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Cathy clutched the laundry basket to her bosom as she walked into the laundromat located on the ground floor of her new apartment block. Cathy was a twenty-five-year-old accounting clerk who was just battling her way out of a messy divorce and just moved out of her former home. She moved into this building less than a month ago and she felt extremely happy. She had no problem whatsoever with her neighbors and she was very grateful for that. Standing at a height of 5"5, with jet black hair and an athletic but curvy body frame, Cathy was quite an attractive woman. 

Meeting My New Lesbian Neighbor 

She adjusted her Airpod, and sang loudly to the music in her ears. Twirling around, she popped open a washing machine and began to dump her laundry in when someone else walked in. Having barely lived at her new apartment for less than a month, Cathy wasn't conversant with who exactly her neighbors were, but the lady who just walked in seemed oddly familiar, and Claire guessed they lived on the same floor. 

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“Hey!” The butch lady sporting a pink dyed low cut nodded casually at Cathy as she walked in and dropped her laundry.

Cathy stopped singing and paused to turn off the music as she replied. "Good morning," she flashed a friendly smile. With a bashful look, she took in the features of the tall busty neighbor who stood at the height of 5'9, with a bodacious curvy frame and jiggly D cups in her tank top. Her fat ass also rippled from underneath her shorts as she walked into the laundry room.

"You're the new chick on the fourth floor, right?" The pink-haired butch stared at her for a minute and  turned to ask Cathy. She almost caught Cathy off guard, as she wasn't expecting the question. 

"Huh? Yes! Yes. I just moved in here." Cathy replied emphatically after a nervous stutter as her pink-haired neighbor flashed her a smile. 

“That's cool. I’m Gina! And what's your name?” Cathy’s neighbor piped up from her end. 

"Oh, nice to meet you, Gina. I'm Cathy!" Cathy moved a few inches forward with a shy smile on her face. Gina's smile widened as she moved forward as well, with an outstretched arm. She came so close to Cathy that her obtrusive cleavage was almost poking into Cathy's chest as she scooped up a handful of Cathy's hair and sniffed it.

“Nice hair, Cathy!” Gina grinned at Cathy, and touched her hair really softly. 

"Uhm, thanks..?" Cathy blushed red at the cheeks as that response wasn't expected, plus the heat from Gina's frame was slightly bothering. Cathy tried to gaze away from the huge tits all up in her face, even though she felt a strange urge to reach out and knead at each one of them. 

"You're welcome." Gina smiled again as she stepped back a bit and watched Cathy heave out a sigh of relief. "You wanna see a movie sometime? You know... hang out as friendly neighbors? Get to know each other better?" Cathy casually asked as she let her eyes roam freely on Cathy. 

Cathy went beetroot red in her flushed cheeks and her knees went jelly. She couldn't believe she was getting turned on by the butch lady hitting on her. Though this was the first time it had ever happened, for some weird reason, an unexplored side of hers was triggered the more Gina ogled at her in that predatory manner. "Sure, I'd love to!" Cathy replied, and Gina beamed happily. She instructed her to come knocking at her door once they were both done with their laundry. 

Less than fifteen minutes later, due to her minuscule laundry, Gina finished hers. She waved at Cathy as she exited the laundry room and returned to the apartment. An excited but nervous Cathy quickly wrapped up, got up to her apartment, changed into a loose silk nightie, then summoned the courage to knock on Gina's door. 

"What took you so long?" Gina's door flung open right away as there she was in all her glistening naked glory, fresh from the shower and wet. Her huge tits had matching brown areolas and nipples, and Cathy gasped in surprise at excitement as Gina pulled her in and shut the door.

 Before Cathy could utter anything else, Gina's arms flew around her neck as she locked her in a sultry kiss that lasted a few minutes. She sucked her lips deeply and bit it a couple of times. Tucking her upper lips between hers, she rubbed her waist softly and they moaned loudly. 

Cathy could feel her heart rate increase as she kept savoring the pressure of Gina's heavy tits pressing into her C cups. They wobbled towards the living room with their lips locked until Gina sat on a couch and Cathy humped her, still sucking each other's lips. 

