Blissful beauty between lesbians

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These types of weekends were both the best and the worst. Lillian and I have been friends for almost five years now, meeting on the first day of college and spending every waking moment together for four long years, to now being long distance friends, seeing each other a couple times a year at most. As a way to reconnect in person, we recently decided to occasionally travel and have spa retreats at one of her various houses. And today we were at a sauna doing things I never thought we would.

Not only was I naked in front of Lillian, but Lillian was on top of me and we were kissing. I must have been hallucinating because this had been my only dream for years. She released my lips and our eyes met, " Both her hands travelled to my breasts and began groping and tugging on my sensitive nipples. And with that action, the bench I was on was soaked. I opened my mouth to talk, but she cut me off.

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My hands went to her ass cheeks and squeezed her huge globes. I pulled her closer into me and my lips massaged hers, making her moan. Her hips began to move. I broke off our kiss and looked at her flushed face, her hair cascading and draping around our bodies and her tits swaying back and forth, this was just too good to be true. My hand reached down between her legs, into her wetness, and began rubbing up and down, left and right, circling her clit. In unison, my mouth travelled to her breasts, my tongue flicking and sucking on her nipple. If this was a lucid dream, I was going to do everything in my power to make this seductress scream my name because everything felt so damn good. For a second, I released her nipples and met with her eyes to breathe out, "I'm all yours baby, and you're definitely all mine," before going back to lap at her subtle skin.

"Oh my gosh, that feels so good. Oh shit, baby! Please don't stop, don't stop!" Her voice got louder and louder, so much so that the sauna became an echo chamber of moans. There was no need to create any more steam in this room, as we made our own. It was amazing. "Keep rubbing my clit, and don't you stop sucking on my tits. You're too good for me to be your first girl. You must have been made to fuck women. Please! Oh, yes!! You're gonna make me cum so hard Dove, ohhhhh God." I needed to make her cum, the closer she was, the more turned on I was becoming.

Out of breath, I panted, "Shit, you're gorgeous. Keep going, baby. Let me see you cum on top of me while you bounce your tits in my face. I need you to cum."

Her tits jounced as her hips thrusted faster, and at that moment, I plunged two fingers inside her tight opening and began moving in and out of her. "OH FUCK YEAH!" My other hand continued to folder her breasts whilst my fingers began stroking up and down, hitting her g spot. "OH SHIT! Fuck me Dove, don't stop!"

"Cum for me, all over my fingers. Drench my hand with all your sweet juices. Cum for me now, Lil!"

Lillian lost it, "Yes, yes, yes! That's it! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm about to, oh Dove, yes! Fuckkkk yessssss!!! Ahhhhhh! Doveee!" Her body rattled and quaked on top of me, her head thrown back and her hips writhing as she screamed my name. As she rode through her high, our lips locked again and she whimpered in my mouth.

Finally ceasing my fucking, I slipped my fingers out of her honey pot, making her sigh deeply and allowing her to regain control over her body, before tasting her bountiful juices. "Damn, you're even sweeter than I imagined, Lil."

Placing her hands on my thighs and arching her back, she pushed off my body until she was on her knees kneeling in front of me. She moaned, "I can't wait to see just how much better you taste compared to how you do in my dreams." Forcefully pushing my knees apart and moving in slowly, her eyes never left mine as she gently kissed and licked my inner thighs, making me arch my back and softly whimper. Closing her eyes, she inhaled and then eased her tongue slowly through my juices, from the bottom to the top of my vagina. Opening her green eyes, she growled, "Better than I could have ever imagined." Slowly she continued to move over my sensitive region, taking her time to torture me. Biting my lip, she could tell I craved more of her, so she purred, "Beg for me, I want my lover to yearn for my touch. I want you to need me."

Weak to her, I would have done anything she ordered me to. "Please Lillian, I need more. You're the only one who can give me what I need. Please, make me cum for you, don't tease me anymore." As I pleaded with her, she smiled and her pace started to increase. Not long after, her head was swaying between my thighs, sucking and licking, kissing and blowing, making my eyes roll back. Her arms were circled around my thighs, firmly holding me in place so I couldn't squirm or move my legs. I had no control, completely powerless to my Lillian. "Oh Lil, that's it, keep sucking my clit. Don't stop, please, don't ever stop. I need you, baby." My hands went to the side of her head, clutching her thick hair between my fingers as my back arched. "You're driving me crazy!"

Looking up, her face was soaked and her pink full lips were swollen, "Such a tight little pussy. You wanna cum all over my pretty face, don't you? Give me all your sweet pussy juices? Your juicy pussy lips are wrapped around my mouth. I bet you love this, me on my knees making you feel sooo good. You're sooooo wet for me." Her fingers began rubbing and stroking my clit as her tongue dove in and out of my pussy. "You're mine, aren't you baby? Tell me whose the fuck you are."

"Shit, yes! You can have it all! All of me. Fuck! I'm yours Lillian!!" I was panting. Her hands moved to my breasts, squeezing and fondling my nipples as she brought me closer and closer. Her dirty talk just made me get hotter and hotter.

"Yes, Dove, that's it, you're mine. You're my horny little slut, aren't you? My lez slut. Horny and wet, begging for my mouth to grant you an orgasm. Cum for me, scream for me, my love. Let the world know how much you love fucking my mouth."

Thrusting and gyrating, my release was inevitable. "Yes, baby, yes, I'm a slut for you! I need your mouth! Shit, you make my pussy feel so good! Ahhhhhh, don't stop tongue fucking me, pleaaseee! I love your tongue inside of me. I need you so much! Please don't stopppp, ughhh. Mhmmm. Oh Lillian, I'm so close, soo cl - ah yes, ahhh yes, I'm about to cum. That's it, right there, you're gonna - yes, ohh yes, yes, ye - ahhhhhhh!" Screaming in pleasure, I came harder than any orgasm I had experienced before. She continued to tongue me down and lick up all my juices. I couldn't get a hold of myself with her around me. Just as I came down, my body had no chance to relax and recuperate from being a prisoner to her touch, as she began fingering me, forcing me to cum for her again. It was bliss.

After dragging another orgasm out of me, she laid herself on the floor of the sauna with her arms above her head, her hair sprayed out around her and her breasts perfectly rounded on her chest. She panted and with a wide smile plastered across her face, she whispered, "I love watching you cum for me." I couldn't help myself but to come down on top of her, kissing her lips and tasting my self-made honey that she had earlier banqueted on. She was my dream girl and I couldn't get enough of her. My legs intertwined with hers, one of her knees wrapped around my hip as our pussies met at last. Both sets of our lips touched simultaneously and the smacking of our juices merging was loud and harmonious, music to my ears. Unable to break from her hypnotic lips and tantalising oral massage, I began to grind against her, and with my pussy rubbing back and forth, our moans joined the symphony of passion. Once again, we both began to heavily pant. I sat up and with one arm holding her thigh to my body, I thrashed our crotches together. My other hand moved to her full and jiggling breasts, grabbing and squeezing her nipple between my fingers, making her whimper even louder. In response, Lillian reached up and seized my own ample breasts, grabbing and strumming away. Lillian was the first to speak since our primal grunt filled sex play began. "Yeah, keep scissoring me Dove, don't you dare stop. Ohhhh God, you're fucking me so good! I love your pussy on mine. Keep going baby!

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