the astounding penetration was what she craved. Her eyes swirled in her head, but Aria dug in and leaned back stubbornly taking him. “Anh! Haaah!” Aria hissed and writhed, nails clawing at the cushion of the massage table. 

The orc paused at her whines, staring in concern. 

“Guh! Don't stop, you Green Plebeian! Fuck me like you mean it!” The elf’s true haughty nature reared it's ugly head. 

Dagmar quirked a brow—curious at her outburst, yet obedient as he proceeded to oblige. 

“Guh! Ff-fuck!” Aria cried out as Dagmar tugged her back sharply, sheathing himself in to her completely. 

Aria moaned and squirmed as she was bottomed out. Her pussy grew slick, lubricating the intruding member. Dagmar stood still, allowing Aria to bounce back onto him at her own pace. Testingly, she rocked back, pushing her limits as Dagmar’s thick crown pressed flush against her innermost wall. 

“Oooh!” she yelled as she lifted her hips, dragging Dagmar’s slick length from her depths. Her hips crashed back down, impaling herself again, greedily. “Gods above! I'm stuffed full!! Am I taking all of it?” She thought to herself in a sexually drunken haze. Casting her eyes over her shoulder, she was stunned to see that she had only managed to fit half of the girthy log inside. 

Covetously, she groaned and reared back, slamming down onto him with intent to have all of him. Her stomach began to ache at her efforts as her insides started to shift. Accommodating more of the Orc’s size. 

Dagmar sadistically remained motionless. A faint smirk curled his lip around one of his tusks. He watched her in silent lecherous amusement as the tiny female desperately slammed her body back onto him. 

“Ooooh!! D-do me!!” Aria demanded the orc move. 

Instead, he stayed stone still. 

“Gguuh! Anh! P-please!!” Aria whined in fevered defeat. Her plea was rewarded as Dagmar started to sway, bucking into her with slow, intentful strokes. 

His hands pinned her hips in place, barring her from controlling the pace. The orc’s deep languid thrusts were maddening, frustrating Aria to near delirium. Feebly, she attempted to wriggle free, determined to reach her end goal. However, Dagmar was too strong, fully taking control as he pumped her slowly. Relishing in the hot wet texture of her sweet pink furrow. The amusement became more apparent on the Orc’s face as the elven female began to babble and drool. 

“Please, m-more faster, please!! I can't—!!” Aria cried out, shivering in desperate need. 

Dagmar found satisfaction he had never known at the sight of the haughty elf reduced to a babbling mess. The knowledge that his cock had been the weapon of her downfall was even more satisfying. 

A soft scoff left his lips as he once again obliged. The towering male slammed his cock faster and harder, earning more cries and moans of agonized pleasure. Aria’s mind threatened to shatter under his brutish fucking. Her tongue lulled from her head, eyes rolling back in ecstasy. The elven woman could barely catch her breath as he pounded her mound mercilessly. Her once tight snatch slacked, loosening from Dagmar’s sensual abuse. The petite noble elf shuddered, edging closer to her orgasm. 

Still, even the orc’s harsh plundering of her greedy cunt was not enough. Her body hungered for more carnal punishment at the hands of the stoic male. 

“Annh! Fuck my ass!!” Aria wailed in a frenzy of masochistic desire. “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass!!” The once proper Elven noble chanted in a state of degenerate drunkenness. 

Dagmar, once again amused by Aria’s antics, obliged her—dragging the full length of his thick cock from her clinging depths. 

Aria groaned in disappointment and relief at her emptied trench, her body hummed with the absence of his shaft. Her snatch pulsed in need of its return, and jolt went through her as the searing tip of Dagmar’s length pressed to the snug seal of her asshole. 

He leaned into her, intent to penetrate her untouched barrier. Aria gasped and began to have second thoughts. Gritting her teeth, she resigned herself to allowing the girthy limb to negotiate her hole. Her breathing came sharp, then slowed as Aria calmed herself. Panic swelled in her chest as her anus was pried open. His cock pushing her tight cavity wide. 

The very rim of her anus felt as though it would snap like a rubber band. Instead, it stretched, accommodating the orc as he plowed forward. Dipping his dick so deeply that Aria sensed new parts within her that she had never felt before. Focusing on her breathing to avoid passing out from the intense mix of pained pleasure. Aria was paralyzed, unable to moan out as her body was pushed to its limit. 

She was finally allowed a decent breath as Dagmar paused. His cock submerged only a third of the way in. Aria barely registered the sound of a bottle clinking. The orcish masseuse retrieved some oil. Drizzling it over his uncovered length, he began to pump into her. The added oil came as a huge relief for the elf, who immediately felt the friction between them grow rapturous. 

“Oooh, that's it!” Aria groaned animalistically through gritted teeth. 

Dagmar remained focused, rutting into her anus at a steady pace. The elf’s body came undone. Her anus distended. The clinch of her asshole lost all elasticity—swelling around the barrel of the orc’s amazing girth. Aria could no longer think straight. She drowned in a singular train of thought, her senses soaked in the crisp smack of his moist pelvis against her oiled ass. The smell of his sex overtook the sweet, relaxing fragrance within the parlor. 

The noble woman forgot her station totally. Moaning openly like a beast in heat, her eyes drifted, crossing in her numbed state. Her tongue lulled out again, dripping with her appetite. “Yes, cum in me please!!” The elf screamed out as her orgasm rushed to overtake her. 

Her holes clinched, gripping at Dagmar’s length, milking it jealously as the orc unleashed a torrent of cum. With a sated groan he put his weight into her, pinning her spasming body in place as he filled her past the brim. 

Opaque orcish jism flowed from around his length as he finally pulled free from the petite female. Aria laid completely exhausted across the massage table. Her anus gaped and oozing thick strands of semen onto the floor between her feet. She caught her breath while limply lying there. Her holes quivered in their attempts to regain their original state. 

Dagmar walked around the table, wiping his hands clean. Aria peered up at him weakly. “The first visit is on the House,” the orc said in a level tone before disappearing to the back of the spa for some cleaning supplies. 

Aria collected herself and redressed, slinking from the spa with her cloak pulled over her head and a very distinct limp. Eyebrows began to raise in her household, however, as her subtle limp would heal then return each subsequent week.

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