They finally pulled away for air, and Gina smirked at the mad hunger she could see burning brightly in Cathy's eyes. Cathy ducked her head low and clutched a nipple in her warm mouth, then began suckling, nibbling, and biting. Guttural hums of pleasure escaped Gina's throat as she slid an arm in between Cathy's panty-less crotch spread across her and began massaging her clit hard and fast. 

"Owww fuckkk!!!" The sensations were just too much for a horny Cathy to bear, and she pulled her lips from the stiff nipple and moaned aloud, bucking into the fingers that had now slid up her soggy cunt. 

"Oh, you're a seeping wet slut!" Gina dug into the neckline of Cathy's nightgown and grabbed at her handful tits, kneading savagely as she finger fucked her. Cathy's cries and moans rented the living room now as Gina hoisted her up and placed her spread legged on the couch. Standing at the edge, Gina hoisted one sturdy thigh up on the couch, bringing her hips down so both of their bare wet cunts could kiss. 

"Mmmphhh...Fucckk!!!" Cathy cried out as Gina plastered their wet cunts tightly together and held them firmly while Cathy's pussy throbbed and squirmed. 

"Yes! Let me feel that wet cunt, you filthy slut!" Gina growled as she began swiveling her hips back and forth, reaching forward to grab onto the head of the couch with one arm while keeping Cathy's squirming thighs apart from the other as she smothered their engorged clits; using the excess fluids sluicing out their leaking cunts. 

"Oww fuck yes!!! Fuck me harder! Pound my pussy! Fuckkk!" Cathy hadn't been sexually active since her divorce, and all her pent-up sexual tension was barreling out of her as she began bumping her crotch upwards so she could pound into Gina's pussy as well. The hot flashes that shot through her quivering frame whenever their engorged clits grazed against each other were more than enough to send her numb with ecstasy as she was rapidly approaching the edge of a ravishing orgasm. 

"Fuck! I knew you were a slut just by looking at you!" Gina sneered with labored breaths as she picked up the pace and ground her hips faster with more rhythm. Cathy's moans transcended into pitched cries of ecstasy as her orgasm crested up like a wave, ballooning inside of her before exploding in a mind-numbing and vision-shattering orgasm. 

"HOLLYYY FUCCKKKK!!!!" Cathy screamed the roof off as her orgasm hit the roof and her spasming cunt began spraying sporadic shots of her fluids. Due to Gina's consistent bumping, a rivulet of fluids sprayed up into her face and chest area, and she bumped faster, smothering the squirming cunt with her burning pussy, while Cathy wailed through her first orgasm in months before finally settling down with raspy, labored breaths. 

"Get over here slut!" Gina growled at Cathy as she pulled their cunts apart and sat spread legged on the couch. Cathy somehow knew what to do right away and rolled over to bury her face right on Gina's engorged clit; moaning into the soggy pussy mound as Gina grabbed onto her full hair and began using her face like a rag for her leaking cunt. Cathy slurped her tongue up and down the seeping cunt; lapping up the flowing juices before spitting them back onto the twitching clit, then munching on the vulva again. Gina was a mess now as her juices gushed endlessly into Cathy's mouth. 

"Oww, yes, you fucking slut! Eat my cunt, and drink my cum baby, fuckkk I'm cumming!" Gina wailed in record time as her thighs quaked nonstop while a shattering orgasm took hold of her. She gripped onto Cathy's smothering head and moaned loudly as she gushed her fluids hard and fast into Cathy's gasping mouth, not letting go until she was done. Cathy pulled out and spat down a drool of their combined muck right on Gina's heaving wet cunt, then ducked down to smother it again with her brushing tongue and deep moans that made Gina shudder through the aftershocks of her unnerving orgasm. 

Cathy finally pulled away with a greedy smirk and smiled, "I'm so glad to finally meet you, neighbor. I think I just might visit often." She winked and lashed a sweeping tongue up the pink cunt, making Gina shudder again.  “Damn! I think you’ll be my new plaything!” Gina gasped with short breaths as she glanced down at Cathy’s cum smeared and grinning face.  

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