Lesbians sharing intimacy (Pt. 1)

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After being ‘persuaded’ so handedly, Alex finally caved and made the text over to Julia, the mysterious friend that I wasn’t allowed to meet until recently. She had responded back rather promptly, saying she’s free this evening and would love to come over and finally meet me! We mill away the time it takes for her to arrive, but finally that knock jolts us to attention, Julia had finally arrived.

She’s not quite as imposing as I had imagined, noticeably shorter than myself, a bit punk, sure, but nothing scary. She was a bit of a big-titty goth girl, her figure giving way to that rather easily, as her chest was bordering on obscene, as well as her thick thighs, which her skirt did little to conceal. She’s certainly something to get flustered over, that’s for sure, but I still can’t imagine why Alex hadn’t fucked this thick-thighed goth babe’s cunt into the floor!

“Well I’m glad to finally meet you, Julia! Alex hasn’t told me much about you, but I’ve heard you’re pretty close.”

It seems as if she’s thinking about whether she should even respond at all, though raises an eyebrow before giving the first of many short replies.

“I suppose.”

I tried to follow up with another question, maybe she’s just a bit shy? It’s understandable, there obviously has to be some sexual tension between the two, and Alex and I have just spent the last few days testing the springs on his bed… and his sofa.

“So what do you guys usually get up to then?”

This time without batting an eye, Julia simply begins walking past me and toward the sofa.

“Not much, really.”

That seems about as far as I’m getting with that line of questioning. The three of us take our places on the sofa, awkwardly exchanging glances as we try to cut the odd tension in the room. I peer across to Alex and shrug my shoulders, silently admitting defeat and deferring to his own tactics to get her to talk, but unfortunately, he admits defeat right back, shrugging back at me and shaking his head. I decided to try again, maybe now that we’re getting comfortable she’ll ease up?

“You two must get up to something, right? What is it you do all day together?”

When Julia looks at me, she seems almost annoyed that I’d asked her that, but returns to her blank expression before giving me yet another short response, although perhaps the shortest one yet, simply shrugging her shoulders at me.

This is going to be a long night...

The conversation is about as dry as it gets, her curt responses at simple questions is beginning to get old, and I decide to turn up the pressure, something to shock a response out of her finally.

“So what position do you prefer to get fucked up?”

Alex immediately perks his ears up, and I can’t help but sit there with a huge grin on my face, there’s no way she can wriggles out of this one.

“Any one that faces me away from you.”

Ouch. Well that one certainly dug a bit, enough that I decide if she’s going to be like that, then I’ll just ignore her.

“Alex! Since Julia’s feeling like being spoiled today, why don’t you tell me why you haven’t fucked some submissive tendencies into her yet?”

The question clearly flusters him, darting his eyes back between the two of us, as if trying to decide if it’s worth picking sides, or jumping out a nearby window.

“Well, it’s not as if I don’t find her attractive.. It’s just.. I don’t know..”

I can see out of the corner of my eye that she’s looking this way, clearly interested. I knew I could hook that little minx somehow!

“Come on Alex! You must’ve wanted to pump your cock into her thick lips, or pounded that fat ass from behind, right? I wouldn’t blame you, she’s gorgeous!”

With that, Julia goes to turn to me and, I assume, chew me out. Instead, Alex actually opens his mouth to respond, clearly frustrated, and we both turn our attention.

“Fine! Yes, I do, alright! I actually think about it quite a bit, but we’ve never really gotten around to it…”
Just as we both think he’s finished, Alex continues, his face growing flushed, but unable to stop himself from venting his tension to us.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck Julia since I met her, I mean look at her! I’ve blown so many loads into my fist from thinking about her that I’ve lost count!”

After hearing the pent-up emotions spilled from Alex’ lips, Julia’s face takes a turn from her usual cold-exterior, and is replaced by a sad, almost pitying look toward him. That look quickly snaps to anger before she turns to me, parting her plush lips to yell up at me.

“How dare you put Alex in this situation, you’re supposed to be his girlfriend!”

Her breathing quickens as she continues, though I’m starting to think it’s not entirely out of anger. Her nipples have been poking through her overly-tight shirt ever since she heard Alex confess.

“I would never let him get so pent up like that!”

With a sly smile, I lean over and look down at her to respond.

“Ohh? So why haven’t you let him cum between those juicy lips of yours yet, hm?”

She’s taken aback by the sudden fixation on her lips, let alone the accusation, and begins blushing at the thought, almost as if trying to hide them before remembering they’re not exactly something you can hide behind your back. Julia resorts to simply looking away toward the ground, which I stop in its tracks by cupping her chin, forcing her to look up at me.

“You’re not exactly in the position to judge what I do with my bo- Mffphh!

As I’m about to dig into her for biting back at me, the little slut stands on her tip-toes to kiss me, engulfing my lips in her own, pillowy-soft, plush lips. After a few wet kisses, she lowers herself back to her feet, and I follow, entranced by her taste. This slow kiss doesn’t last long before we both dive into a passionate battle of our tongues for dominance. We both can’t help from moaning into one another’s mouths as our spit mixes together.

Whilst Julia is clearly lost in pent-up tension, I have a bit more sense to me, and with a grin, I continue making out with her as I caress her tit gently over her shirt, gliding my hand down past her skirt and up her thigh. Before she has a chance to protest, I use my other hand to hold the back of her head, forcing her into a deeper kiss as my fingers slide past her panties, and her moans become that much more desperate. In such a simple movement, I had turned things around on this little bitch, her little act of defiance turned into her whimpering quite literally at my fingertips~

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