Fingerfucking: No cocks allowed

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No cocks allowed 

The instant text Suzanna received at noon ruined her day of work. 

“STOP! Hey mate, now that I got your attention I’d like to share with you this new site I found with literally anything you can think of, ranging from orgies, grannies, teens, incest and you know.. the kinky stuff. I made this review just to help a brother out. Peace.”

– Jake A.

“Please come home, I need you!” 

Suzanna tried calling back, not no reply and for that reason, she lost her peace. 

She thought something had happened since Mary began sending ‘desperate’ texts out of nowhere, thus she took the rest of the day off and stormed back home to see what had happened. 

Her girlfriend was not the moody type, at least not usually, and for that reason, she was a bit scared something bad had happened. Fearing the worst would not absolve her of the trouble as drove recklessly almost crashing the car. 

The woman’s heart was pounding hard as she walked through the door, and called her girlfriend. 

“Maryy, Mary where are you?” 

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There were no words to hear as if the house had been abandoned; Suzanna’s blood pressure went through the roof at this point. She dropped her bag and rushed upstairs to check the master bedroom. She did it in one breath, fearing those worse but as she pushed the door, she found a different scenery from what she had imagined. 

The curtains were fully pulled, the darkness being spread by flickering scented candles, placed strategically around the room.  Mary was slouching on the bed between five pillows, completely naked rubbing herself lasciviously. 

“What the fuck?” 

Suzanna’s reaction was rightful indeed, but there was nothing she could do about it. the gorgeous blonde was more than tempting, with her large tits and luscious thighs spreading right there in front of her. 

Mary’s delicious curves tasted like honey even before touching occurred, Suzanna could feel it with her very eyes. 

“I missed you!” Mary replied with the sexiest voice ever. 

“Right now, in the middle of the day?” 

Mary nodded her head with the vibe of a schoolgirl, delicious and innocent at the same time. 

A gasp emerged out of Suzanna’s chest; she was indeed at her wit’s end but what was to be done right now. 

“Will you come?” Mary asked her, tapping the bed. 

Her gestures could only provoke Suzanna, as the slight anger building in her chest was bound to surface soon enough. She looked at her girlfriend for a mere glimpse, planning already in her head how to take her revenge. 

“A moment.” She retorted with a smirk and walked out of the room. 

The flavor of those scented candles stirred wild passions inside her; Suzanna was bound to turn the odds in her favor. She dropped her work clothes in mere seconds returning to the bedroom with a will for bringing Mary her reward. 

Suzanna wore only her black lace panties, no bra as she walked in, and stood for a few moments by the door, looking at Mary with different eyes. Her girlfriend was surprised at first, the quickness overwhelming her. 

“Ohh… that was fast,” Mary smirked now getting up on her elbows.

Suzanna approached the bed just like a panther coming to conquer its pretty, and as she climbed on top of Mary, the woman kissed her girlfriend’s tits. The nipples stiffened instantly as those thick lips caressed their way to Mary’s heart. 

“Ahh, girl, you’re killing me.” Mary gasped slowly causing Suzanna to smirk. 

“That’s nothing yet!” 

Indeed, that was merely the beginning as Suzanna advanced her lips on her girlfriend’s neck, kissing and biting slowly. The feisty brunette rejoiced a good fuck, always, especially when she would be provoked like this. 

“Uhmm, God…” Mary kept squealing while her nails were digging deep in Suzanna’s back. 

The slight pain they induced only provoked the businesswoman to push her way harder, reaching to Mary’s wet cunt to please it. The tense bud and soft labia welcomed her dearly, as her slow rubs stirred tremors in Mary’s flesh. 

Those spasms pleased Suzanna and as she grabbed her girlfriend’s waist with both her hands she stirred the deepest gasp. 


“Shh!” the answer came suddenly. 

Those meaty lips descended slowly until they met that luscious cunt; so fresh and lustful, Mary’s fine cunt demanded more. 

The kiss that came paralyzed, Mary! 

“My Gawddd!” she screamed knowing too well Suzanna owned her ass. 

