Sultry lesbian battle

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After so many intense sessions together, they were craving for a more relaxed and playful time together, to which Tia gladly took the lead. As the afternoon became evening, the three of them moved into the living room, Enjie feeling a tenseness in her chest as Tia leads her to the sofa. Tia is quick to disarm Enjie’s guard, pulling her into a gentle kiss as they fall onto the soft cushion of the sofa.

“Come on, Sis. Let’s give him a show~”

Making her intent clear, Tia guided Enjie out of her clothes, letting her do the same for herself. With their naked bodies now on full display, Enjie breaks the kiss and looks towards Rem, who was watching as the girls passionately fell into their perverse natures together.

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It was an amazing sight, no hesitation between the two girls, hardly even a breath taken between their desperate kisses, the intense battling for dominance in their mouths as they clung to one another. Tia’s whimpers came first, Enjie having taken a greedy handful of her ass, giving it a quick swat as she continued diving between her lips. She could help but let her eyes flutter shut, enjoying the heavy movements of Enjie’s hands, guiding her through several moments of squirming.

Though she couldn’t let it last, somehow breaking free from her lecherous grasp, Tia dives forward, landing on top of Enjie before pinning her gently in place. From there, the idle whimpers and squirms from Enjie only grew, urged on by the delicate touch of Tia’s hands against her slender body, no longer needing to hold her in place, seeing as she had given in so readily to her advances.

Tia thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of her quivering already, just from a few touches of her hands gliding across her body, she was lost to it already. As she settled in her position, pressing her knee against Enjie’s crotch, forcing her to feel pleasure with each second she writhed against Tia, she spoke down to her.

“Remember now, Sis…”

She began speeding up, eliciting a guttural moan from Enjie’s lips as she continued squirming beneath her.


Enjie was quickly becoming overwhelmed, squealing so much that Tia covered her mouth with her hand..


It was as if she knew every weak-spot she had, every movement that would send her body on fire. In such a simple act, Tia wrapped her arms around her back and locked their legs together, both of them feeling the perverted warmth as their pussies rubbed against each other. Then it started, the gentle gyration of Tia’s hips as she gently moaned to herself, her eyes half-shut as she rides out the pleasure so easily, not even laying a hand on Enjie, knowing she couldn’t take over if she wanted to.

“Mmhh… You feel so good~”

Her grinding continued, growing in intensity as she ignored her half-stifled moans.

“I’ll let you moan now, just don’t be too loud~”

She slowly lets go of Enjie’s mouth, letting her whimpers out without a filter. As if overtaken by a sudden wave of her own lust, Enjie lunges forward and wraps her arms around Tia’s back even tighter, forcing Tia to meet her gaze as she moans desperately  in front of her. Enjie’s soft lips, glistening as she let out each whimper, her beautiful face mere inches from her own, and her petite breasts in front of her were like scenes from a dream. Tia’s pussy began quivering against Enie’s, her body spasming as Enjie continued grinding against her, all of which finally led to the first beautiful sight.

“Don’t… get any ideas… I haven’t had a release in a while…”

Despite her justification, it was still an amazing sight that’ll be burned into everyone’s brain. Tia, the tables now turned on her, began twitching in Enjie’s grasp, her eyes hazed over with arousal as her pleasure hit her like an earthquake. The room was filled with the sweet cries of ecstasy from her lips, her arms tightly squeezing around Enjie’s neck as her pussy came against her own, and with each subtle movement of her spasming body, Enjie’s pleasure soon followed.

It only lasted for a few moments until she regained her composure, that smug smile returning to Tia’s face. Even as Tia continued twitching in the afterglow of her orgasm, she was able to give off the aura of just how easily she could swap control.

