First time lesbian sex experience

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Cleo and Sarah were pretty teenage girls who lived nearby and did practically everything together, including attending the same school and being members of the cheer squad. Cleo stood at the height of 5"4, possessed a skinny athletic build with gorgeous hazel eyes and flowing blonde hair, and sizeable C cups. Sarah, whoever, was a bit on the thicker side, standing at the same height but possessing slightly larger tits and sporting long brown fringed hair. Her body was curvy, and she had quite the wide hips for her age. 

 Lesbians playing Truth or Dare

One boring weekend, Sarah came over to Cleo's house for a sleepover just as they always had, and after realizing they were home alone due to Sarah's mom going out on a date with her new boyfriend, both teenagers decided it would be a good plan to get drunk. Sarah pulled out a bottle of tequila that she had snuck from her father's bar, and both girls shrieked happily as they popped it open and began to take swigs in turns- oblivious to how quickly the forty percent alcohol would kick in. 

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“Ugh, my head’s spinning!” Sarah leaned back against the headrest of the bed in Cleo’s room after they had downed the bottle by half and were quite tipsy now.

"That's because you're not active! I've been there before!" Cleo piped up amidst their giggling. "Come on, let's play a game." She hurriedly stopped twirling around and straddled the bed to face her friend with the bottle in her grasp. Cleo was clad in a flowery sultry sundress that barely rode past her thighs, exposing her cleavage and long legs, while Sarah was clad in a micro leather skirt and sleeveless spaghetti top.

My first lesbian experience

“Alright, I’m down!” Sarah flashed a smile as she shuffled closer towards where Cleo sat. Now due to their tipsiness, both girls sat carelessly, exposing their panties to the view of the other as they began to spin the bottle excitedly, so the game commenced. Sarah went first, as a giggling Cleo forced her to tell the truth about how many dicks she had sucked. Sarah replied honestly, startling her wide-eyed friend with how many cocks had made it past her lips. It was soon Sarah's turn to spin the bottle, and when she did, she flashed a mischievous grin as she had caught Cleo glancing multiple times underneath her skirt. 

"Hmmm… I dare you to eat my pussy!" A tipsy Sarah blurted out, startling Cleo for a tentative moment. 

"Wow, I mean… I've never gone down on a girl, though." Cleo looked conflicted as she fixed her eyes between Sarah's thick thighs. 

Sarah held her mischievous smug as she parted her thighs further apart to reveal her pink panties fully. She curled her fingers to lift up her sticky panty line to reveal her hairless pink cunt, then slapped the wet panties back in place with a naughty giggle. "Well, there you go, it's all yours for the taking…" she cooed sultrily, biting down seductively on her lower lip as she rubbed a palm across her moist panties and let out a soft moan. 

"Argh! Fuck it!" Cleo, who was truly taken aback at how beautiful Sarah's pink moist cunt looked, suddenly felt an overbearing urge to lap at her best friend's pussy. Ducking her head forward, she swept away her cascading bunch of blonde hair before planting a soft kiss on Sarah's shrouded pussy mound, pulling a throaty dull moan from Sarah as she did it again and again. "Hmmm… You like that?" She smiled up at Sarah's tensed face, and Sarah silently nodded while biting down on her lips as Cleo returned her burning lips to her pussy mound. Sarah's breaths went ragged as Cleo curled away her soaked panties to expose her oozing sex, then lashed a tongue across the length of her seeping silt.

"Owww… Yesss Cleo. That feels so freaking good. Please keep going." Sarah let out a tensed groan as she sank deeper into the bed while reaching down to tangle her fingers in Cleo's moving mass of hair. She grabbed onto her right boob with her other hand and alternated between kneading her soft melons while caressing Cleo's suckling head.

"Oh wow, I never knew you tasted this good." Cleo giggled softy aster pulling her head away from the spewing wet gash. Sarah replied with a tensed moan as Cleo began rubbing on her burning wet sex with her index and middle finger joined together.

"Hmmph… Ooohh… Yesss…." Sarah let out a louder moan once Cleo's fingers slid past her entrance into her burning wet pussy. Her body was wracked from multiple micro orgasms coursing through her quaking frame, and her right tit spilled out of her blouse in the open. Cleo buried her lips on her friend's engorged clit and began pumping her fingers faster into the squelching, soaked gash as Sarah's cries pitched a notch. Cleo lapped, nibbled, and suckled on the engorged clit for a while before pulling away to pull her gown above her head, revealing her moderate taut C cups and moist purple sheer panties. Positioning herself in the exact same position as Sarah, Cleo reached down and pulled her panties aside to reveal her slightly hairy but neatly trimmed pink virgin cunt. With eyes locked at each other and soft, tensed breaths, Cleo moved forward on her butt, then wrapped her right leg across Cleo's left thigh so they both bucked close and their respective cunts pressed together in a lecherous embrace that sent jolts of nerve-wracking pleasure coursing through their bodies. 

"Oh god, this feels so fucking amazing!" Sarah shut her eyes as she pulled out her other tit to begin kneading on both while Cleo began grinding their silky wet clits against each other.

"You can say that again… I never knew… ohhhh… yes, yeess!" Cleo yelled, short of breath as they began to bump their cunts against each other, moaning, gasping, and grunting with each swivel of their hips into each other. Cleo also began to twaddle on her taut brown nipples as she noticed Sarah fiddling with hers, and this exacerbated the burning in her quaking frame as her hips automatically began bucking faster into Sarah's cunt, the longer she played with her nipples.

"Mmmphh… oh fuck yessss!!! Fuck meee… Oooohh…" Sarah was deep in the throes of pleasure, and the alcohol made her quite vocal as her hips bucked wildly into Cleo's bucking cunt. Both girls elevated their bucking hips from the bed a bit as they gripped onto the comforters while grinding hard and moaning louder. "Oh, my freaking god… Yesss… keep going! I'm about to cummmm!!!" Sarah threw her head back with intensified wailing and bucking of her hips into Cleo's slippery cunt.

"Mmmphh… Yeeess, yes, me too!!! Don't stooop!" Cleo cried out as well, as their orgasms seemed to be in sync as they threatened to rip through their bucking, trembling, and sweaty frames. A shrill, incoherent moan slurred out of Sarah's lips as she stopped bucking midair and began trembling uneasily. Her tensed clit poked into Cleo's as she sprouted out her warm juices in endless streams right on Cleo's cunt.

 A pool of their seeped between the plastered cunts as Cleo also let out a shrill scream before erupting hard all over Sarah's throbbing cunt and slippery pussy mound. Both girls resumed bucking through their orgasms, this time swinging their hips with wanton lust into each other, utilizing the pooled girl cum between their plastered cunts as lubricant. They finally dropped their hips down onto the bed when the pace of their grinding pussies finally waned off from lack of strength.

"Oh, my freaking god! That was…" a breathless and red-faced Sarah scooped her hair from her face as she gasped repeatedly. 

Cleo pulled their pussies apart, and they both winced as their flesh peeled off each other. "…amazing, right?" Cleo leaned in to plant a soft kiss on Sarah's gasping lips. Sarah giggled as she nodded affirmatively while Cleo kissed a trail of kisses down her chest until she arrived at her engorged nipples and suckled them gently in her mouth. 

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