Hesitant Arousal

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It had been a tough decision, finally building up the courage to act on her urges, Sarah presses confirmation on her first booking for a professional Domme. Everything was organized, she would arrive, do a few checks and that was it, she’d be completely at the mercy of a woman she picked out named ‘Anne’.

The day grew closer and closer, until she finally found herself standing outside the door to her ‘office’, more like a dungeon on the inside, an aesthetic clearly chosen to fit the atmosphere.

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“Hey! Are you Sarah?”

Her voice was like a smokey mist on the riverside, instantly bringing sex to the mind in such a sultry way that she paused before answering. Pleasantries out of the way, Anne guides her deeper into the building, pointing out a door before leading her inside.

It was awkward on Sarah’s part, Anne still remaining professional as she talks through what’s going to happen, a few teasing remarks to maintain the mood, until finally she pops the question.

“So, Sarah. Will you strip for me?”

It was such a sudden notion that she let out a faint yelp, surprised by her forwardness, but hesitantly obeying, her stern gaze causing her pussy to glisten with arousal already.

“Oh, you like it when I treat you like this, don’t you?”

The knowing smile she flashed her way only emphasized her point, now looking down at Sarah, completely naked and vulnerable before her, a subtle eagerness in her eyes to be taken by Anne. She was all too happy to oblige, forcing their bodies together swiftly before locking their lips together in a kiss.

Sarah’s chest pressed up against Anne’s, causing her shame to come out, letting a subtle moan escape her lips. Already pushing away to apologize, contemplating leaving there and then, her train of thought is shattered by Anne, who leans forward and takes a long, sultry lick against her nipple.

“Mmm… so sweet~”

That was it, Sarah’s hesitations melted away, slumping forward into Anne’s arms, who was all too happy to guide her through submission. Within minutes, Anne had her bound, her hips held in the air and her chest exposed. With her legs also spread, Sarah couldn’t be more vulnerable, shivering each time Anne teased her petite body, each moment building the need to cum until she was practically begging.

“Anne, please let me cum! It’s too much, I can’t take it!”

Anne only smiled at her pleas for mercy, instead kneeling beneath her and planting gentle kisses across her tits before taking one of her nipples into her mouth. Helpless and teased beyond reason, Sarah lets out a frantic moan of pleasure, barely on the edge of orgasm as she’s practically edged by her Domme, who was savoring every drop of her sweet pleasures, eagerly touching herself as she continued sucking on her nipple.

Minutes passed by, but it felt like an eternity to Sarah, held captive by her own decisions to explore her other side. She didn’t regret this, but she was desperately yearning for any kind of stimulation, left to whimper and beg whilst Anne enjoyed herself at her expense, never a moment of respite.

Waking Sarah from her pitiful moaning, Anne breaks her kiss with her breast, letting the slow trickle of seduction die down, turning into a tense atmosphere between them. For a moment, Sarah anticipates the stimulation that would finally allow her to release her built-up tension, basking in the amazing feeling of cumming to her secret desires, but instead, Anne’s words only sink her situation deeper.

“Time for the other one~”

With a half-stifled giggle, Anne shifts positions beneath Sarah, listening to her pained moans start up again as she begins making out with her other nipple, feeling the renewed flow of pleasure-filled moans escape Sarah’s lips, enjoying every drop, basking in the flow of her arousal. Even as they’re both enjoying their time together, even if one of them was straining against her restraints, the timer signals the end of their session, and the glimmering hope of relief for Sarah.

Though Anne didn’t seem as keen to let her leave, slapping the alarm to silence it, giggling to herself as she descended onto Sarah once again. Her sadistic touch urged Sarah to tremble in her restraints, as if they were holding both her body and her pleasures back. She couldn’t help from grinding against Anne’s grasp, hoping to force herself over the edge, but nothing came.

With their session over, Sarah anticipates the moment she’ll be let out, planning on rushing home to finally relieve her arousal, shivering just from the thought. Anne slipping behind her and fiddling with the restraints, a sharp squeal escapes Sarah’s lips as she feels a warm sensation spreading across her pussy.

Either out of a sadistic desire, or out of mercy, Anne began furiously fingering Sarah’s quivering pussy, almost instantly forcing her to orgasm in front of her. It was an almost unwritten rule that this was inappropriate, but it felt too good to be wrong.

“Aww, let me help you~”

Seeing her pleasure spilling over, Anne reaches over Sarah’s back, taking a greedy handful of her breast whilst she continues sliding her fingers inside of her, turning her into a gibbering mess. Her tension practically sprayed onto the cold floor, emphasized by her manic wails of pleasure as her orgasm is forcefully drawn-out by Anne, expertly teased to the point of her blissful state becoming maddening.

Though soon, Anne took mercy on the remainder of Sarah’s pleasure-addled mind, and let her pussy rest, using both of her hands to massage her tits, still urging a few absent-minded moans to mumble between her lips pathetically.

“You really made a mess this time, didn’t you?”

Embarrassment and shame begins mixing with the afterglow of sexual pleasure dripping across Sarah’s mind, barely able to comprehend what’s going on around her, Anne cups her chin and forces her eyes up.

“You’ll make it up to me next time you’re here~”

A subtle shiver runs across her body, the prospect of coming back seems like a gift in itself. She’ll likely be craving her touch the entire week, counting down the days until she can be here again at her mercy.

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