Seeing Enjie’s reluctance to give in to her control, she increased her pace despite still trembling and pulled herself closer to her. In a single movement she raised her chest and revealed more of her cleavage, the amazing sight of her body was taken away suddenly, Enjie’s face smothered by her pert tits, muffling her moans as she continued grinding her body into her lap. Enjie could still hear the sounds of their crotches, dripping with juices as they lewdly filled the room with the sounds of sex with each movement, Tia’s ass bouncing in her lap as she held her between her breasts, clutching to the back of Enjie’s head as she groaned between them.

Then, as Tia relentlessly grinded her hips against Enjie’s crotch, her own pleasure began building again, another orgasm on her horizon. Moans and whimpers filled her ears, held so tightly to her chest, Enjie was able to hear them straight from her body, as if she was moaning directly into her mind. That rhythmic sound echoing in Enjie’s head, the sliding of their bodies, the wet sounds between their legs as their juices lubed her crotch, her sweet, delicate moans filling her head with each movement. It was too much, she couldn’t hold back any longer.

Enjie succumbed to her built-up tension, her body going limp as her lips parted, and that sweet sound escaped them and was muffled by Tia’s tits.


The manic squealing of a broken woman, teased and stimulated to the point that giving in to the insane amount of pleasure at the hands of a beautiful woman was all there was left for her. Enjie’s pussy quaked between them, urging Tia along to her own orgasm, mixing with the pleasure of finally hearing Enjie snap, she let the haze overtake her mind and her entire body began trembling.

“Fffuck!! C-cum for me!”

Enjie managed to coax Tia along through her own pleasure, stammering as she tried to regain some kind of control in her situation, but as they trembled in each other’s arms, the concept of control seemed far away for either of them.

Unfortunately for Enjie, as the moments passed on, Tia was the one to regain her senses first, a sly smile across her face as she pondered where to go with her teasing next.

Enjie was like putty in Tia’s hands, her body showing no resistance as her fingers gently traced against her skin, feeling the sweat drip from her body with every subtle movement. As their orgasms died down, Tia took a lecherous look at Enjie, seeing her panting in front of her was too much, and she quickly rolled them both onto the floor.

It was a beautifully desperate sight, the two women seeking their pleasure so intently after theri orgasms that they frantically moaned against each other, battling for control on the floor. After a brief struggle between them, Enjie ended up on top of Tia, her legs held open by her own, giving Rem a good view of her wet cunt. Feeling how labored her breathing was, Tia decided to give in to what her slutty Sis on top of her was after.

She plunged two of her fingers into her quivering hole, listening to Enjie squeal in delight at the sudden intrusion, grinding her hips against Tia’s hand in an effort to steal even more pleasure. There’s nothing holding the two of them back, not wanting to stop the descent into carnal depravity they were both hurtling towards. Both of their paces pick up, Enjie’s desperate grinding only increases as Tia relentlessly pounds her fingers into her tight, spasming pussy. The feeling could easily have swallowed them for hours, but Enjie’s tired body soon caved to the overwhelming amount of stimulation forced onto her.

After only a few minutes held in that position, Enjie’s entire body tenses up, contracting violently in Tia’s grasp as she finally feels her orgasm quake across her body. Tia doesn’t stop fucking her hole as she squeals, watching as Enjie’s pussy gives way to her juices, squirting up and across her body, feeling the warm squirt splash across her face. Enjie receives just the same, her own juices covering her face, dripping down her cheeks as she continues to squeal in absolute bliss.

Tia drags out this feeling for as long as possible, fucking Enjie’s pussy with her fingers until there was nothing left, leaving her to collapsed into Tia’s arms, completely exhausted, yet still twitching as residual pleasure jolts in her mind.

I..fu… ahh~”

They’re both completely shattered, both physically and mentally from the exhausting scene this had become.

Rem looks down at them both, seeing their evening of teasing coming to an amazing climax, both of them left breathless on the floor. Without a word, he helps them back up onto the sofa, letting them all find their comfortable positions. They each let their exhaustion overtake them, falling into a restful slumber together, Tia and Enjie still occasionally spasming as they whimper softly.

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