The work the woman did on Mary’s pussy felt like a fucking spell conquering Mary’s body from head to toe in a few moments. 

Her hands had trapped Suzanna’s head already, brushing her dark thick hair, pushing it harder so she could feel the need Mary was feeling. 

“Yess, ughh, fuuuckk, yesss!” 

The moaning turned incessant at this point, as Mary’s body vibed with energy.  But only when Suzanna started finger fucking her, the hell was truly released. At first one finger, and as her pussy clenched, Suzanna used the second and the third, to stretch that fucking cunt up to the limit. 

“How do you like it now?” Suzanna smirked licking that bud with her tongue, so slow that she drove Mary crazy. 

“Ohh God, this amazing, fuck mee… so fucking good!” she squealed causing Suzanna to raise the intensity. 

She finger fucked her girlfriend hard and fast, making that pussy squirt almost while Mary began to twist and curl inside her arms. 

“Ohh yess!” Suzanna groaned as she tormented Mary. 

“That’s how you like it, huh? You like it hard?” 

“Yess, yess!” Mary kept begging for more “Give it to me, make me cum.” 

It looked like Mary was close to grasping the heaven of ecstasy, now more than ever and it was clear Suzanna wanted to make her feel the orgasm to the end of it. she slowly raised towards her lips, while her hand was pleasing Mary. 

“Tell me again, what do you want? Whisper it to my ear!” 

Her smirk was obvious, and she slowly kissed Mary’s neck, she heard the woman’s feeble voice. 

“Is that enough for you, or do you want more of it?” 

“More, more!” Mary gasped now feeling the strongest urge surging through her fabulous body. 

Those rosy nipples had turned to fucking stone, expecting the best of pleasure, a deluge of delight to be bestowed on her.  Her squeals talked of the passion she enjoyed, the force and energy Suzanna brought on her. 

“Give it to me baby, uhmm!” Mary now demanded biting on Suzanna’s neck. 

Her lustful gesture was meant to provoke even more, and now Suzanna went down on her a second time, with clear intent to make her cum. Those meaty lips would take their toll on Mary’s body… with every touch and every kiss. 

“Yess babyyy!” she screamed aloud. 

Suzanna trapped Mary’s body in her grip, holding her thighs with one hand while the other, went full in with that cunt. The squirt turned unbelievable as Suzanna finger fucked Mary.

“Like this, huh? Like this?” 

Mary began to scream as she relinquished her full body in her girlfriend’s arms. 

“Fuck yess, I love it, baby I love how you do it!” 

By now, Mary’s cunt was on fire as she rejoiced every moment of it; Suzanna fucked her with an incredible speed and energy pushing the woman to scream with pleasure.

“Yess, yess Ohh Goddd!” she screamed as cum spread on her thighs.

Suzanna’s hand was soaking at this point as she felt Mary’s body melt in her arms; a last kiss on that bud caused Mary to shiver. 

“Ohh, no!” she squealed holding Suzanna’s head, begging the woman in a way to stop. 

By now the immense pleasure turned to pain as her whole body was electrified. 

“Ohh God!” she gasped for the last time as Suzanna climbed back on top of her. 

Mary was trapped in glittering sweat and breathed heavily. 

“Was that enough for you?” 

She blinked so slowly at this point that words refused to come out of her mouth; Mary could only nod her head but all that ecstasy was written on her face. 

It took a while for her to say a word and it was clear that she was now the happiest woman in the world. 

“It was amazing… you were amazing!” 

Suzanna smiled kissing the tipoff Mary’s nose. 

“I thought so…” she retorted as Mary smiled back. 

“You finished me.” the woman added trapping Suzanna in her arms. 

That text she had sent at noon, paid off entirely, as her lust was fulfilled entirely. 

“For now,” Suzanna replied with a smirk knowing too well how hungry for sex her girlfriend could be. 

“You know me better,” Mary smirked tightening her hug.

The two remained embraced for quite a while, rejoiced in the passion and ecstasy in perfect silence while only their hearts could talk to one another.     

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