New world of sensuality

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New world of sensuality 

Sex can become the greatest manifestation of human passion, in its varieties and forms of lust, and that was something Lola would learn soon enough. The young blonde with sparkling blue eyes had never unleashed her true gist; that was about to change one faithful Friday evening. 

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Slouching in the VIP area of the club, with drinks and smoke floating in the air one could cut with a blade, she felt the effects of desire. 

Another sip from her glass and her thoughts were trapped in a wild storm, pushing sensations she had never known before, crawling right under her skin. She glanced at the brunette beauty dancing mere inches away from her. A friend of a friend, she had now met for the first time, Irene looked amazing in those tight leather pants and white top. 

The woman’s cleavage looked amazing, plunging towards the ends of arousal, revealing a pair of tits to be envied. Lola kept biting her lips while watching her, but she had no idea what crossed Irene’s mind, how wicked her thoughts were. 

A wink conquered the distance, as the brunette approached, stretching her hand. 

“Come, let’s dance!” she smirked and jolted Lola from her seat. 

The loudness of the music caused the flesh to tremble, pushing one’s heartbeat to the limit; the fervor was amazing and the young blonde could feel it surging through her body. 

She smiled in return letting herself be carried with the vibe. There was a magnetic connection occurring instantly as soon as their luscious bodies began rubbing against one another. 

“I love this song,” Irene smirked grabbing Lola’s ass as she was dancing in front. 

“Sexy back!” was blasting in the speakers at that point. Some might call it a vintage son, but it worked perfectly for the occasion. 

Lola smiled with a gasp, as those thin fingers squeezed her ass. Her thighs were warming up already as both their bodies whined following the rhythm. Fucking sparks occurred in between at this point, as they both drifted slowly to a different realm. 

Beaded droplets of sweat conquered their bodies at this point, trickling down their necks and in between their tits; the effort and desire would dance as well as lust built up with every passing moment. 

That’s when the final spark occurred; right in the middle of the dance, Irene turned around to whisper to Lola’s ear. 

“I want you!” 

The young blonde was petrified at first, as she had never fucked a woman before, but the idea itself sent thrills on the curve of her spine. She smiled biting her lip, imagining already how that might feel. No words came out of her mouth, but it was clear she wanted it more than she wanted to admit. 

Irene could see the lust in her eyes, and it was clear the night was bound to turn to fire. 

“Let’s go.” 

The lustful smirk made all the money, and Lola could not resist temptation. 

She grabbed Irene’s hand and followed not knowing where the gorgeous brunette would take her. Her knees were shaking at this point, and it was not from the booze or smoke she had inhaled already. Something else was to blame, something that would take over Lola in mere moments. 

Irene pushed the bathroom door and locked it right as they both walked inside. 

“What…?” Lola attempted to ask, but it was all too late already. 

Irene pushed her against the cold wall, kissing Lola with strength and desire she hadn’t met before. The woman’s hands began to touch her breasts and neck, scratching her red-dyed nails against Lola’s tense skin. 

“Ahh, fuck… you are so tasty,” Irene smirked while biting her neck. 

Lola was trapped inside a fantasy that slowly grew upon her; she saw the buttons of her shirt falling one after another, as Irene pushed her lust to the limit. The bra gave in as well, revealing the most gorgeous tits, and rosy nipples that begged to be kissed and licked. 

The craving became insatiable, as Irene started going down on her, using those meaty lips to spoil and caress Lola’s skin, pushing goosebumps to the surface. 

“Ohh God, this is…” 

The gasping proved the tension they both felt, and now Irene pushed Lola against the mirror, her ass sitting next to the sink.           

“Shit…” The brunette smirked once again, gazing at the amazing body she was pleasing. 

Their eyes locked into each other for a mere moment, right before Irene dropped her own shirt; the white bra held a pair of large stiff tits, perky like a motherfucker that begged for some action. 

She then threw herself at young Lola, covering her with pure lustfulness, as those fine tits were dragging themselves on Lola’s abdomen.   With each touch, those fine nipples turned to stone, and that was only the beginning.

 A hard bite on Lola’s neck was followed by Irene’s daring move; she stuck her warm hard under Lola’s red skirt, craving to feel her wet cunt. Lola was soaking already, rubbing her thighs against one another, begging to be fucked. 

“Ohh God, yess…” she kept moaning as Irene caressed her clit. 

“Do you like it?” the brunette gasped by her ear “Huh? Have you had a woman do you before?” 

Lola was close to losing herself at this point while Irene’s other hand and lips kept tormenting her body, with lustful kissing that occurred all over. 

Irene clearly knew what she was doing, because Lola’s beautiful eyes kept flipping back; this finger fucking felt better than cock and it was amazing. Lola now wanted more and more as Irene touched the right spots; her ass moved almost on its own, whining on a rhythm only she could feel. 

“Hmm, yess, ughh fucck… ahh”

Her moaning turned to squeals as the young girl discovered a new path to pleasure; she held Irene’s pretty face with both her hands as if she wanted to inspire her. With each hard breath, Lola was getting closer to orgasm. 

Suddenly, violent knocks could be heard at the door, startling the young blonde. 

“Ohh!” She gasped slowly, but Irene took the lead.

She covered Lola’s mouth, whispering a wicked “Shh!” as she intensified the rhythm. 

Lola was muted partly but she still moaned under the pressure. Amidst that rain of kisses and lustful touching, she gave in to temptation as her thighs dripped with hot cum. 

“Fuck!” she gasped with one final breath feeling her whole body melt in Irene’s hands. 

This was a kind of pleasure she had never felt before, awakening her senses to a new reality. 

Violent ‘What the fuck, yo?” could be heard from outside as people wanted to break in, but the door was locked still. 

Irene gave her a last kiss, pulling her hand out; their lips spoke the same language of pleasure, as they refused to part ways now. 

“Let’s go…” Irene whispered feeling Lola’s bare tits right above the young girl’s heart. 

That same wink she had witnessed at the beginning returned now, but it carried a different meaning; Lola looked like she was still caught in the same trance and failed to react at first. She stood there with her back against the mirror, trying to cope with the sensations. 

Irene offered her the hand once more, helping Lola get dressed, and arrange her skirt; a strange kind of silence occurred now, as neither Irene nor Lola wanted to say. They soon walked out of the bathroom, under the suspicious eyes of those who tried to enter earlier; they watched the women’s smirks with envy, knowing that something must have happened. 

Lola couldn’t care less about what others thought; her flesh could feet the thrill transforming her very essence at this point. This sexual encounter had made her feel alive like nothing else, and now she craved for more. 

She peeked at Irene who walked right behind her, exchanging lustful gazes, thanking her in away for opening this door to sensuality. Sex with a woman had broken all the boundaries, and now Lola was eager to explore. 

The night was young as well as their desire, and that ass slap Irene pushed, caused Lola to realize that a new world of sensations and pleasure had merely opened for her. The young girl smirked courling her pretty nose, then trapped Irene inher embrace, that endd with a kiss on the brunette’s neck. 

“I loved it!” Lola whispered as they returned to the VIP room.   

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