Lesbian bodies

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Me and my friend were just sitting and talking when suddenly we were all over each other and kissing each other crazily. And my crush on her wasn’t helping, so I took the opportunity.

I eventually let go of her boobs and raised myself back up to her eye level and slipped my fingers into the waistband of her skirt and pulled her closer so I could plant a kiss on those smiling lips. I felt her breasts press against mine while we smooched prompting a small gasp from both of us when our nipples made contact with each other.

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– Jake A.

I felt around the back of her skirt to find the clasp holding it together, my fingers wouldn't do what I told them to when I did find the button I wanted and it was sheer luck that prevailed when I managed to undo it and let it go. Suddenly her bare bum was in my hands and I took the chance to give those firm cheeks a squeeze. I tried to move back from her so I could look at her body but when I moved my head back she followed me, refusing to break our kiss. She really was getting into this and I loved it!

I felt around her back for the waistband to her panties but I couldn't find it. I realised she'd already done it for me and was now naked. In my bedroom, Sandy was kissing me so deeply and we were both naked! Oh god, this is really happening!

Eventually, she broke the kiss and I moved back so she had room to climb on with me, despite the confidence she'd just shown, Sandy now suddenly appeared tentative. Obviously, this was her first time with a woman and she was wondering what came next, and wondering what her part in it should be. So once again I took control and knee-walked to the top of the bed and moved some pillows around, then turned back to her.

"Lie here baby," I whispered while patting one of the pillows. She crawled to where I indicated and laid her head down on the pillow facing the ceiling.

"Hey," Sandy playfully admonished me. "Are you gonna sit and stare at me all day?" I looked up to see her smiling at me and became embarrassed like I'd been caught out!

"Sorry," I said with a smile. "You're just…. amazing." I saw her blushing again and jarred myself into action, I swung my leg over her body and straddled her hips, letting my hair fall over my left shoulder and put my hands on her torso.

I softly stroked up to her breasts again, this time paying them proper attention by massaging them and letting my thumb flick over her stiff nipples. Everything I did showed on her face and let me know I was getting more turned on by the moment.

I lowered my body onto hers, crushing our breasts together and invaded her mouth with my tongue. I kissed her lips, then her cheeks, and nuzzled into her neck and kissed my way down. My body slid along hers as I moved lower, I licked and kissed her throat and then down in between her breasts.

"Mmmm, that feels so good," Sandy whispered. Her eyes closed and her head stirred from side to side as I moved lower.

I briefly flicked my tongue over one nipple and then the other. They were so hard they must've been hurting or at least aching and when the tip of my hot tongue circled around each one she gave a high pitched moan which grew when I took it fully into my mouth. The warm wetness of my mouth coating her incredibly sensitive nipples seemed to really hit the spot!

I kissed my way further down her stomach and she gave the cutest little giggle when I circled her navel with my tongue, but those girly giggles faded and became hot and heavy breaths when I kissed lower and then trailed my tongue down her loins then stopped between her legs.

I licked my lips as I finally came face to face with it, her beautiful pink pussy was like a volcano, and I could feel the heat from it as I got closer. Everything about it was perfect, the aroma was intoxicating and her wet lips were begging to be touched. I resisted the urge to dive in tongue first, instead I ran my fingertips down over her slit, barely touching her but the amount of contact, and the anticipation of what was to follow made Sandy writhe and wriggle her hips.

"Mmmm…" I barely heard her because my own heart was pounding in my ears; I moved closer and planted a soft kiss right over her lips.

"Ohhhh god, Isla…"

I was on autopilot now. I licked her lips slowly at first, allowing only the tip of my tongue to push into her groove, and I travelled from top to bottom and then back again. With each pass I added more pressure, slipping ever further between her red hot lips.

"Mmmm…" Sandy seemed to have given up trying to talk, and her murmurs were ever more encouraging to me.

I put my hands on her thighs and pushed them wider. Sandy got the hint and bent her knees so they were pointing to the ceiling and I had one of her feet on either side of my head. She was splayed wide open in front of me now and her hot pink pussy was drawing me further in.

I used two fingers to open up her lips and for the first time to reveal her hot little fuck-hole to me. I teased her one last time by tracing around that little pink hole with the tip of my tongue but she had clearly waited long enough because suddenly her hips bucked up to meet me and my tongue dove as deep as it could inside her.

"Oh… oh fuck!" Sandy squealed as I tongue fucked her; I held her hips down and pressed my face into her pussy. My tongue worked at her, licking her inside and out and teasing her hole before diving in again and again. I pulled slightly away and licked her from her ass to the tip of her pussy; her juices were all over my tongue and chin as I slurped her like an ice cream.

When the tip of my finger found her clit I felt her pussy tighten up and I knew she was getting close. Realising how near I was to pushing her over the edge I replaced my tongue with my middle two fingers and pushed them inside her and that extra length and thickness coupled with my lips closing over her clit did the trick and her cunt muscles gripped my fingers!

Her back arched and then she sat almost bolt upright, I glanced up from her clit to see her staring down at me; her eyes were wide open and her blonde hair now wet with perspiration clung to her cheeks and neck. Then she squeezed those beautiful eyes closed and let out an otherworldly screech as she came on my hand!

A torrent of girl cum rushed past my fingers which were still wedged inside her, and her face screwed up as she saw stars for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, her pussy released my fingers and she flopped back, and her head bounced onto the pillow while she did a weird mixture of panting and wheezing.

"Oh… oh wow, Isla, that was… I mean I've never… wow…" Sandy opened her eyes to see me smiling down at her while she babbled away like a horny lunatic, "thank you."

"It was my pleasure," I told her.

I realised I still had her pussy juice on my face and I was about to reach for a towel, but before I could she reached up and pulled me down to her. She stopped for a second as if she was daring herself to do something, then she stuck out a tongue and licked me from my chin to my forehead, then sunk it between my lips and we kissed, sharing the taste of her pussy between us.

"Mmmm," I moaned after a few seconds of tongue dancing. "You're a really hot little devil aren't you?" I winked and kissed her again.

She smiled at that and I wondered if there was more to come from this, but she seemed too fatigued so I rearranged my pillows, and kicked off the damp duvet and pulled her up with me. I pulled her back into my torso and we spooned. I draped an arm over her naked breasts and held her close.

She seemed really content and I didn't want to push her to reciprocate what I'd done for her, I'd take her one step at a time.

Her eyes closed and I watched her drift away, feeling her breaths get more peaceful as she calmed down and hoped to god that when she woke up she wouldn't regret anything we'd just done! For now, I just held her close and, surprisingly, I also felt the tiredness take over me now all that nervous tension had gone.

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