Lesbians sharing intimacy (Pt. 2)

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I suddenly realize that she’s begun grinding her hips against my hand, eager for more stimulation. I stop myself from going too far, instead forcing the little slut to break our kiss, holding her back long enough to motion to our clothes. Thankfully she takes the hint, and we both look over to Alex, who was already tenting his pants, and both give him a playful wink. We can’t help but giggle at his sudden arousal, watching two beautiful women make-out in front of him, then start stripping one another down slowly, our bodies slowly exposed. Mine that he still drools over after our many nights together, and Julia’s the object of a few fist-pumping fantasies for a long time now, finally revealed to him.

“Well Alex? Feel like introducing this poor, pent-up beauty to your bitch-breaker?”

I see him nod eagerly, but shake my head at him as I point toward his pants.

“Not yet I’m afraid, I need to get your new toy dripping and ready for you. Just enjoy the show~”

With that, I turn my attention back to the wet mess in front of me, Julia splayed out across the bed, her pussy now exposing her for the perverted little minx she was, already soaked from our little play session!

“Well well, not so cold now, are you?”

Without letting her answer, I quickly bury my face between her legs, listening to her moans suddenly explode out of her mouth, her thick thighs trembling around my face as she’s forced into throes of pleasure at the mercy of my tongue. There’s little mercy though, as I plunge deeper within moments, listening to her squeal sweetly, completely betraying her punk attitude from before as I listen to her helpless squeals for mercy as I tongue-fuck her pussy. I’m sure not to be too greedy, knowing the main event is sitting right behind me, already stroking his cock in preparation for the grand finale.

“Hey stud~ I know you’ve been waiting a long time for this moment.”

Whilst Alex stands from his seat, I eye up his throbbing cock in his hand, wishing it was me here, but the feeling of spreading this girl’s pussy for my boyfriend is so much sweeter!

“You’ve been waiting too, haven’t you sweetie?”

Julia doesn’t respond at first, but I slide a single finger inside of her to elicit a response, and soon find it.

“Yes! God, I’ve wanted your fucking cum inside of me, Alex!”

With a smile, I look back at my boyfriend and blow him a kiss.

“Go ahead, fuck her pussy raw!

The moment that his cock finally penetrates her dripping-wet pussy is almost as orgasmic for me as it seems for them, as I watch Julia’s face twist in a nearly euphoric bliss, her eyes rolling up into the back of her head as she’s stretched out. Alex soon grows impatient with the shallow thrusts he’s forced into, her tightness getting in the way, I lean back in the bed, letting the two of them have their fun as I play with myself, watching my boyfriend get rough with her as he forces himself deeper.

It’s a feeling I remember when I had to adjust to his dick, and I can only imagine what the ‘prudish’ girl who’s staining our bedsheets is going through with her overly-tight pussy, having it stretched around his shaft as she tries to milk his cock for all it’s worth! It’s not easy for me to just lay here and watch, but it’s also a different kind of enjoyment, watching my little stud rail a girl he’s fantasized about, I can’t help but enjoy the situation on behalf of both of us.

Focusing back on the two of them, I realize just how lost in pleasure Julia has become, moaning on pure instinct as her eyes have glazed over in pleasure, utterly shattered to the ecstasy of being used by Alex. She must have been so pent up after all of these years, it’s healthy for her to finally get a good dicking, though hopefully she regains herself afterwards and we don’t have to take care of a live-in cumslut from now on. Thankfully, as Alex’s thrusts begin to quicken, Julia speaks up in a ragged, lust-filled voice.

“Alex.. I’m.. I’m going to cum!”

Her legs have long-since wrapped around his waist, so there’s little doubt as to what she intends to do with his load. The both of them begin reaching a fever-pitch, frantically pushing against one another, grinding like wild animals as their breathing becomes erratic, Julia’s moans reaching higher until finally, they both tense up in an earth-shattering climax together.

As Alex presses his cock deep inside of her, Julia’s thighs quake without control, and for a second there’s no noise from her lips, until suddenly she begins wailing with wanton lust as her pussy quivered and squeezed around his shaft, and Julia’s tension loosened as she squirted across Alex’ chest. It was beautiful to see such a cold woman’s body spasm as if she was being shocked, but instead was being overwhelmed with intense pleasure, so much so that she loses control and squirts across my boyfriend’s cock.

The look on her face makes me jealous, one of complete bliss, as if she could spend the rest of her life in a moment like this and be happy with it. Alex on the other hand seems completely exhausted, as if a giant weight had been lifted, and I can see why. He’s currently looking down at the object of his fantasies for many years, and watching his cum leak out of her cunt after she’d squirted so hard, it seems she passed out into a blissful slumber.

As Alex pulls Julia’s legs apart and lets them fall into the sheets, having well and truly passed out, he too slumps into the mattress, exhausted. I take that as my cue for cleanup duties, and crawl across the bed toward the both of them.

One’s passed out, and the other is on his way there, and I plunge my tongue between Julia’s legs, savouring the taste of my boyfriend having fucked her silly, dumping his thick load into her pussy so deep that I struggle to claim most of it for myself. I spend a few moments desperately licking her pussy, grinding my face against her crotch to save every drop, her body twitching involuntarily at the overstimulation, likely giving her some very interesting dreams.

Satisfied that I’m not getting much more from her, I turn my attention to the object of my desires, the man currently glowing with satisfaction at his evening.

“See, I told you it’d be a good idea for us to meet~”

After my ‘I told you so’, I plunge his shaft past my lips, cleaning both the juices from her pussy, and the droplets of his sticky load to run across my tongue. But don’t stop, even as he speaks to me.

“Yeah, you were right… I’m sorry I doubted you, Anne.”

I take a moment to respond, lost in the action of bobbing my head up and down on his cock, milking what’s left in his shaft out from the tip for my own treat.

“Apology accepted. Now you’re all cleaned up, I think we all deserve a bit of rest.”

Despite her being asleep, I try to hint that we officially have a third person to our group, and one that’ll likely be feeling awkward, but horny, in the morning. With that idea firmly planted in both of our minds, I take the other side of Julia and let my aching body sink into the sheets. As if both thinking the same thing, both myself and Alex shift to our elbows and raise above Julia’s slumbering body, locking eyes awkwardly before waiting a moment for the other to speak. Thankfully, Alex raises his hand to take over.

“Anne, I just want to say thanks for being with me through all of this, you’re amazing.”

A small smile breaks across my tired face, and a tear wells in my eye.

“Thank you, Alex, that’s really sweet of you!”

Without giving me a chance to think of anything more, he stares at me with a serious face as he speaks again.

“Anne.. I love you.”

My voice quivers for a moment when I try to respond, and I take a moment to recover.

“I love you too, Alex..”

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